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    It's a sensor strip which is screwed to the inside of the front air duct, the electrical terminal at the end of the strip fits through the duct and attaches to a spade connector
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    Yes the only way the drum can damage the outer drums like that is if it has come forward but it should be held very tightly in place by the drum pulley at the back. The only other thing that could technically cause it as if somehow something got stuck between the two drums and dragged all the way around it.
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    Outer drum comes in two halves. I definitely change the front drum. But before that I need to find the root cause of this problem and to do that I need to open the back side of the machine and disintegrate the drum. I will update you when I am done with that inspection. I really appreciate for your time and effort to reply on my post and help me out on this issue.
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    Yes, normally that would be caused by the drum pulley nut coming off at the back. If yours is a direct drive machine I’m not sure what would cause it. Most washing machine drums are now designed to not come apart. Check on 4washerhelp appliance spares for your model and look at the list of spare parts available to see if the outer drum comes as a complete drum kit or in two halves.
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    You shouldn't be able to push the drum front to back. If the drum is moving front to back on the shaft that's whats cutting into the outer drum. Sealing the worn plastic is no good if the drum is still catching on it. Also I would say it's a bit of a long shot to seal it. To be honest I would say it needs a new drum.
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    That looks as if the inner drum has been catching on the plastic outer drum and gauging through it? Is the inner drum noisy, can you lift it up and down, is it scraping when you turn it?
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    Thank you very much Bob for your advice. My washer dryer is doing the same thing and upon removing the board, D7 is faulty. Top man, just waiting for the replacement. Cheers
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    Thank you Andy - that's really helpful.
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    Hi, I had the same issue with a Beko washing machine. Tried cleaning and checking for blockages but nothing. E18 according to many sites is apparently about an uneven wash and the advice was not any good ( turning machine off and on, taking some of the washing out to reduce the load, taking the detergent tray out and back in) and didn’t solve the problem. I read that it might be related to the door (inter)lock and replaced this, which was fairly easy. Closed the door. Turned the machine on and it seemed to finish doing something. Then it was good to go. Problem solved. Hope this helps others.
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    Thanks for the advice. Done a few empty cycles to try and dislodge it and thankfully it worked, I will now put them in a mesh laundry net and have emailed the company Henkel who own dylon colour catcher regarding this also as they should be advising on their packaging that this clogging can happen and they unfortunately dont.
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