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    Thanks Andy - never really thought about a washing machine being dangerous (never leave the dryer on though). Good to know! I'll keep an ear out for it, hopefully it quietens down soon then. Think my previous one must have had an inverter motor, so was much quieter!
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    Thanks again Andy. The saddle valve had gradually become obstructed by what seems like corrosion, restricting the flow of water considerably. I've cut it away and replaced it with a proper Pegler washing machine supply valve and all is back to working properly. I will add that the original saddle valve was fitted by the builder who installed the kitchen and he went out of business.
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    I totally agree with you, my comments regarding misdiagnosis were related to a few instances where I have seen blogs and the front control PCB was replaced instead of the main PSU board as an instance. Obviously they cannot carry a full compliment of spares for all manufacturers and sometimes the symptoms can be similar. I would never give a person advice that put them in danger and if I felt they weren't capable of following instructions I would advise them to seek professional help.
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    I can't remember the type of screws fitted, I do remember it wasn't straight forward and had to route through my tools to find the right one. You need to take the back cover off, not the top. The screws might have been what are known as Modulo screws which are normally used in the electrical industry, they are a cross between phillips and slotted screws. They can be undone by using a slotted or Phillips screwdriver that will catch enough to undo. Failing that they could have been Torx screws that appear similar to hex/allen screws but look more like a star, again you can undo by getting a slotted screwdriver in them that engages sufficient. Whichever you choose be sure not to ruin the head otherwise you will have to drill them out. Torx bits and screwdrivers are cheap (get a cheap set from the £ shop or similar), but not so the Modulo screwdrivers as they tend to be vde rated, you can get them from Screwfix.. Regards Rob
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    This information was a help to me thank you
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    After the machine being noisy for some time i came home to the wife saying the washer was not working it was making a noise but the drum was not going round.Tipped it up belt was off and bolts were out of the motor no sign of any rubbers they had disintegrated and the motor was hanging by its wire.I cut a piece of half inch hose to go where the mount was.I then cut a second piece and slit it length ways so it would fit over the first one(so i had two pieces of hose about an inch long one over the top of the other pushed them into the mounting hole then pushed the bolt through the hole on the middle of the hose pipe .Tightened it all up and put the belt back on.Its working great but i have ordered the nylon bushes to put in (dont get the black rubber ones) Samsung upgraded them as rubber ones didn't last very long.nylon ones do go but last a bit longer. Hope this is helpful to someone.
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    Hi Andy, thanks again - you were absolutely right! It had just been installed so nearly that there was no gaps or anything, but have found a little handhold for removing it and accessing the pump/filter.
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    Bob, your a star! I've had the exact same problem and after reading your post I soldered in a new diode and hey presto!....it's up and running again. Thank you!
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    Following up on this - mine did it in April, and then stopped, and has been sporadically doing it the last week. Hubby pressed the delay time button whilst it was doing it, and no more beeping! No idea why that fixed it, but it has.
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    Update - The issue was solved with a replacement pump! Bizarre that the pump worked mid-cycle but not a full drain! The repair guy said he'd never seen the issue before either. In any case, just pleased it's working and I haven't had to shell out £100s on a new machine! Cheers!

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