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  2. Hi Guys, I got the same washing machine and exactly the same problem which is not even powering up. Bought diode online and fixed it. Really appreciate every one advises. We are saved and got a lot of washing to do. Thx a lot
  3. Hi. Washing machines with only one water valve should be connected to cold water only. They all have heating elements.
  4. Hi all, hope you can help. I've moved in with the Mrs and discovered that the washing machine is plugged into the hot tap. I've never heard of a machine where it's not supposed to be plugged into the cold, so I figured I'd check online to make sure, but I can't find any reviews or a user manual on the internet and the Swan helpline isn't open on weekends so I'm a little stuck. Could anyone confirm if it's got its own heating unit and I should switch it to the cold tap? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi there! I bought a new Hoover link one touch two weeks ago. Every now and then it will beep a couple of times and then the time remaining flashes. It stops spinning and 2 mins later the door unlocks. I can press the start button again and it will carry on washing No error codes and I've searched everywhere for beep codes but can't find any references to beeping online or in the manual. Thanks in advance.
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  7. Hi remove rear cover consisting of about 6 screws this opens most of the rear. The board is inside a black box on the right hand side near the bottom. You will have to jiggle it about to get it through the rear opening. If I remember it correctly I had to lower it down then thread under pipes and stuff also had to cut a couple of cable ties that held the loom to the chassis. Hope that helps. Regards Rob
  8. Hello there. If it can be deactivated it should be described in the instruction manual. If you don't have it for some reason you can usually download an instruction manual from the manufacturers website. Check my link here Appliance instruction manuals
  9. How do I turn off the auto dosing feature on my BEKO washing machine? Thanks.
  10. Hello. Error code F03 on most Hotpoint washing machines is related to the NTC. This article may help - Hotpoint error code-F03
  11. I have the error code f03 that is intermittent. I've changed the element but that hasn't cured it. It's strange that the machine often continues working for a while after the code apears (along with all the indicator lights flashing). Any suggestions welcome! thanks
  12. Hello there. I have an article on how to find an appliance model or serial number on a washing machine. There is even a section about built-in washing machines. The brand, model and serial number should be on the washing machine somewhere but on built-in washing machines it can sometimes be hidden. Have a good look at the article and see if you can find it.
  13. I'm trying to order a new door seal for a washing machine I inherited with a house i recently bought, but cannot find it's brand attached photo any ideas please https://imgur.com/Ow6qLek Thanks
  14. Hi and thanks for info. Particularly the repair cost. I did try drying out things but never got motor to run despite inlet valves and pump functioning okay. Decided fairly quickly that a repair was likely to cost upwards of £100 and bottled it and purchased a new albeit £300 Hotpoint as the Beko had been the second we'd had with drum drive issues and this one was just under two years old. I admit that perhaps if the little tube had stayed where intended the washer may have given faultless performance for many more years but I'll never know for sure but needed a quick resolution as holiday plans we set so didn't want to be waiting on engineers fitting this then ordering that and waiting for parts etc. as well as the inconvenience of time waiting for it to work. Felt awful paying someone to take away what was otherwise a good washer but there's no way I'm going down to the river to bash my clothes on rocks to get them clean. We needed a washer fast and that's probably cost twice the cost of a repair but that's life. Now I shall wait and see how our be Hotpoint serves us..... Just hope I'm not back on the site in under 5 years!!!!!
  15. Have you fully removed the brushes to make sure they are not charred or sticking and are making good contact with the commutator (shiny)? This article may be of use Problems after fitting carbon brushes Also check the motor plug and try putting a normal load of laundry in, just in case it doesn't bother spinning with no load inside.
  16. Neil this has happened to me. The repair man replaced the control board and everything was fine until we realised this hose had come loose. He managed to clean and dry everything around the electrics and it came on and worked okay. The only thing it doesn't seem to want to do is be cancelled in the middle of a wash. Might be worth a thorough dry out before replacing the board is all I'm saying, the board including investigation and fitting costs were £138
  17. The brushes needed changing on our bosch Waq243 which I done. it spun first couple of times after but now it try's to go into a full spin and then stops as if it's out of balance but it will do this over and over even if there is nothing in it, I've checked the brushes again and they are fine any suggestions?
  18. Happy my post is still helping people, but cannot stress enough don't do it if you are not confident and always remove the power by unplugging, as this test can and must be performed without power. Maybe this posting will eventually leak back to BEKO. To member "Beko", your name did confuse me slightly as I thought BEKO were thanking me (very unlikely). bob12241
  19. I had the juddering issue giving a 3E error code. To cut a long story short, it was finally fixed by replacing the primary PCB after 5-6 visits from British Gas. (they had practically replaced all components prior to resolving the issue!
  20. That’s interesting. Those that don’t know (!) have all suggested that I check voltage as well. I have a new element on order and when it’s fitted I will post if it all works alright.
  21. Thanks bob12241. Second time ours went since buying it over three years ago. Took BEKO three weeks to source replacement PCB and make the repair. This time it was out of warranty so I feared the worst but your fix had us back up and running the next day.
  22. The door seal should just clip over the door opening and then be held in place with a metal or plastic band.
  23. Hello there. In all of my 30 odd years as an engineer I never checked the voltage anywhere. We were always taught to diagnose faults by checking that voltage was present, but never the level of voltage as such. All are testing was done with the washing machine unplugged using a continuity test meter is to test that power was running through to specific parts and then what the resistance was through those parts.
  24. Hello there. You should just need to unscrew the filter enough so that you can pull it out. Unscrew to release it then pull it out. As possible but if you unscrew it too much you will unscrew the two halves of the filter. If the filter is broken use pliers to retrieve the other part as I suggested to the original post in my first reply. The part that is left inside is not likely to be screwed or fixed in, in any way it's just a push fit.
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