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  2. Hello. If the outer drum is damaged and broken at one of the motor mounting sections a new drum would be required unless you could work out a way to secure the motor. The trouble is that the fixing sections are just plastic so you can’t really do much.
  3. Hi There, Yesterday evening our Samsung washing machine (WF70F5E0N4W) was finishing it's cycle when there was quite a large bang and the drum stopped spinning. Having had a look through the troubleshooting pages here, I took the back off the machine and found the belt had clearly come off but was intact. Having refitted the belt I tried a quick wash with a small load and found that, once in the spin cycle, the drum was severely shaking. On further investigation, I found that this time the belt was still intact but I did notice that there was considerable black dust/debris in the housing. There was also a large bolt and washer loose in the bottom of the machine which turned out to be one of a pair that fixes the motor to the drum (see pictures). It appears that the motor has started to part company with the drum... As some of the plastic housing is still attached to the bolt I have a sneaking suspicion this might be quite a considerable fault to fix. We've only recently inherited the machine from the previous owners of the house for free so I'm now debating whether to call someone to attempt a repair or just bite the bullet and buy a new one. I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts on what the best course of action is? Many Thanks, Matt
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  5. Your question got me thinking if there are any legal requirements and after a thorough internet search and i can't find any, HSE or other. I have to say this does seem odd in these health and safety mad days that none exist. Be interesting to see if anyone finds any?
  6. I still haven't had this checked but I found your link very helpful. Looks like I'm gonna need a test meter. Never done anything like this before so I'll have to tread carefully. No real rush as it washes ok. I found the fault for the code F17 when I google it but wasn't sure how reliable that was. Many thanks for replying!
  7. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Washing at 60 for holiday lets

    Hello Peter. Washing at 60° is supposed to kill bacteria and bedbugs. I always used to recommend everybody washed bedlinen and towels at 60°. However, I have recently realised that a lot of sheets and other laundry items have wash labels that state they should be washed at 40°. So the main thing I would do is check all wash labels on everything. If they say they can be washed at 60° then I would definitely do so. Washing at 60° would actually benefit your washing machine in that it will help to keep it free from bacteria and free from grease and grime that can quite quickly destroy any washing machine that is only ever used on low wash cycles. The only washing machine I would recommend is a Miele. If your washing laundry in any semi-commercial capacity you need a real high quality washing machine or you will be constantly replacing them. All washing machines take hours by the way. It's the new method. Caused by machines trying to uses little water as possible and trying to achieve good wash label status.
  8. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch washer/dryer F17 code

    Did you find out what this was? I don't have any F 17 error codes in my book. If cold water isn't trickling to the condenser chamber during the drying cycle then the laundry comes out hot, wet and steamy.
  9. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Rubber seal

    Yes the smaller spring retainer holds the door seal flange onto the rim of the door opening.
  10. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine Fault

    Hello Ojustaboo. UK white goods get the spares from the same place as everyone else but they do have a lot of excellent engineers there who may be able to offer some very useful advice and assistance. It sounds like you are a very persistent person :-) regarding the 5 year parts warranty I would have thought it was proof enough that you registered it if you receive the free gift. Not very good after sales service by the sound of it.
  11. Sorry I haven't replied before. Did you get this sorted?
  12. Pages 75, 76 https://www.miele.com/pmedia/ZGA/TX2070/10821820-000-01_10821820-01.pdf
  13. Hello. I have a Miele WMB 125 WPS 1600 Performance washing machine. There should be, according to the manual, a possibility to adjust 'Degree of Soiling' before starting a program using the sensor "buttons". The same two sensor buttons used to adjust the temperature of the program. These are not activated (do not light up) and pressing on them does nothing when I have selected e.g. Baumwolle (cotton). Is it possible that my washing machine needs another software/firmware to allow for these to be changed? On the case it is written "Eistellungen" meaning options. But I cannot get to them. Thanks in advance.
  14. Engineer found that a metal part on the inside of the rubber surround that's fitted to the machine was positioned the wrong way and was hitting the inside of the machine causing the door to move, fixed and waiting for a load or two to see if problem has gone for good or is still there. will post with update
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  16. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, joined to soak in (if you would please excuse the pun) some wisdom and knowledge in regards to washers and driers. I have never owned either before but have to purchase soon as will be moving to a unit that does not have its own washer and drier. I did some research on the web and walked in a few appliance stores-it;s still a work in progress. So far I have been narrowed it down to 2 choices (subject to change as my quest progresses) 1. 2018 ELectrolux EFLS627UTT for $999 https://www.electroluxappliances.com/Washers-Dryers/Washing-Machines/Washing-Machine/EFLS627UTT/ OR 2. A store in my state has left over 2017 Speed Queens 9000 series (awne92sp113tw01) for $900 https://www.consumerreports.org/products/top-load-agitator-washer/speed-queen-awne92sp113tw01-377558/overview/ Anybody has any suggestions? Thanks in advance! PS I live in the USA but I was hoping there might be US forum memebrs or non US memebrs that have experience with both machines.
  17. Thanks Andy for getting back to me. With regards to water coming out the drain pipe, you are correct I am referring to when the washing machine is just turning the drum on wash (not spin cycle). You are correct I was placing the drain hose on the floor so guess that is why the water was coming out. Although I did pick this up and placed higher later, but strangely found water was still coming out. One further observation, I turned on the machine (whilst on the side and open) and could definitely see one drain pump fan spinning. Not sure why the other drain pump (this model seems to have two) was not spinning or working. Even with one pump definitely working, this should drain some water and this is not the case. With regards to your article, I suspect an electrical fault but still find it hard to believe as all other functions seem to work. It's getting to the point now an engineer would be able to look further. The question is should I invest money booking engineer or just go for a new machine now?
  18. I am writing on behalf of a friend who bought this washing machine second hand. She says that it is taking up to 4 hours to complete a wash. Not only that but it will use only 1 programme, Intensive 40 degrees. It takes a great deal of water to complete a wash. She really cannot afford a new one and I wonder if anyone here has encountered such a problem with Beko 6 machines and if there is any solution. Thank you for reading Anniel
  19. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hotpoint Aquarius, Noise: Suspect bearings

    It seems most have sealed drums now. Not sure who still doesn’t any more as those that haven’t often suddenly start or have had some models with and some without. Once someone starts something like this they all tend to follow suit because it’s a race to the bottom. Only Miele definitely don’t have sealed drums though the bearings are quite unlikely to go anyway.
  20. Yes, cost of spares over new, apart from my time may not be worth it. I have done W/Machine bearings in the past. Apart from me searching to find out, would you know of any reliable model which would allow me to repair/replace bearings after guarantee eventually runs out ?. Thank you.
  21. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    LG F1481TD5 Not Draining

    Not sure what you mean when you say water comes out of the drain pipe when the washing machine spins. That’s what’s supposed to happen. If you mean when the washing machine is just turning the drum on wash then it could be siphoning if the drain hose end is too low. I have a comprehensive article on washing machine not draining the water which covers everything I can possibly think of including links to other relevant articles. Best thing is to go through it slowly and methodically to see if you can sort it.
  22. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hotpoint Aquarius, Noise: Suspect bearings

    Check on 4washerhelp but to be honest at 14 years old it’s probably not worth it.
  23. Hello guys. This machine is an Aquarius WDL540 about 14 years old. I suspect worn bearings and would like to know if such spares are available for this model. I am a Vehicle Engineer so it would be good if parts are available. Many thanks for your valued advice.
  24. I am having trouble with my LG Washing Machine. I have had this just over 5 years, with no trouble so far. But now the washing machine is not draining the water in the drum. I have tried all the advice including: checked drain filter and no blockage checked drain pipe and no blockage. Am able to blow into drain pipe and can see water coming out from other side. checked drain pump and no blockage on both pumps. removed sump hose and no blockage. On a separate issue, cant understand why the sump hose doesn't have any valve inside and what is keeping the water from empty from the drum! tried descalers and limescale remover. Nothing. I have spent a good 6 hours on this, taking the machine apart. Now getting to the point of either calling LG engineer for £120 to fix or buy a new machine. Today, after relooking at sump hose and reattaching (all clear) I am now finding the water, is coming out of the drain pipe when the machine spins. Not sure why this is happening now? But strangely the machine will still not drain. The only way I am getting the water out of the drum is through the bleed nipple pipe on the side of the filter. I am pretty sure I can hear the drain pump working. Please, any last minute advice on what I should do next or what I am missing?
  25. it just hits the rubber surround on the inside of the washing machine ad that pushes against the door in a buckled fashion like the drums got a leaning out in one area. checked the manual and it shows the weight for different loads, cotton bed linen underwear towels shirts max 9kg load blouses shirts made up of synthetics 4kg load wool 2kg load babycare high temp 4kg load Does the above seem reasonable as i was under the impression 9kg load washing machine meant 9 kgof dry weight regardless of material. Authorised engineer is coming on Saturday so im going to make sure all filters are clean and its spirit level flat, previous was a Ariston a1637 washer was running perfectly at 9 yrs old not a single fault or repair ever but body was slightly corroded and ontop of that we needed a dryer so bought the samsung. Thanks .
  26. Hoover dxcc69w3 half the programs wont work is there a way to reset it...
  27. LucyToons

    Strange spots on clothes

    It looks as though it's a little bit bigger, I did a bleach wash last night and an empty wash with detergent today, the seal at the bottom of the door is cleaner so i'm hoping this will help in the machine itself
  28. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Strange spots on clothes

    Yes it's strange. Is the mark by any chance the same size as one of the holes in the drum? The first thing I would do is put the washing machine on a boil wash or at least 60 degrees. Put in some detergent but no laundry. You might also want to try some of the specially designed washing machine cleaning products. The closest article I have is about rust spots on clothes after washing but I don't know if they are rust spots or not.
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