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  3. Hi. If there isn't a spin only cycle then it can't. Many washing machines don't have one because it can get badly out of balance when hand washed laundry is put into drum to spin. Most washing machines have a rinse and spin option though, which would be the only way to go.
  4. Unfortunately it can be so many things. It's still possible a fault is stopping the heater from working but there are lots of possible problems. I tried to go through them all here washing machine stops or won't complete cycle
  5. Two wires should be for the armature which go to the carbon brushes and two or three go to the field coil with two going to tacho coil with a very high resistance. I don't have many circuit diagrams left but I just found one for Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines WF.. models made in 2004 which "could" be the same but I can NOT guarantee that. It says pins 1-2 Tacho. Pins 3-7 tapped field Pins 3-4 Full Field Pins 5-6 Armature So that one sounds like pins 5 and 6 not used though you think yours is pins 7 and 8 not used so it could be different.
  6. We agree. Our new Bosch WAN makes all the towels very hard. We have always had a front loader, and in our old machine the towels were fine. We wash things on Mixed Load 40 degrees. The towels come out very hard and rough. Does anyone know why, or is it a fault with the new machine?
  7. This problem has just occurred on my mum's machine. Going to buy the part and see if someone can fix it for her. Could someone link to the Diode you bought? Also if she can't get anyone I am happy to replace it but I won't be at hers for another week or so, @bob12241 if you are still happy to email and talk through the process it would be appreciated. You can email me at woodallbeth@googlemail.com
  8. Hi Andy, thanks for your previous reply. My machine won't finish a cycle and you thought it would be the water heating element. I have tested the heating element coil and it measured 30 ohms so all is good. Could you advise me a little further on this one please? Thanks in advance!
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  10. Miele washing machine. W3364. T4462C Honeycomb Care could anyone tell me how to SPIN ONLY after I have hand washed a garment? Ramsfan
  11. This guy right here. Thanks a million. Didn't even have to replace the sensor. It was the filter beneath the heating unit. F13 does NOT necessarily mean the sensor is faulty.
  12. Basically I have a Hotpoint First Edition 1000 model num WM52, it's like Triggers brush off only fools and horses, over the years I have collected many spare parts from other peoples washer of the same model and have repaired it with such. It gave up the ghost the other day and when I inspected it I found the motor would not turn, on further inspection it was the bearing in the brush end, as the spare motors that I had did not have the same connector on them I decided to dismantle the motor, but silly me I did not make a note of the pin outs in the connection socket. the pins in the connector are all in a line and NOT one set on top of the other, Looking from the pin side it has 8 places where the spades can be placed in the connector I numbered them 1 - 8 starting from the left, however I tried the plug in the socket and found that numbers 7 and 8 are not used and I can remember that numbers 1 and 2 are for the tacho so what are 3,4,5 and 6 for. I have been on all sorts of websites but cannot find out the exact wiring diagram for this motor. All help gratefully appreciated Ken
  13. Hi! Thanks for the heads up! I have measured the resistance of the water heater coil, it measured 30 ohms. I also checked the resistance to earth and it was open circuit. So could you shine some light on this one please? Cheers!
  14. I have to fit a new GENUINE HOOVER NEXTRA Washing Machine DOOR HANDLE KIT 97924201but I forgot to take a picture before taking it apart. I can get all the parts back together but can't get the spring to sit correctly. I know that the two halfs of the door will will take the spring work correctly but still does not work. If anyone has any advice or/and picture I'd be really grateful.
  15. Does the noise stop when the drum stops rotating during wash? If it does it’s likely to be coming from the motor or drum but if it doesn’t it’s likely to be recirculation pump.
  16. Does it have a separate recirculating pump? If it doesn’t make the noise on the drain and spin cycle it could be that.
  17. If it is then it’s likely to be a loose connection somewhere as it’s rare for a tacho coil (or magnet) issue to be intermittent. 1 minute left on display is often caused by an open circuit heater so check that too.
  18. Hi, I have a JLWM-1203 (over 10 years old) I replaced the heating element in it 6 years ago and motor carbon brushes 2 years ago. The problem I'm having at the moment is that on any washing cycle the machine stops randomly. The only way to get it going is to enable child lock, then when the machine stops, turn it off on the dial and turn it back on, this makes it continue with the cycle. It is John Lewis own one which I believe is a rebranded Zanussi Been doing it for about 2 months, I checked the filters, there are no blockages. The count-down timer also seems in accurate, usually gets to 1 minute left fairly quickly, then still goes on for over 30 minutes with 1 minute left on timer. I suspected the controller, but in diagnostic mode (on 10th position of the dial) the code displayed is E-52, which would suggest a problem with the tacho coil on the motor. From manual: E52 No signal from the motor tachometric generator Tacho coil on the motor is most probably faulty. This coil reads a magnet as the motor turns to detect the speed that the motor is spinning at and this in turn allows the electronic controller to set the motor to revolve at different speeds for the various program options. Does this sound correct for the symptoms? Thanks,
  19. https://youtu.be/fj8D0YTfnB0 Hello and thank you for this forum. My PANASONIC NA-140VG3 developed a grinding noise about 6 months ago and is getting worse all the time. It had a new drum and logic board at 5 yrs old under warranty, and now 3 years further at 8 yrs old this issue. It is a very loud grinding noise that occurs when the water is injected into the drum with the side jet on the top right corner of the drum. It does NOT make a noise evacuating the waste water or while spinning. The noise appears to be coming from the pump in bottom left corner, but like I say no noise doing waste water. Drum drive bearings and motor are fine. I've cleaned the pump from the front tray, cleaned inlet filters and checked the Solenoids. I haven't removed the pump yet to see if any obvious error (not sure how to do that yet) because I'm confused why the pump would be noisy doing one function and not another. Is the pump dual function - ie recirculation and evacuation of the water? I would very much appreciate some help at this point as I've come to an end of my investigation ability with this issue. Thank you. AB
  20. You just saved me £350 on a new washing machine. Got the diode for £2.10 off ebay. A couple of hours carefully removing connectors and labelling them for re-assembly. Fitted new diode and all working again now. Thanks very much!
  21. hello all interested to read this thread and realise others have had this issue with Bosch washing machines I have new Bosch Serie 2 WAJ28008GB and after plumber had installed it wouldnt start the first program i thought it might be the child lock so made sure this was off and then after several attempts at shutting the door and finally more firmly the machine started It has done one wash, but now whichever program i set it to, the symbol for door not closed comes up, flashes x 3 and synchronises beeping also Bosch to come and look at its new and not working !! From reading the thread it looks like either lock itself is not working or the message from lock to say door shut to rest of machine to tell it to start i am going to check if child lock ever actually works as i think of it, which if not, might suggest the lock itself - or something else ... ? bit disappointed with a dud start but at least its not only me who has come across this
  22. Yes it could be gunk from inside the heating chamber. Does the Miele washer dryer have a cleaning cycle? Young could try cleaning it out with a small dishwasher brush or something that could route about inside it. Also could try running the washer dryer cycle a few times but if bad it may need the heating chamber top taking off.
  23. Miele WT 2780 washer/dryer leaving black residue on sheets. Have thoroughly cleaned following guidance in user manual but still persists. Residue seems to be in aperture at top front of drum which is difficult to access. We no longer use the dryer and wonder whether this is hot air access point that has become clogged due to not using. If so - how best to clean. Any ideas?
  24. Indesit machine , door wobbly and needs a slight lift to engage to lock , too much play on door, is it the hinge or the door trim ?
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  26. Hi there, I'm having the exact same issue with the exact same washer dryer ... just wondering if you managed to find a solution in the end? Thanks Freddie.
  27. Hi Milus I cannot say it is the same fault as it does occasionally show different symptoms eg: low, almost silent beeps, and very dull indication for a minute or 2 as mine did, but two things are common and that is (1) no display and (2) no response to any buttons. The only thing you can do is check the diode yourself to which a full run down is shown complete with pictures courtesy of Jonboyuk. Do not attempt this if you are not able or unsure, you might be able to get a friend who is capable to check it out for you. Repair engineers are unlikely to do this as it is not in their remit plus it doesn't guarantee that something else is also wrong, Regards Rob
  28. Hy bob12241, Today I just get home after job and my partner told me that the washer Dryer suddenly stopped to work. I tried to reset it, but no display nothing. When I switch off an on the main switch than sounds like wanna do something, locking the door and wanna take the washing powder from where my partner putted in( obviously was nothing there because I think the washing was done and when was switched to drying seems like its started but later I thinking it stopped and later the fault happened and the clots stay wet), but only for 1 sec u hear this voice and that is it later u hear that the machine wanna start but just for 1 sec again and suddenly stop, door still locked. Does not matter what button u pushing is no respond. The door only unlock itself when I switch off the electricity. No light or anything on the display. The model is BEKO WDX8543130G U think could be the same fault? Regards, Milus
  29. F6 fault came up on washing machine after it tripped the switch. Replaced door interlock switch but problem remains. Door will not lock and start button remins flashing Any suggestions. Mairtin
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