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  2. Thanks for your help much appreciated, think I'll be getting a new one.
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  4. My washing machine was shaking pretty bad on the second floor.. I replaced these shocks and by no means is it perfect but it is way better and is hardly noticeable.... 3 months later still working. They are not to hard to install.
  5. Drums can be £200+ and a massive job to do. Check Ransom Spares to find out the cost of a new outer drum.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Terminal as in the drum could be replaced do you think? Or new washing machine time?
  7. That looks terminal if the plastic is the outer drum. Usually caused by something metal left in a pocket that gets into the drum.
  8. Hi all, I looked through a lot of information but can't figure out what part of the machine has broken and why? Hopefully I can find some advice. I have a hotpoint aquarius wdal 8640. Last night during a drying cycle the machine made an almighty banging noise so I turned it off and discovered some snapped plastic and the seal pulled down. Am I right in thinking the drum has broken? Many thanks for any input.
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  10. bob 12241 THANK YOU!!!! i change diode d7 from my BEKO wash dryer and working perfect!!!! u save me for 350 £. thanks thanks thanks good man God bless you!!!
  11. I have been given a washing machine, Hotpoint WDL754PUK, that had a suspect door lock issue. Unfortunately I have no exact detail of the issue symptoms but can confirm the door is locked. When connected up to water and electric the control panel lights up, but nothing else happens. I have carried out a general check on connections, wiring and circuit boards. I have identified a blown transistor on the PCB of the main control module. Is this most likely the root cause or has something else provoked the transistor to blow? Is it worth replacing the main control module?
  12. Hi. I’m not aware of anything that could fall off a drum like that.
  13. I’ve got a 3 year old Bosch Titan Edition Eco Silence Drive. Just opened my washer door to find this sitting on the seal. This kids are sure they didn’t have anything accidental in their pockets .. anyone know if it’s part of my washer that’s fell off into the drum?? TIA 👍
  14. Thanks for that I'll have a look when back at work ,cheers
  15. OK this explains a bit more about lights flashing on washing machine
  16. when I say all lights flashing its the power button flashing and 3 others,not all the lights.... sorry for the confusion
  17. When all lights flash it's not supposed to happen. It's supposed to detect faults and display appropriate error codes. All lights flashing is not an error code, it's like it's just lost it. Possible main pcb problem but can't rule out some fault causing it. Not something you can really deal with. Too risky to gamble on replacing pcb.
  18. all flashing lights on the front so I took off the small pump attached to the floor of the machine and the impellor is spinning freely and when I put water in the machine it seems to pump out ok.I removed the sump of the machine and took out £8 in change... (£2 coin and 5 £1 coins a couple screws and a kirby grip and some rust particles,washed all this out and replaced everything. The machine starts a programme ,ie fills with water and moves on ,the drum rotates but then the flashing lights come on again, there was a small hole in part of the sump assembly but it was the internal part whi
  19. Hello Mark. It's sad to see Miele using plastic tubs (outer drums). They can never be as good as the stainless steel tub. There is a slight argument for them having more thermal qualities but I can't accept that it's significant or worth the sacrifice. The problem with plastic tubs is that if any coins get inside the washing machine, which is a lot more common than you think, they can completely destroy a plastic tub. This would write off virtually any washing machine. The other problem with them is that it is very difficult to properly secure very heavy drum weights to them. In Miele's c
  20. Hello, I am interested to learn whether the plastic tubs used on lower model Miele machines have proved to be just as durable and reliable as the stainless steel tubs used on most of their models. Just trying to figure whether its worth the extra (around £100) to get a model with the SS tub? Thanks Mark
  21. Your reasons are completely valid, and I respect that. I also acknowledge that even I despise people who are just outright careless and just do things the easy way and never care about safety. I'd have to admit that in my intentions I might've just been rushing things and that is very bad and I did not display any sort of reasonability. I'll just shove the washing machine away until I find a spare part to replace the door mechanism. I just fear that it might be the circuit board.... oh well, i guess we will see. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. Kind regards. Vilian
  22. Hello. If you are capable of bypassing a lock then fitting a new one would be much easier. Have you thought about trying to find a spare part? The problem with having a potentially dangerous appliance in the home is that you never know what circumstances may happen whereby someone who does not know ends up using the washing machine or somehow a child ends up visiting. I appreciate you don't need preaching to but those are the things to bear in mind. I'm not sure about the resistance across live and neutral. It's not something that as an engineer I've ever measured. I always just measured
  23. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I did all the correct things. At first, I checked the manual for the error code the machine was displaying. After I opened the door lock mechanism, the metal that is supposed to connect to the underneath connector when the bimetal strip heats up wasn't making proper conntact. After I scrubbed it off a bit with a sharp box opener, I tested with the multimeter and it was all fine. I put it back together and i tested it out. ~ nothing. Later i found out that for some reason the bimetal strip is not heating up, even thought it was connected to neutral and live.
  24. Hello there. Unfortunately all I can advise is that it is very dangerous to bypass the door lock. They appreciate you may consider it okay and that you will be careful but the washing machine door would open at any time and it is operating, especially during high spin. For an engineer to bypass the door lock it would be criminally negligent. If you have definitely connected the correct wires then it would properly bypass the door lock. So if it's still not working it can't be the door lock. If you connect the neutral and common wires together then nothing would happen but if you connect the ne
  25. Thanks Andy, Machine is still dead, hopefully the engineer will figure it out
  26. Hey guys, I bought a NEO washing machine 3 years ago. It has been working rahter well all this time ngl. However, a few days ago the door mechanism broke. You see, i'd normally take it to repair service, but since it's rather old, the warranty is long over. So i disasbled it and i took a peek inside and removed the faulty mechanism. Now i'm left with a problem thought... You see, the washing machine in question uses "metalflex zv-44g" for a lock, but it's all broekn. Anyway, I thought i could just fix this by shorting the 'common' wire to the 'live' wire. But that also did not work
  27. Hello Suze. Do you mean you don't have an instruction manual? If not you should go to download one from here Download white goods appliance manuals. Normally to tumble dry something you just set the time on a separate dial.
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