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  2. If it is shaking about like in the video with nothing in the drum then the drum is completely out of true and would probably need replacing. Have you checked inside the sump hose and pump filter in case any object that could have knocked it out of true can be found?
  3. Yes it does, its quite worrying for us as we really need to use the washing machine. What do you suggest as the next steps?
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  5. If you look at the gap between the top of the drum and the outer tub at the top as the drum spins (on the video) the gap changes drastically by about 2 inches. The drum looks completely out of true.
  6. That sounds ok. If there’s no connection fault on the wiring to the heater and the element and sensor seem ok there’s nothing else I can suggest you do. The fault is not one that should happen, and dropping to 1 minute is an anomaly. It happens in some washing machines when the element goes open circuit mid-wash so it tricks the wash cycle software and confuses it. if a hearing element is open circuit then the software can detect that easily when the wash temperature doesn’t rise by a certain amount in a specific timeframe. Then the cycle aborts and gives an error code that
  7. No there doesn't seem to be anything inside, and the drum is still in perfect shape. How would one even begin to understand what the issue is? Is it worth me getting Miele out to look at it?
  8. Drum bearings usually have a deep rumble and when you spin the drum by hand it feels nobbled and rough. They don’t normally cause the drum to run so out of skew. They also don’t fail so quickly and normally slowly become noisier and noisier. The Miele front drum bearing is also very large. About twice the size of ordinary ones. It looks like the drum spider could have a problem but again the Miele drum spider is really well made. It’s almost as if the drum has been knocked out of true. Has anything got inside it to cause it to become out of shape or any sign of any physical
  9. Only happened in the last couple of washes. Would you suspect its the bearings?
  10. That drum looks quite elliptical. That would explain why the drum is so unbalanced when spinning. It looks bad. Has it suddenly happened or has it been noisy for a while?
  11. Hi Andy It is the same without anything in it, I just don't have a video of it. Here is a link to a video with my just spinning it with my hand. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kTSAVAcu59M7Nuns8
  12. Hi. Was there something in the drum on that video? It looks like there was just 1 or 2 items in? If so that would cause it do be out of balance and thump about unevenly. What's it like with nothing in?
  13. Hi all I have a Miele W5780 which is only about 6 years old. Yesterday the machine started to make a quite loud clanking sound when spinning. Can someone please tell me, is this a bearing or shock absorber issue? I've attached a video to show the issue. Will add a picture in a subsequent post. washingmachine.mov
  14. The resistance on the heating element was 26.8 ohms and 50,000 ohms for the sensor. The resistance on the sensor went down when I held it, or warmed it up with hot water. Thanks for your help on this!
  15. Hi. This is an old topic which didn't get a response because it was posted in the wrong forum. I just found it in the consumer forum and moved it here. I'm pretty sure the fault has been fixed by now or you got a replacement but just in case it helps others with the same symptoms can you give us an update? The first question I would have asked is does the motor turn on a spin only cycle? And if not I would check the motor first for worn carbon brushes (if fitted).
  16. Hello. I have an Electrolux/Husqvarna QW14692 washing machine. When set to any wash cycle that isn't cold, it stops mid way through the wash, with the counter suddenly going down to 1 and then 0 minutes. It allows me to open the door even though there is water in the drum. No error code is shown. It appears this happens after the first stage of the wash cycle (after 5-10 minutes). If the machine is set to cold the cycle completes. Draining and spinning also work when selected as individual cycles. I've removed the heater element and tested both it and the temperature sensor with a multim
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  18. Someone round here was collecting for Dementia UK so I hope that's a good enough one for you. I bunged them a tenner. Again, thanks Bob
  19. Just replaced my D7 diode and it’s back up and running. Thank goodness for Bob putting in the time to diagnose the fault and also take the time to share his knowledge with us all on here. Legend.
  20. Thanks for the thought much appreciated, please give to NHS or maybe help someone who really needs it. Thanks all the same, just glad it helped Best Regards Bob12241
  21. Well, after a program has finished, the timer had stopped somewhere on the 360 degrees scale depending on the program, as it should do. When I start a new program, the timer first turns to the point where the chosen program starts. As I already mentioned, there are different cases: the 90 degrees cotton program turns off at once after the timer has reached the start position and I cannot turn it on again. The 40 and 60 degrees cotton programs stop on the same spot where the 90 degrees cotton program stopped, but starts again and the timer turns a bit, stops again etc. ten times (60 degrees cot
  22. I recently bought this machine but I can’t seem to get a decent wash from it. Not sure where I’m going wrong and was just looking for some advice from anyone that may own the same machine. What cycle do you find best to use for an everyday wash and more delicate items? Do you find you need to use more or less detergent than your used to? My washing is coming out worn looking, even new items.
  23. Hi Bob, My Beko suddenly wouldn't turn on the other day. I was quite surprised as it had literally worked perfectly every day for 2.5 years. I rang Boots where we got it from. They wanted £180 to send an engineer out of which they would pay £30. Then if they engineer couldn't fix it they would refund me a deprecated amount for the total value of the machine because it broke before 6 years. Crazy how they know it shouldn't break but won't give you a 6 years warranty. Anyway, long storey short. I wasn't happy so googled around a bit and came across this thread. £1.80 on ebay lat
  24. A long shot but what does the timer do if you try starting a cycle on one of the dots or lines that indicate a stop ie program finished? And if you put it on a spin only cycle what does it do?
  25. Hi Andy, I checked the three PCBs (washer, dryer and the power supply unit), every single component, solder joint, every connection and I couldn't find anything suspicious... Afterwards, i washed 60 degrees cotton and I basically still have the same problem as before. There won't be any quick fix and I must look for a new washer. Best regards Mikael
  26. Something went wrong when replying to this as it appears I have replied to an earlier post with this comment (morosanu22 dated 17/12/2019) I have reposted below. Yep, I did, see in previous post. They actually congratulated me on finding a quick and economical fix. Nice to see still fixing machines, but the solution is a better design.
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