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  1. a few years back in Currys I saw a beautiful (can I describe a washing machine as beautiful?) samsung Eco Bubble washing machine model number WW10H9600EW at a whopping €1,979.99 (a steal lol) here were the features among many: 10kg load, Colour Touch-screen tablet like control panel on the front fascia Built in Wi-Fi - told you when your washing had finished by texting your mobile and could start washing whilst out using mobile phone Auto dosing - just fill up the liquid detergent and fabric softener and it calculated how much to use on each was automatically Drum light 1600rpm,
  2. Can someone help - Our washing machine has no power, It was doing a cycle and turned off, no lights are on at all even after turning on and off multiple times. It is not the wall socket as I have tested it and it is not the fuse in the plug as I have swapped it over with another that was deffinatly working. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Kind regards
  3. I have a bosch Vario Perfect waq284d0gb, it has been working perfectly for about four years but has now started tripping the mains RCD. It doesn't trip as soon as it is plugged in but when the programmer is moved it trips immediately. At first I thought it was the mains filter so i replaced that. It worked perfectly for two days but now it is back to tripping the mains RCD again. The wiring looks in really good condition, no signs of water ingress, leaks or corrosion. I have tried plugging it into a different socket (& RCD) but i still have the same issue. I am thinking that it could be th
  4. Hello everyone, we recently purchased a bush a1249rlb, however the door is cracked and leaking water, a lot of water. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on what doors will fit and if bush use a standard system of dimensions. If so could anyone please kindly post models which will fit the model we have as I’m struggling to find one. Thank you for your time. Alf
  5. If a manufacturer brought out a washing machine with a lifetime (or 15year) warranty on all parts and labour charges (and if it could'nt be repaired a no quibble replacement of the appliance) .... but charged something like £1000 pounds for it would you buy one?
  6. My BOSCH WAS32460GB Washing machine buttons wont work when the door lock engages. Symptoms - You can pick a cycle when the door is open but the buttons stop respond. The machine starts as soon as the door is closed and all functions on the control panel stop working, no response at all and the display goes out..... you have to manually override the locking mechanism to open the machine, no error code have been displayed. Any advice as to what this may be?
  7. This 'circular design' Bosch have on the sides of their washing machine , they claim that the design cuts down on noise. Never having a Bosch machine, is this a valid claim? - can the design pattern on the sides of the machine really quieten down a washing machine more than say a hotpoint or indesit that have just elongated vertical lines design? .. or is it just a gimmick for sales / marketing purposes?
  8. I don't know which manufacturer it was in the old days, more than likely Hotpoint, but they used to have listed in the instruction book and in their leaflets and other media (I think even mentioned in TV adverts) that the secret to clean washing was not so much the washing cycle but that it was the rinse cycle that got the clothes clean so they boasted that there were 3 rinse cycles to get your clothes extra clean. So is that a true claim do you reckon? is the secret in the rinsing? - most modern washing machines these days have only 2 rinses, especially on a quick wash (1 rinse and 1 rins
  9. My Hotpoint WMUD843 was bought in around 2012 - its working fine, but the rubber feet have worn down and metal is showing through the black rubber parts and I am pretty sure as its spinning the noise of the washing machine is transferring to the feet of the washing machine up through the floor and the walls as its spinning and would be a lot quieter and smoother when spinning if it had a set of new rubber feet - has anyone got any ideas how to 'refurbish' the ones that are already on the washing machine at all? - I can get brand new ones of the internet for around 8euro each so thats 8euro x4
  10. had a lot of Hotpoint's over the years and they have normally shared the same feature that if when it comes to Spin cycle if the clothes are not distributed the machine will not spin the clothes - the drum will deliberate , slow tumbling back and forth until it balances, (or attempts to balance) the load .. if it cant , then thats it with a Hotpoint its a no go, it wont go into a spin .. the cycle just ends and your clothes come out nearly sopping wet - it must be a nightmare for engineers or hotpoint who phone up hotpoint complaining their machines are 'faulty' and not spinning (even if they
  11. Did anyone ever have one of these Hoover Keymatic washing machines when growing up. We had one at one time, bought it second-hand in the 80's for around 80quid in a secondhand shop - I bet we thought the future had arrived!
  12. when the manufactures put a quick wash feature on a washing machine why can you not load the drum to the full capacity of the machine? So , my particular washing machine is an 8KG model. If I use a 1hr quick wash the maximum allowed to put in the drum is 3kg I think it is. Do they say 3KG maximum because there is fraction of water that goes into the drum on a quick wash than on a full wash and thats why its a quick wash, because more water going in to fill tub = more time? I realise on a quick wash the amount of rinses is cut down to 1 and that the spin is shortened - but what are
  13. Hi there, After any help we can get really - we have an EU Zanussi F1232 washing machine, the problem is that the spin stops after a few seconds, it tries a few times and then then completely aborts the cycle. Here is a video of the attempted spin in action: https://vimeo.com/190366341 Can anybody diagnose the fault from the video? Many thanks in advance. Alexi
  14. Worked yesterday now today there is no power, it's as if no power is going in but I know that the plug fuse and switch fuse are both ok. opened up and had a look, the door lock mechanism seems fine no signs of damage the same goes for other electrical parts along the top of the machine, I have not worked out how to take out the front panel pcb but it seems in good order (no burning smells.) Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? All help appreciated . Best Hugh ps I have pictures if needed.
  15. Hi, My Grans washing machine recently stopped working. It was in mid wash when we heard a bang & the machine stopped. The rubber seal looks to have come off & the machine wouldn't spin. It will spin by hand though. Does anyone know what could have caused this? Or how to have it working again? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi My hoover vt1014d23 washing machine seems to be stuck on delay start. When i turn it on by turning the dial to select a wash the display shows: 0880 9:99. Also the cold wash light and the senstive care lights are lit red along with the delay start light. None of the lights are blinking they are just on. This happens when i turn the dial to any wash.... Ive tried pressing the start button but nothing happens. When I press delay start it starts to wash but the wash is never ending. Does anyone know whats going on? Please help...
  17. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed a degree of light on what a noise might be - I'm planning on calling someone out over the next few days but thought I'd check to see if it was something common with LG Washing Machine and if there is anything I can check. Many thanks for having a listen! The noise occurs mostly near the start of the cycle and towards the end, always when the drum is turning/washing. However, there are also times when the drum is turning but there is NO noise - both clockwise and anti-clockwise. There is no extra noise when the machine is on the spin cycle. The machine is a
  18. hi my beko wmb61431s washing machine is playing up it has stopped spinning and after about 20 minutes the machine automatically displays end . i have tried holding the the start button for 3-10 seconds to do a factory reset but it still happens. last night it started making a buzzing sound in the bottom draw where things may get caught and the little fan is so i was playing around with it this morning to see what the buzzing was but i think i may have messed the programs up. it still spun last night and it did this morning before i was playing around with it. i thought it may be due t ome
  19. Hi there! I have a hotpoint Aquarius wdl540 (wash/dry), and this has not been happening in every wash, but happened enough times to get me worried. Does anyone know the reason why the cycle sometimes starts normally but keeps going forever and won't switch to spin automatically? I noticed this few times and the only thing to do was to pause it and manually change it to spin. Spin works fine, it's that automatic finish to the wash and move onto spinning.. Than you for any help and guidance you can give me!!! Jools
  20. We had a brand new zanussi delivered two days ago. I hooked it up without removing the transport bolts. It went into the spin cycle and began lurching. We turned it off, and now instead of starting the spin cycle, it just has a soft hum. The machine also stops randomly. We contacted the online store we bought it from and they are going to charge us for the visit and repair, so I'm going to try to fix this myself. Does anyone have any tips on what the problem might be or where I should focus my attention?
  21. Our Hoover washer-dryer model 856DG-80 has a serious fault. It has been making a lot of noise, jumping across the room recently. I also noticed that the drum bangs when moved, and I could here some jangling sounds. So, I had a look underneath the machine, and found that the large concrete block has broken in two, plus the attachment to the drum has broken. The photo shows the concrete block, plus all the fixings which were rattling about in the machine (bolts, washers and some plastic). My question is this: is it a write-off, or is this worth paying the £116 to Hoover to come out and fix (an
  22. HELP! With Dyson having "pulled the plug" on support and service of their washing machines without informing us directly - NO, I did NOT receive any such communication from Dyson as claimed and my washing machine was repaired and serviced 25th September 2012 less than a week before Dyson claim they informed everyone - are there any Dyson-washing-machine-engineers out there servicing my area looking to earn some extra money fixing my beloved CR01? I (as in my wife) keep getting messages 'close inner door' and 'close outer door'. Need this "fixed" as well as a new inner door, a new outer door a
  23. here are some of the 'mods' I have done to our washing machine, (after wifes approval of course) Machine: Hotpoint WMUD843 Bought September 2012: http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x361/Andyr_45/DSC_0039.jpg Cut/Filed extra bit of plastic on door fascia where hinge is to allow porthole door to open back further http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x361/Andyr_45/DSC_0035.jpg Adjusted water level of washing machine. By cutting the top off the Water Level switch (very carefully with a hacksaw) and adjusting plastic screw (a couple of turns slowly clockwise) this will put more water int
  24. I have had my hotpoint wt761 for about 8 years now and replaced the drum bearings for the first time about 3 years ago. From then I have had to replace them each year. I found on the last replacement that water was leaking passed the seal and corroding the bearings - causing them to fail. I have also replaced the spider. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the water leaking passed the seal, or is this just something I'm going to have to deal with? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi I am considering buying the Beko WMB71642W but am unsure if its a good decision. Although it has generally good reviews I also hear that Beko machines in general have a relatively poorer safety record and that buying spare parts can be difficult and expensive. Has anyone had any personal experience of this model? Particularly repair engineers! Any thoughts or advice are welcome and appreciated! Thanks Jason
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