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    It just kept pumping out in small bursts. All fixed at the moment with new DC Module. Thanks
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    cheers andy, this looks very helpful, i'll see what i can do.
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    Make sure there isn’t some polystyrene packaging left inside. There is sometimes polystyrene blocks packed inside as part of the transit packing. You also need to take the back and lid off after disconnecting from the mains and just locate where the noise is coming from. That’s all an engineer would do. Get access to it and move things around until it makes the noise and use ears and eyes to locate it. If it makes the noise when drum turns take the belt off to see if it’s coming from the drum or motor
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    Hello Tom. If the pump is making a buzzing noise but no water is being drained out then there is a blockage somewhere, or the pump is not running but if it is a different pump with the same fault then it seems very unlikely that the pump would not be running. The only thing I could imagine is if the pump isn't receiving enough voltage that I have not heard of that before. However, if there is a blockage somewhere preventing water from being expelled the pump would be making a noise. Did you clean out the sump hose ball that was mentioned earlier that I described can stick and block the water in the drum from getting to the pump? Have you checked for blockages at the end of the drain hose where it connects under the sink at the u-bend? Remove the drain hose and check in the end plus remove the spigot it connects to and inspect that and the u-bend where it connects for obstructions. It's impossible to hear any buzzing from your video on YouTube because the radio was playing. The first link doesn't work at all. I'm assuming it's on a drain section? No water is being pumped out at all. Has the pump got a filter at the front? If so drain out all of the water you can, play several thick towels in front of it and remove the filter. Then put the washing machine onto a spin cycle and see if you can see that the pump impeller is spinning or not. You need to establish 100% if the pump is running or not. If it is running but not draining then it can only be a blockage somewhere in the system. If it is not running, or it is just humming and the impeller isn't spinning round then it can only be a fault on the pump, something jamming the pump, or an electrical fault somewhere.
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    Hello Tom. A loud grinding noise when the pump is running is usually caused by a small object that has got inside and is being tossed around by the impeller. It is possible for certain objects, (especially if made of plastic) to float about up the sump hose or even partially up the drain hose. This means they are not discovered when looking for obstructions. But when the washing machine is in operation again they get sucked back into the pump. It's also possible that a bearing has failed on the pump. If the washing machine cannot pump out the water fast enough it will usually refuse to spin. It will just click and stop. But it is possible for it to have pumped enough water out to allow a spin, but then cannot cope with the influx of expressed water from the laundry. This would result in the spin being uneven with lots of water being thrown about inside the drum. This could very easily trigger the out of balance system to either abort the spin, or abort the fastest spin.
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    Hello Andy thank you so much for the help so far. I will wait until the new pump comes and try installing that first to see if it fixes the problem. I will then get back to you with the results of my findings . Regards
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    Thanks Andy. It was already non-existent before it was 2 years old. I'll get some advice.
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    Well I guess it's clear what happened here. Don't neglect your hot maintenance washes folks!! Glad I opted to replace the brushes too, compared against the replacement ones you can see they were about two thirds gone in four years - hopefully we'll get another four at least out of it now! Did a boil wash this morning to flush the crud out, all seemed to go OK - thanks all whose advice I found invaluable!
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    Having come to this same problem years later, and seeing no solution on line, though it was worth a response. They key step here is to open the quarter circle door a little too far, so that the tray is able to lift a little bit at the back clear of the top of the interior then the tray will easily slide forwards (separating from the door). There is a little clip inside, which attaches to a metal rail, this needs to separate before the drawer will slide away. See photos.
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    Thanks. Have already emailed Zanussi with the same question, fingers crossed they can help!