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  2. Hi all. Iv just bought a 2nd hand hotpoint wmfug742g it all worked fine when I picked it up. Got it home plugged it in and the key lock will not come off. I hold the button down for 3 seconds and it counts down from 3 but the key lock will not come off. I have tried unplugging it for 10..15mins and trying again but the key lick won't come off. Won't even switch off with the power button. Any help and advice would be much appreciate thank you
  3. Hi. I have problem with my samsung washing machine model WF70F5E5U4W. Somethimes not reaching full speed on spin cycle and drops from 9 min to 1 min. When I enter in test mod and run SPN it reach 1400 rpm an than throw 3e2 code. Somethimes SPN test run normal without error. Main PCB changed Motor changed (BLDC) Please help. Tnx.
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  5. Hi to all, I've had a look at the Troubleshooting page but could not find a section which relates to this problem. We've had this machine for 17 years now and although the body is rusting underneath the soap drawer, it still worked smoothly until a couple of days ago when any program used simply goes to the rinse program. We usually use either the 30 or 40 Cotton program with the Quick wash button and the Reduce Ironing buttons. Both the 30 and 40 degree programs take around 53 to 59 minutes. A couple of days ago any program be it from the Cottons section, delicates etc. simple
  6. It's worth a try plugging the washing machine into a totally separate socket just in case but it sounds like it could be a problem with the power supply inside the washing machine and would need an engineer.
  7. Nice one. That's exactly the kind of thing that my article that I linked to previously describes (Can't find a blockage but washing machine still not draining water). If the pump is running okay and there's nothing wrong the impeller then the only explanation is a blockage somewhere.
  8. Hello there. It might be a bit of messing about but could you try setting it for 5 minutes, then turning it off then setting it again for another 5 minutes? In other words it might be useful to find out if it is something about the program software running for longer than 6 minutes or is it more to do with it having physically run for more than 6 minutes. In other words could something be overheating, or is it something about the program lasting longer than 6 minutes?
  9. Hello there. From the photo they look more like scorch marks that difficult to imagine how they would have got there. If they are stains there is an article here about rust spots on laundry
  10. Hi, I have a 1.5 year old Beko WTG620M1W_WH and recently had some rust stains on my bedsheets and clothes. The filter was clear. Is this a problem with the washing machine or the pipes? Any idea what the solution might be? Wondering if it's worth getting a technician or just buy a new machine.. Thanks in advance! T
  11. Hi thanks Andy it has been noisy for a wee while.so probably better off buying new ,this one ows us nothing.
  12. This usually happens if the front drum bearing collapses (has it been excessively noisy for sometime?) Or it can happen if 1 of the 3 aluminium drum spiders that attach to the back of the drum either corrode or crack. The latter usually results in the drum lifting up and down excessively mostly at 1 point. If it moves up and down by the same amount all of the way around the drum then it's usually drum bearings that have collapsed unless by any chance if all 3 of the drum spiders corroded and cracked. Needless to say it's likely to be a big and expensive repair.
  13. Yes up and down and side to side but its only the silver bit.
  14. Looks like there's a very large gap at the top of the drum can you lift the drum up and down?
  15. Please see photos i don't know what to do squint drum noisy machine small bits of grey plastic when we wash stuff. All help and advice appreciated, many thanks . Stevie
  16. I have a ZWD1262W. It works fine as a washing machine. However if I try to use the drying function it will initially work (run, air heats up etc) but where I set the drying time equal to or greater than 6 minutes then on count down the machine will stop and the led lights flash. When looking at the diagnostics it shows a control board fault. (If I set the drying time less than 6 minutes all is ok. The machine will also reset OK and function until again a drying time of more than 6 minutes is selected and on countdown the same fault occurs) I tried a new heater but this didn't make any dif
  17. Hi please can someone help, I am trying to find out what component Q14 is on the above control pcb of an indesit wixxe 127 machine, I don’t have a schematic, don’t know if Q14 is a triac or transistor because it’s completely shot. The pcb number is 0912150097701 Q14 is near J4 at the rear of the pcb where the plug for the door lock plugs in. Thank you
  18. Hi, I have a Leisure RI85421 Washing machine and it started beeping whilst off this morning. I tried to turn it on a bit later but nothing happened. I have tried turning it off at the wall for a few hours but it still isn’t turning on. Have checked to see if there was a circuit trip and have tried plugging a hairdryer into the plug. Nothing has worked so far. Has anyone else had this experience before? Some advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
  19. In case anyone needs to order replacement diode: Supplier Farnell, Item Code 2849663 Description: STPS2H100 SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER, 100V, 2A, DO-204AL
  20. Well problem solved after all that it was a 5p obstructing the drain pump hose, as I couldn't get the front cover off to remove all of the pump assembly I only swapped the drain pump motor bit, our repair guy had to partially remove the front face of the washer to remove the pump assembly (most washers I have seen just have screws and your off, this one has a faceplate that can only be removed when the front panel of the washer is partially removed) and as he predicted it was a perfectly sized 5p blocking the pipe..ah well you live and learn
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  22. Many thanks Bob, saved me a fortune. Spot on with diagnosis of short circuited D7. Replaced and wife very happy. Minimum of five purchased from Farnell's at under £10 including P&P. Consequently have four spares if anyone else requires replacement.
  23. Hi Circuital, Nice to hear your machine working now. With regards to the dryer cutting out after a couple of minutes I can only offer the advice which you will probably find all over the internet. That is to check your dryer filters are clear and the elements are also clear. If you get a build up off lint on the filters it reduces the airflow across the elements resulting in them over heating and the thermal trip activating. Some have 2 trips the first trip is automatically resettable on over heat the second you have to manually reset as that is the fail safe should the first 1 fail. iIf you h
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