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  3. Hi. The door seems to have dropped. Is the door hinge loose or broken?
  4. Hi! I recently moved in a new house, and the seal on the washing machine was really moldy. I tried cleaning it but then resorted to getting a new one. Having someone do it is really expensive, so i bought the seal and replaced it myself. The wm model is indesit WIXL163UK by the way. Problem is, when I try to close the door, the bottom drags under the seal, and it takes some force to close it. It seems like the seal is too thick, but the item is correct, so I must have made a mistake in replacing the seal. I don't want to start the machine for fear I've done something wrong. Does an
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  6. Hi, I have read all of the above and have a similar problem. The samsung ecobubble 8kg was on a spin cycle with a light load, with 3 minutes to go (probably on 1400 rpm) my son heard a loud pop and the machine carried on to the end of the cycle a bit noisier than before the pop. Upon opening there was a amount of shredded rubber and a separate long strip from the door seal. I looked on line for door seal replacement videos and proceeded to disassemble, I find that the seal has been rubbed deeply at the side (where the strip came from) but don't know weather I am looking at the c
  7. Good evening all, As the title says there is a low noise whenever the drum on my machine spins. Has only happened in the last week or so which coincides with the machine talking a small walk sideways on occasion. The machine is only about a year old and used to be as quiet as can be so this is way noticeable. I have included some videos of the noise while on a wash and you can even hear it when hand turning the drum. Any advice of anything i can try before i call it into Samsung? It's a WW80M645OPM/EU 8kg machine. https://photos.app.goo.gl/j3L8ko6tERwfiBsV9 https://photos.a
  8. Hi Sorin s, I did mention in a previous post that D7 being faulty could affect the readings of D6 when tested in circuit, even though D6 was ok. This may not be typical of all faults where D7 is faulty, so to prove that D6 is ok and D7 is faulty you must desolder 1 leg of D7 to get a more accurate reading. At least you got it working again, which is still a lot cheaper than replacing the board. Regards Rob
  9. Hi. If the drain hose pushes onto a plastic spigot or connects directly to the u-bend then it sounds like there’s a blockage inside there.
  10. Please help. Miele washing machine will not spin when hose is connected to the drain - check drain light comes on but this is clear. It will spin when I pull the machine out and place hose directly over the sink. Hope someone can guide me in fixing this. Many thanks for reading..... Teresa
  11. Hi to all, Thanks to Bob I managed to find the same problem on my washer-dryer Beko ProSmartInverter WDR7543121S which was about 32 months old. The problem occurred when my washer was disconnected from water supply and my wife tried to start it... after that washer just didn't started again Luckily I had a Multimeter with a diode testing function ( which I never used it) and the problem was easy to find. I tested all diodes on the board D6 and D7 were faulty (D6 is 5A 100V). D6 showed faulty on the board but when I took it off it looked fine, anyway I ordered and replaced
  12. Thanks . So what do you recommend ( which brand ) if you don't mind within my budget range ?
  13. Hi. Bosch don't produce anywhere near as high quality appliances that they used to in the 70s, 80s and possibly 90s. Some of their base models now are very cheap. However, they have a very good reputation with Which? for reliability and value for money.
  14. As suspected the heater is showing 0 ohm on my meter so will have to scavenge a new one.
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  16. I'm about to buy a new washing machine . initially I was thinking to buy a samsung washer dryer or just a samsung washing machine around £400 to £600 range but after some research I realized there has been lots of problem with their Drum Spider arm corrosion right after their warranty expires . Then I decided to go for german models which they are also expensive such as Bosch but i'm not sure how reliable and good they are nowadays compare to korean one such as samsung . I know Bosch is one of the top brands but are they still produce the good quality washing machine ? Also is there any other
  17. Today i located and pulled out the heater from the bottom of the drum and I'm hoping to be able to test it outside the washer just to see if it actually does work. The small sensor cartridge thingie in the middle i suppose have to be in water for it to work?!
  18. Hi, I have a similar symptom on my WDR7543121W. Completely dead. Plug fuse is okay. Really happy to find out about this thread. I checked the D7 diode (both legs soldered out), but It seems like it is working, ca. 0.3mV in correct direction, OL on the other direction. Anybody faced something like this? Nevertheless, I still want to try to replace D7 and ordered 100V 2A diode and will give a try once received. Will update my result.
  19. They can...exactly what??? Anyways, last few days i took it upon myself to dig down deep into my Miele W149 and try to figure out what is going on with it. The thing is, both the motor waterpump and the electronics seem to be working just fine so i don`t want to scrap it as long as it works. I started out removing the magazine that is directly below the compartment where you pour the powder/liquids etc. that hooks up to the spill water reservoir. I found a small passage at the bottom i am unable to reach and i understand this is where there is a one way valve at the back that potentially
  20. Hi. I presume you managed to sort this. What probably happened is that some water has got onto the lid and caused the edges to swell up. So the lid is probably just stuck in place and needs gently forcing out a bit at a time so that it comes out evenly. The worst thing you can do is jam it further by trying to force out one side more than the other. I would use a large flat screwdriver and using leverage between the gap at the front just gently ease it out a bit at a time. As the gap gets bigger maybe use some blocks of wood or something to fill the gap and allow the screwdriver to contin
  21. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply! I've already tried doing the shaking/moving of the drum, but haven't ran it with the lids off, will see if the pipes reach far enough for that and try running it with the back off! Thanks, Andris
  22. Hi all thanks for the add. I have a hoover DXOA 410C3B washing machine that has a damaged door seal, I have seen a tutorial advising to take the top wood panel off to reveal the bolted seal on the inside of the drum. Problem I have is I've unscrewed the back but the wood panel is stuck in a plastic channel on each side and won't budge, I have it about 2cms away from the front barely exposing the inside but I don't want to do damage by yanking anything. All help will be appreciated.
  23. Thanks for the update. Yes it’s very unusual and disappointing for it to have failed so soon.
  24. Just an update - Beko engineer attended this afternoon - had to replace two components, one was a capacitor and the other was a PCB. he suggested one caused the other, but unsure why it happened. I asked if it was unusual for a 3 week old machine to need two components replacing, he said he had never seen a new range go after 3 weeks anyway its all fixed now - im a little nervous with a new machine needing new parts straight away..........
  25. Huge thanks to Bob for this. My Lamona (Howdens kitchens) integrated washer dryer failed at the weekend at bang on two years old, during a changeover for guests at my holiday let. I was searching Currys in desperation for a new machine before the next guests came in this week, but a lucky Google for Beko machines brought me to this thread when I realised it was the same machine as mine. Diode out, tested as dead, new one in today. Machine is alive again! Saved me hundreds of pounds and having to disappoint guests while a new one was fitted.
  26. Hello there. I think you've checked all the obvious things. It could be a problem with the PCB but there's not much help available because washing machine manufacturers do not repair their PCBs. They do not supply technical information, or spares for them either. So to repair one you need to be already competent at diagnosing and repairing electronic parts inside PCBs. I have an article about a washing machine that is not working at all though it only offers basic advice Washing machine won't start
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