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    Hi Kal402, thanks so much for the info. We've booked a dryer repairman to come in a week or so. He didn't know what the metal strip was. I think we're experiencing similar problems as you with the different cycles so we'll double check and also send him this post. Thanks again and I'll update this post once we know for definite. Best wishes.
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    Just an update I had Hotpoint visit to inspect my machine as it was still under guarantee. I had noticed that any program other than the 30 or 60 minute cycles would stop after about 15-20 minutes. Their engineer identified that a sensor was missing that told the machine if the clothes were dry or not. He said it was a strip of metal and asked if I had found one in the dryer recently. Problem solved. Parts ordered and now awaiting them to come back and fit them.
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    Ill be sure to check that. I tried using it again, the donkey sound has kinda mellowed down for some reason but the drum rotation looks kinda out of proportion, i have called a third party service to check the bearings like you said. ill let you know how it goes.
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    Thanks. I did what you suggested. In case anyone else has the same question, there are no nuts on the back on the Bosch WAS24466GB. You can safely remove the screws and nothing drops inside.
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    Thankyou for your advice. Will let you know how we get on.
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    Hi Andy! I think it maybe the 30 minutes cycle then, however i only use it when it's a 2-3 item. Will let you know the outcome in couple of weeks
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    I'd disconnect from the mains and have a look inside with the back off and lid off first to check if the suspension and drum seems OK. Also, if the bearings had collapsed causing the door seal to catch I'd expect the washing machine to have been very noisy for some time before. they don't just collapse for no reason.
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    Thanks Andy, so far we’ve tried emptying out & cleaning the filter at the bottom front of the machine, removing the waterproof system box from the tap,removing & cleaning the filter leading to the box & checked the tap. The bottom end of the hose doesn’t seem to come off...and there’s no separate back panel. The next wash started off fine, but then the inlet light started flashing again but I managed to finish it off by pouring water directly into the drawer!
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    It depends on if the drum bearings have gone or not. If the drum has come loose or can be moved up and down it would account for it catching on the door seal. But if the door seal has just become slightly twisted and dislodged then the fault may just need the door seal replacing or refitting. Also check the suspension to make sure the drum isn't twisted and is held centrally inside the cabinet. If one of the suspension legs has become damaged and the drum has twisted that might also account for the door seal catching.
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    I had a look at the machine last Friday and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the tacho wires had broken off, due to mechanical stress (akin to bending and straightening a piece of wire until it breaks), where it enters the plug which connects to the motor. We had actually ordered a Bosch Series 4 last Monday before I had seen your post. I was busy with work all week and had resigned myself to the fact that the WFO2050 was going to the recycling site so I thought that the motor could come in handy for some DIY project and was intent on removing it from the washer prior to replacing it. But when I found the broken wire I became both ecstatic and incredulous. At least our order did not go to waste as another member of my family was on the point of ordering a Bosch washer so we transferred our order to them. Thanks to you and your website I learnt that there is a tacho (which on second thoughts is the same as those found on wood working routers) in the washing machines and that I had never given second thoughts as to how the equipment controls the rotational speed. Thanks again, your help and direction were spot on.
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    The washing machine has been running sweet since the block was screwed back on.
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    Wow. That sounds just like a donkey. It sounds like the drum is catching on the door seal where the two meet in front of the drum? Can you see if it is or not? Check all around the door seal in front of the drum.
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    Yes it looks the same but there are quite a few that look the same and I can't tell what will work and what won't. It says it should work so I should be able to send it back if it won't. Will see when it arrives.
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    Thanks for the advice,
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    Thanks for the advice Andy. I took another look before I read what you had written. I found that the top two bolts were still in place but the bottom two had fallen out. I did as you mentioned and removed the concrete block completely and discovered that the very bottom hole was completely closed up. Whether it had always been like that I could not say but I'm sure that when I replaced the bolts yesterday that it didn't go into the thread but down the side, that's why I thought the thread had gone when I was tightening it. I suspect that it could have come out of the factory that way. I've now opened up the hole on the drum casing and screwed it in properly. There's a little split to the one plastic hole just above the bottom one but the bolt screws in tight and the concrete block itself seems to be in very good condition. So it's all back together although I have not tested it yet. I was quite conscious about not over tightening as you say. Like you I have used a rachet until the end where I have switched to a screwdriver handle with less leverage for the final tightening. You mention that it may be an idea to replace the bolts themselves? The threads seem just fine on them, they have a washer but there's no locking part on these that I can see. Thanks, Matt
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    Thank you, much appreciated. I've ordered the one you linked to. Thanks
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    Thanks Andy, I've investigated the problem and found that is wasn't the bearings at all. I've created a thread in the appropriate place for it. Having now looked inside the machine I can see where the bearings are, so yes it does have them. Thanks, Matt
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    This pump comes up when I search 4Washerhelp spare parts for Indesit IWME126 - Indesit Drain Pump "Approved Spare" - it's £25
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    Seems to have worked from my end. Hope you see it. Had to crop but I think you can still make out the mm on the rule + the info I sent before
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    Thank you Andy, yes, I have checked out the articles for dead machine and door interlock - both very helpful. Mains cable and suppressor (filter?) all check out although, confusingly, the connector after the filter has live on blue and neutral on brown! (connector only fits one way round). I checked the resistance of both heaters - 27 ohms for the washer, 35 ohms for the dryer. Also checked the motor - 8.5 ohms between any pair of terminals. I removed the front control PCBs andI reconnected the door lock and connected to the mains just to check for voltages on the control PCBs - they seemed very low - approx. 250mV - so there seems to be continuity but surely not enough volts to power the control panels?! I will continue to check for broken wires. Thanks again
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    Hi Andy. Many thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go. Dan
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    Thank you so much - I have tried brute force - pliers, screwdriver, knife lol and it still won't budge, which is how I broke it in the first place I will try taking off the back panel and see how I go - thank you for your help

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