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  2. Aye. Only engineers would normally buy them. Between £200 and £300. But without one you are working blind with fusing and tripping faults - Fusing or tripping electrics
  3. I haven't Can go buy one. Or are they costly
  4. Hi. Have you got an insulation test meter? You can’t diagnose tripping electrics without one.
  5. Hi Sorry for late reply. No faults on LED display Replaced pump Tested in spin and drain Tested in 90 wash. Left machine as working Customer put first wash in. All ok filled and washed Then at end of wash when starting to drain. Tripped RCD and now the pump motor has blown. Electrical no resistance. Hope this makes sense
  6. My honest opinion is when it’s really bad you need a new soap dispenser
  7. Thanks, Andy. My black slime is well established, I believe. Have you any suggestions? Perhaps taking the machine apart is the best option? Thanks, Adam.
  8. Hello Adam. I have 2 related articles that hopefully will help Black jelly-like substance in soap dispenser and on soap drawer | Fabric Softener not being taken out
  9. Hello, I have an article about aqua stop hoses which may answer your question?
  10. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Please help washer dryer isn’t drying?

    The dryer section shouldn't cause the washing machine drum to fill with water. However, a washer dryer works by trickling small amounts of cold water into a condenser at the back which then runs into the drum. This water causes the steam created during the drying process to condense into water and run into the drum. This water is then periodically pumped out down the drain. If there is a blockage in the condenser chamber it can cause faults on the drying section. Usually it can cause the laundry to come out hot and steamy but it can eventually cause a safety device to trip and stop the heater from working on the dryer. This would then leave the drying cycle just trickle filling with water and pumping it down the drain but it shouldn't have visible water in the drum. The laundry might come out wet the which potentially could be mistaken for washing.
  11. There is often a small hose with a bung in it or connected to a dead end bung which is used to drain the washing machine if it gets stuck full of water but this hose would be at the bottom of the washing machine right next to the pump. I honestly can't think of any reason why there would be 2nd hose attached to the drain hose. Only water that needs pumping out down the drain should go into the drain hose, so it would be crazy to attach a hose to it so that water could flood onto the floor. Likewise it wouldn't make any sense to have a 2nd hose attached to the drain hose but with a bung fitted to it. As I said the only hose with a bung but I can think of would be to allow to drain out the water if it got stuck full of water but this hose would not drain if it was at the top of the machine. Sorry I can't be any more help at the moment but it doesn't make any sense to me for now.
  12. It’s connected to the waste pipe. Maybe an overflow?? But waste isn’t blocked but water is gushing out this little hose.
  13. Is there nothing it should be connected to? Presumably it's connected at least at one end, what is it connected to? It doesn't really make sense for a hose to be present but just have a bung at the end.
  14. When you say no faults showing on machine do you mean nothing is showing up on an insulation meter? Also when you say blown the pump, do you mean the pump is literally blown i.e. electrically damaged? Could water some how be getting onto the pump?
  15. Looking for Advice Aeg washer dryer keeps tripping RCD, no faults showing on machine. Just over 2 years old Pump had failed, Replaced pump, and it did work on test , filled and drained Customer did first load, and it has blown the pump once again after 40 mins If pump disconnected, shows pump error code, RCD not tripping when disconnected. Is this a PCB issue?
  16. Last week
  17. can anyone help, got a Beko washer thats been leaking when draining/spinning. Found the fault is a small black hose at top of machine under lid. It looks like it has perhaps had a bung or something in it?
  18. Louise

    Beko WMI71641

    I am having the exact same issue, was there a bung in the little hose? if not what did you use to cap it off please
  19. Hi Andy, no the control knob is definitely intact, and there’s no (at least visible) damage. The whole machine is almost new. Also, all the other programs work as they should be, it’s just the dry option that doesn’t. Thank you
  20. The site is obviously more focused on electrical issues and fires than overflowing and flooding, but I was hoping for some help. I'm replacing a 20-year-old Miele dishwasher with an aqua stop mechanism by a Whirlpool WFC 3C26 P (virtually new, a gift) that has no aqua stop device. Should I simply replace the intake hose by one with an aqua stop or similar device? (There's no feedback; it operates by closing when water flows in without meeting any resistance.) I contacted Whirlpool customer service in France and asked for suggestions; they sent me the commercial spec sheet but didn't answer the question. This is more of an issue in France, where incoming water pressure is 6 bar; I've installed a reducer to bring it down to 3 bar; but it's much higher than with a cistern. Thanks for any suggestions.
  21. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Please help washer dryer isn’t drying?

    Hello, could the control knob be cracked or broken so that it is not lined up with the correct programs any more? I've seen this many times.
  22. Hello, parts like this might be difficult to find as they don't normally go faulty. However, you should be able to get it through 4Washerhelp spares - if you can't find it listed then click the link to put in a parts in query and fill in the model and serial numbers. Someone should look it up for you.
  23. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Indesit WD12X died - Need to replace

    Yes virtually every washing machine is now cold fill only so you just need to connect the cold water hose. I have an article discussing the best thing to do with the old hot water tap The taps that have the red and blue plastic handles on them need turning off. This is done by turning it. It will only turn one way, and only so far. Sometimes these taps don't fully turn off so watch out for that. Either the plastic and crack or break, or the valve inside can become very stiff. If you have any problems just remove the plastic handle and use pliers to turn off the tap.
  24. Hi All, I have an Indesit WD12X which is probably 10 years + old. It died the other day, loads of noise, banging around and now the drum wont turn by the machine and when I try to turn it by hand, it's very stiff, grindy and moves. Either way, With the cost of replacements and the age of this machine, I am happy to let it be taken away.. I am looking for a replacement washing machine, I am not interested in the dryer aspect, I was thinking about a Beko Liw714w15. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/laundry/washing-machines/logik-liw714w15-integrated-washing-machine-white-10137982-pdt.html The one thing I have noticed is that my Indesit has 3 pipes going to it, 1 conduit covered one down the bottom and 2 up the top wth red and blue collars, both of which join to a Y pips on the cold feed of the tap next to it. It seems easy enough for me to disconnect all of this and install the new machine rather than paying £44 for install but I am concerned that the new machine only has 1 input... Do I block off one of the pupes? Why does my current machine have 2 but all the new ones I look at have 1? Also, one last thing before I disconnect this machine. The pipes which the 2 (red / blue) pips join to has a little valve on, which I assume i turn to close before disconnecting the pipes and where the conduit covered pipe goes to, this also has a valve which I assume needs turning off before disconnecting? Many thanks Mark
  25. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Faint electrical burning smell

    Ignoring a burning smell is very dangerous. Try it again whilst keeping a close eye on it. If it’s still creating a burning smell, something is very wrong and needs investigation.
  26. Hi, Getting an error code when going into drying mode. Opened it up expecting the fan to be blocked, but then discovered the crimp connector powering the fan has snapped. Anyone know what they are called, or where I can get one from? Please see the attached photo. cheers
  27. I have a 10yr old approx reconditioned Samsung washing machine. I just finished a 2 hr cycle and during it I could smell a faint electrical burning smell from it. It wasn't the plug that was ok. I let it finish the cycle and it seemed to perform normally. Just not sure if it's worth getting it checked over and repaired or simply buy a new one. Any advice gladly recd
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