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    Hi there, just came to say that Rob's post above turned out to be exactly what was wrong with mine as well! My washer was only 2 years old and suddenly stopped turning on one day. First I thought it was completely dead but realised I could occasionally hear a very faint beep after plugging it in. A repairman came in and after 20 seconds of poking around with a multimeter at the back of the machine announced that 'the motherboard' was likely broken, wanted to charge me around £115 to fix it (parts + labour) He didn't spend much time diagnosing it so I think he just guessed which board was at fault. Now, Rob did actually update his post a while ago to add a photo of the board as well as further description, but from the comments here it sounds like some people didn't see it? So anyway here is some of the same info again. If you open the machine from the back, it's in the bottom-right corner near the floor, and is the part called "Beko WDX8543130W Pcb Main" on their spares site, should you want to replace the whole thing. The diode in question is D7 - my multimeter beeped when testing it but the others all seemed fine - funnily enough exactly the same diode shorting out for both of us - maybe Beko had a bad batch of them? I'm no electrician so I bought the same diode Rob mentioned: STPS2h100 which is a 100v 2A, the original one was 100v 1A. A soldering iron purchase & few youtube videos on how to replace components on a PCB, and I was able to (carefully) replace the damaged diode, put everything back together, and it's working again! Thanks Rob! Saved me £100, plus I learned a few things.
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    Hi - I had a slight query on one of the brushes I had replaced and marked before I reassembled because it popped out when fitting . So I restripped machine I reisntalled the other way round and the problem is fixed.
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    Hi Kev pics have been included in my posting as an update done a while back, if you need, get in touch I will email them to you also. Hope you find them Regards Rob
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    Nice to see that people are seeing this and saving megabucks on what is possibly a design fault that is raking it in for Beko. I probably didn't post my pics as I should have done as Andy appeared to be unaware of them. Anyway all seems ok now, incidentally I had a machine engineer on to me a while back he had 3 duff pcb's, he found this problem on 2 of them. Likely for sale as refurbs now . Happy to help Regards Rob
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    I just wanted to comment, that you bob12241 are absolutely epic and my hero, big time. Yesterday my WDIR7543101 Beko stopped working, had this quite beeping sound when plugged but no power on front panel, no response to any button combinations (reset, test modes etc). No obvious faults, I checked all I could with multimeter and almost surrendered. And I came across your post about diode dead on a pcb controller. This was the reason of failure in my case too, diode was faulty and I have just ordered a replacement for few quid, rather than 70 for a new controller. I will let you know once I solder it to the board, but I bet it will work as gold. Thank you very much bob, not all heroes wear capes!
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    Hello. They are all different. The string thing probably just works for the specific type of door it’s demonstrated on. It wouldn’t work for most washing machines. I have an article looking at this fault but it’s just general advice Washing machine door will not open
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    So Miele have decided to stop trying to fix my machine. They have refunded the cost of the power Control Unit, which clearly wasn't needed as it didn't soleve the problem, they haven't been charging labour or for the elements as weve gone through so many. They are going to take my machine away and investigate - the person we spoke to is looking for batch issues with the element and they want to test it to find out what went so wrong. On the plus side they have given me 50% off a new machine. Fed up to be spending anything on a new machine but it seems the only way forwards that guarentees being able to wash clothes!
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    I fixed the washer. It was (apparantly) a dry joint on the neutral side of the circuit shown above As to that door interlock diagram I now understand that between pins pins 1 & 2 is the heater element (PTC thermister) which, when reaching a certain temperature, causes a bi-metal strip to close the switch contacts between pins 2 & 3.
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    Mine is now doing this too. No error messages.. had it years and it has never done it before.. but it is beeping during the wash cycle.. I have run a cleaner through it and it seems to have stopped ?? Will see.. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of it ?
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    Hi, probably too late now but our washing machine, same make and model did the exact same thing. I am a qualified electrician and spent some time working out the wiring as Beko won't give the diagrams to you. I found that the circuit board on the left hand side (when viewed from the rear) is the motor speed controller (inverter), this was ok as the fault was not related. The front PCB had no lights on, but if you looked carefully I occasionally noticed that the Blue selector switch Led's were lit but very dull. The circuit board at the rear RH side is the main power supply and distribution/controller board. I found I had 240v at the input to the board but couldn't find any voltages elsewhere. I took it out and did some tests, I found a diode had blown, after replacing this with an uprated diode everything was working. Total cost £2.05 with express delivery included. I have pics of the boards and location of the diode if required. Regards Rob EDIT Picture of mainboard attached. Diode that had blown was D7 located just above and to the left of the transformer in at least 2 cases. Board is located at the rear on the bottom right hand side when viewed from the rear. Diode rated at 100v 1A, changed for 100v 2A, I chose a STPS2h100 as its size was the same.
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