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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, My Hoover VT815D22x has been leaking, pooling water from the underside of the machine. On looking inside, I can see there is a trail of water coming from near the bolt holding the weight to the underside of the drum (above the drain hoses). I haven't been able to find any trail of water from further up visible from the underside or with the back of the machine taken off. There does not appear to be an issue with the drain hoses themselves. I also cannot see there's an issue with the door seal. I have not been able to investigate any further yet but does anyone have any ideas where this might be coming from?
  2. Hello everyone, we recently purchased a bush a1249rlb, however the door is cracked and leaking water, a lot of water. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on what doors will fit and if bush use a standard system of dimensions. If so could anyone please kindly post models which will fit the model we have as I’m struggling to find one. Thank you for your time. Alf
  3. Hello! I have a Hotpoint HE8L493 works fine but after I dropped my phone beside it (how fate makes us find things out eh) then ran my hand on the left bottom leg of my washer and I felt a bit of wetness/moisture and I wiped it with a tissue. I just finished a cycle of wash then and after that, I tried loading another cycle and I placed a tissue beneath it. After the cycle I had a look at the tissue. It isn't enough to soak it fully nor partially but there are some wetness on it. I don't know if it is condensation or a leak? It's too small I think to be considered major leak or even felt as it doesnt even drop a water to the floor. You literally need to "press" your hand on the washing machine leg or dab a tissue to see the wetness. So is it a leak or what? Thanks!
  4. I'm a newbie so please be gentle... Help me please - I'm going loopy!!! My LG F1480YD5 washer dryer is tripping the RCD on my house consumer unit due to water travelling up the pressure tube and spraying on the power filter pcb during the spin cycle. So far, I have (here we go...): Replaced the power filter pcb, replaced the pressure switch, replaced both impeller pumps, removed and cleaned out the rubber boot between the pumps and filter, removed and cleaned the filter, removed and cleaned the drain pipe and I have cleaned out the outlet pipe in my kitchen with is only for the washer dryer. When the RCD trips, I remove the top cover from the washer dryer, remove the power filter pcb and dry it and the associated connectors with a hairdryer for a few minutes, put it all back together again and hey presto, it works! Can anyone shed any light on this for me please? Finally I would like to say all help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Newbie post, got a slight leak. Had washer over and found end point ... But before I reach for screwdriver, does anyone have advice about where this 'might' be originating from/seen it before. It's not a great deal of water but the staining at least shows me I am not dreaming. Door seal is grubby but seems intact. Model: wmal 621 6kg Images: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1l0Ihm2JDe_IySR7bXDqgk2Yj7IJT8fNs Or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1as8MGu0zX8n76ElR_yrl07St3bDqwTyr/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks for your experience. If not clear from image, the concrete is towards the front of nachine. Looking at it, the drip point is central to door, but that might only be the fall point of the leak and mean little. By the way, I did read the sticky post on leaks before adding this!
  6. Has anyone had the same problem with the AEG Lavomat model 70530 OKO update model, where it always leaks towards the end of each wash? Trying to isolate exactly where the leak is coming from? any suggestions much appreciated
  7. I have a slight leak from my waste pipe connection under the sink. The previous homeowner installed the kitchen and the pipes are different to what I've seen before. There is a grey pipe which sticks up and I've simply pushed the waste pipe onto that, as there's no other way to do it. Should I just fit a jubilee clip around the waste pipe, or do the pipes need changing to something more standard?
  8. I have a Indesit WIDXXL 146 washing machine, which used to work perfectly until last week. Now everytime I run it water leaks from the compartment were you put the powder in. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? Thank you very much in advance!
  9. I have an elderly Hotpoint Aquarius WMA33 washing machine. It works fine during "wash" cycles and water pumps out okay but on "rinse and spin" water gushes out of the soap powder dispenser. It happens after the rinsing phase; just as the spin phase begins. When I tried it with the soap dispenser removed, I could see the water was coming back up from the drum - and there's quite a lot of it. At the same time there is a small amount of water coming out of the rear drain-pipe, so the pump appears to be working. Any ideas?
  10. I have an Electrolux EWF 1087 Front loader washing machine and have recently had a problem with a leak. It happened during the fill stage (water going in) before the spin cycle. At first water leaked out of the bottom of the machine (couldn't see where) and then it squirted out the front of the machine around the rubber seal (near the bottom of the seal where the door seals). After reading around it seems that this can be due to the three holes bridging the outer drum to the inner drum (at the bottom of the rubber ring seal) being blocked. I'm not sure what the purpose of these are. If the outer drum fills with water then water should seep through the holes in the washer drum and partially fill the inner drum. The way water squirted up it was like there was a build up of pressure. Those holes were a little clogged up (but not badly), so I am wondering if this could cause the leak out the bottom of the machine and out the front. The bottom leak started first. Any clues? Thanks
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