About Washerhelp

I’m Andy Trigg, I’ve worked in the white goods trade since leaving school in 1976.

I created Washerhelp in July 2000. Back then, the internet was still very new. I learnt how to code in HTML, then XHTML and CSS. I’ve been running Washerhelp ever since then, which probably makes it one of the oldest washing machine sites on the internet.

For the first few years it was purely a hobby and an altruistic venture.

One day, someone was so grateful for the help and advice I had on Washerhelp that they asked if they could donate some money via PayPal.

They suggested I add a “donate” button, which set me thinking. So after receiving several donations, I started looking into adding some affiliate adverts related to washing machines.


In 2007, I decided to write about all white goods, so I created Whitegoodshelp. I moved all washing machine articles over there and kept all the washing machine forums here on Washerhelp.

More About Me

For more detailed information about me, and my experience in the white goods industry, please visit Whitegoodshelp -About Me

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