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  2. I checked the connections and ensured precise contact but it is still not working
  3. Hi Andy, Having studied this a bit more now, what happens is........ As the wash cycle progresses it reaches the spin cycle and then stops and the machine does not drain. It will drain if then moved manually to a spin cycle. From what I read the door locking mechanism could be faulty which could also make the problem intermittant, I guess. Any help greatly appreciated. Nick.
  4. Hi - Got an E23 error code com e up yesterday on my integrated BOSCH washing machine. According to the handbook, this could be due to a leak, but I can confirm no leak found. However, I can see that a sock has got caught in between the drum and the door opening, meaning the door won't open. Any ideas how to get the door open?
  5. Last week
  6. Hi guys, I have a Whirlpool 6th sense InfiniteCare 1400 Rpm washing machine. When i try to start a program, i hear a clicking sound from the bottom and the program does not start. It does not even get the water in (input water valve is open though). You can see the problem here (watch with sound please) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zycSAmTvg5A&feature=youtu.be Any help is appreciated, Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. Mine has just started doing the beeping thing while on a 40 degree wash on time saving mode. Think it’s 1 hour 47? Panicking! The previous owners left it and I’ve been using it since December and it’s been fine It seems to be going ok during it’s cycle??! I have however just turned my heating on with my wireless thermostat. Could that be the issue?!
  8. Hello Nick. When you drain the machine do you mean through a small emergency drain hose at the pump filter or by removing the pump filter?
  9. Don't know much about the Siemens one but Mile have been making their honeycomb drum for as long as I can remember.
  10. Some may just put the pump on intermittently but many will just have the pump running all the time.
  11. I presume it doesn’t sound very healthy if you spin the drum by hand? And if it’s been a bit noisy recently the chances are the front drum bearing has collapsed. If it has it’s pretty serious and expensive.
  12. Have the drum bearings collapsed? Can you lift the drum up from the front?
  13. The belt of my old Indesit W93 UK keeps slipping off. I read your article about this subject and on further inspection I noticed that the drum spider pulley is extremely tight against the drum at the top and about an inch away from the drum at the bottom. The bolt in the middle of the 'spider' appears to be tight (only by touching but haven't got a large enough socket to fit on the bolt to check properly). When I put the belt on and turn the drum the edge of the belt gets squashed tight onto the drum at the top and then slips off going behind the pulley. Should the pulley be parallel to the drum all the way around? Does the pulley need replacing? It doesn't look bent at all.
  14. Hi andy thanks for your reply. Is it normal for a washer dryer to pump air constantly the entire time its drying? Thanks
  15. I've narrowed down my options to Miele "honeycomb" vs the Siemens(Bosch) "wavedrum" ... with Samsungs "diamond drum" also in the running. Any experience/thoughts on these? Thanks
  16. I will for sure try that. While I am uselessly gazing at the machine I start to think about the springs the tub hangs from. Could those cause some issues?
  17. Hello! And thank you! An update to what I wrote before: that didn't actually solve the problem. The issue was with a faulty door lock which sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. We changed it and now the machine works. The E18 error is still there, though...
  18. Sounds like a possible connection fault. I would thoroughly check the wiring to the motor and inside the motor plug first.
  19. HELP!!! I have a front loading Frigidaire (Electrolux) washer about 12 years old. I have replaced the pump, motor, shock absorbers, and that rubber drain thing under the drum. after I replaced the pump the motor went. so I replaced the motor. I noticed one of the shock absorbers was busted and it wasn't spinning so replaced both. After all this it didn't do anything but take water on. in my frustration I took the drum and shook it! To my surprise it started to agitate and then it stopped after 10 seconds... I shook it again aned it started again... this went on and on until the spin cycle where it went through the entire spin cycle on its own. does anybody know what could be wrong? Is there an out of balance thingy that needs to be reset? Thank you in advance
  20. Hi, I have a Hoover OPH148, front loading washing machine about 6 years old. In the last 6 months it has developed an intermittent draining problem. When this happens I drain the machine through the filter fitting and check the filter after a small amount of water comes out. Sometimes this fixes the problem, sometimes not. For no reason it then continues to work OK for a period. Should I buy a new pump ? Hoping you can help. Nick
  21. Hi. It's remarkable how often this happens when an appliance hasn't been used for a long time but was perfectly OK when last used. I wrote a specific article about it with help and advice here Using a washing machine from storage - However, it can't really help in diagnosing why the motor no longer works. It could be so many different things as described here Washing machine drum not turning If it's a front loading washing machine it may be worth opening the door and giving the drum a few hard spins in case by any chance the brushes have stuck. It's very much a long shot but costs nothing to try.
  22. Thanks Rob, my machine experience exactly the same problem. Your guide saved me at least £100.
  23. Hi, I have a washing machine that has been sitting up for about 3 or 4 years in a garage that is not climate controlled or anything. The washing machine wasn't used much so it was fairly new before it was stored. Well after pulling it back out for so long, I plugged it in, the water took some time to start back working. and there was no leaks. My problem come in to the fact its not agitating at all. It doesn't spin or anything. it drains when it needs to. I thought maybe it was the washing coupling, after watching so many youtube videos but it was barely ran. Im trying to get answer on what I need to do to fix the problem that has me now frustrated. The washing machine is a Kenmore. Please let me know.
  24. Hello Jenna. If the error code 3 means you need to clean the pump but you can't find anything inside the pump or the pump filter then either the error code 3 doesn't mean clean the pump (or maybe could mean something else as well), or there is another fault that is stopping the water from pumping away and it's not simply that the pump needs cleaning. The main thing I would say is when the washing machine comes up with error code 3 and presumably stops is there a fair bit of water still inside the washing machine? If it has clearly not pumped away any or most of the water then there must be a fault on the pump or a blockage somewhere else. The only thing I can advise is to very carefully go through the entirety of my article, which covers every possibility that I can think of. There are also links within this article to other related possibilities. If that doesn't help them I can only suggest getting an engineer - Washing Machine Won’t Drain Water
  25. Hello there. If the drum has dropped it is most likely to have got a broken suspension leg. One of the suspension legs may have come away from the tub or the chassis, or even one of the top tub springs that holds the outer drum central is broken or come away.
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