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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all! I'd be grateful for your help... A couple of weeks ago, I was using my Indesit WIXE127 (UK) (TEV) which I've had for perhaps 9 years from new without any issues. Just as the wash was finishing its final spin, it began making a loud, rapid knocking sound and what appeared to be smoke came from the machine! Believing the machine to be knackered, I waited for the smoke to clear and had a poke around. I started by unscrewing and removing the back; there was nothing obvious. Nothing appeared to have caught fire. What I did find however was the plastic part lying loose on the
  2. Model: indesit iwsd 61251 c eco(eu) Decided to change door seal for my indesit. Managed to remove old one, that was easy enough but now can't get on the new one on inside drum. All videos it looks very easy but when I try to then it keeps popping off before all sides are on, not to mention probably will be even bigger struggle to put on the band on inside. Anyways, wanted to remove front panel so I would get more access to drum and hopefully have it easier to put on door seal but I can't find a way to remove panels. It's almost like all of them are welded together.
  3. Whirlpool has issued a recall notice on some of its models of washing machines due to a potential safety concern. It affects certain models of Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines made between October 2014 and 2018 and it is feared more than 11,000 machines in UK & Ireland may be impacted. A flaw with the door-locking system may lead them to overheat and potentially catch fire. Whirpool launched an urgent recall of certain models of tumble dryers over fire safety fears in July of this year. If you think your washing machine might be affected, you can check by calling 0
  4. I have replaced what looked like a burnt out DOOR LOCK INTERLOCK SWITCH 1604781 and also the loom of wires to be sure as they were burnt out too. Still get the door lock light flashing like nothing has changed. Do I need to reset the whole thing and if so, how do I do this? Current issue is that it appears to not be recognising that the door is locked/door lock light flashes and beeps and won't start the cycle Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks
  5. Hello all. I'm struggling to repair my Indesit IWDD 6105 B ECO UK model washer dryer which displayed F13 error code last time it ran. Since first spotting the error, I have tried following all good advice available online. I've opened the top lid and undone the heating tunnel. Fan looks to be in bad shape. I suspected the NTC sensor first, but its resistance readings seem close to what others have seen (~20k ohms) and it is responding to rising temperature. When I tried rotating the fan (while still attached to its motor), it seemed to have quite a bit of friction - maybe it was
  6. Hello, I wonder if someone might be able to help. I have an Indesit IWD61450, not too sure how old it is but probably 4 years or so. This morning I put a wash on, the wash finished fine and I decided to put it on it's top spin and left it. Soon after my electrics tripped on the RCD, I eventually put two and two together and realised it was the washer. I tried a few times to get it to work but each time it tripped. So I was going to take out my clothes and dry them when I realised they were very very heavy, so I put in just a few and the machine completed it's spin. I a
  7. Hi, I Have an Indesit IWME 126 Machine that has decided to stop working. It appears to have 'frozen' in that the green light at 4H is lit up and the door lock lit up but doesnt do anything. If left for several hours I have came back and seen the door lock light flashing but nothing else. I checked the filter and appears clean enough. The other unusual thing is that when I switch off at the wall to release the door lock - I switched it back on and when i closed the door it spins very quickly for a couple seconds and then return to the frozen state. Is this an issue with the
  8. My problem is that I cannot open my washing machine door and I believe it is the lock which is at fault not the door's physical mechanism. I need help to override the lock or to know how to break off the interlock without damaging anything else. Key points Machine tripped electrics or electrics tripped causing an error message of all lights flashing. Machine was empty of water. The door lock light remained on, I tried every combination of cycle and the light always remained on. Leaving the machine off for hours does not reset it.
  9. I have an Indesit IWDC6105 inherited from the previous owner of my flat. When I set the cycle to go the 3h button lights up and the cycle does not start. It doesn't flash to indicate it's actually on timer delay. And none of the others buttons flash. I've unplugged and left for a few minutes to no avail. Hoping something obvious I'm missing??
  10. Hi on our Indesit IWDD7123 I came to use one of the wash cycles (no.3 but also happens with no.4) and the time taken display just shows 0:01 instead of an hour or so. Tried and machine just started and stopped a seconds later. Other programmes work normally. Any ideas? I have looked at the troubleshooting on this site but its not covered. Also I have unplugged and waited a couple of minutes for any capacitor charge etc. to go but it still happens.
  11. I've read the error codes article in the troubleshooting section, which I believe is the most relevant article to this problem, but I couldn't get the answer of the particular error I think I'm facing: Hello, I have an Indesit WIXL 143 S. The washer seems to be displaying a fault, the door lock LED is flashing as are the first two function buttons (reading from the left on the row of function buttons). If it helps the two function buttons are Delay Timer and Stain Removal (have attached an image here which shows them illuminated, they are flashing in reality just caught the
  12. I have a Indesit WIDXXL 146 washing machine, which used to work perfectly until last week. Now everytime I run it water leaks from the compartment were you put the powder in. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? Thank you very much in advance!
  13. Hi, I am just wondering how an end user gets to find out if there is any new firmware updates from the manufacturer to improve the operation of the Washing Machine or add new features or iron out bugs or new wash programmes or modify the already ones stored on the flash memory on the circuit control board. Say in my case I bought a Hotpoint WMUD843P washing Machine back in 2012 and it has the slot on the back where the smartcard would go in- how would I know what firmware my washing machine has and wether the manufacturer (Indesit) has bought out any firmware (if any) since I have bought my
  14. Hi, My Grans washing machine recently stopped working. It was in mid wash when we heard a bang & the machine stopped. The rubber seal looks to have come off & the machine wouldn't spin. It will spin by hand though. Does anyone know what could have caused this? Or how to have it working again? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, I have a two or three year old Indesit IWB 5123 which suddenly developed this fault. During one of the washings once it entered the spinning cycle the drum started to make a loud banging noise and it stayed like that since then. There is a lot of sideways movement to the point that the drum can hit something behind it. In this thread one user suggested that a bolt somewhere near the rear weight block may have loosened. Is this what you think it is? Here are couple of videos: * starting the spinning cycle * front to back movement Thanks!
  16. Hi all, I currently have an Indesit IWDC6125. Our standard wash cycle is currently going: Wash cycle (solid green) Rinse cycle (solid green) Spin cycle (solid green) Returns to wash cycle (flashing green) The wash stays on this cycle indefinitely until the machine is switched off. We currently put it on a manual spin cycle and the washing machine moves through this and ends normally. Why won't the machine do this when they move into the spin cycle in the standard wash? Appreciate any tips! Thanks, Kevin
  17. Hi, I wonder if someone could help diagnose the problem my machine has just developed. It won't spin. The LED1 is flashing green and continually while at the same time the LED 5 is flashing very fast (red light). The machine is making a noise but nothing is happening. Turning it off at the wall and turning it back on again has no effect. Be grateful for any insight as to what might be the problem. Thanks Bob
  18. I've had an Indesit IWC61455 for 2 years and there's a button I haven't tried yet, because I'm not quite clear about it. The instruction booklet says this 'Eco Time' function button will adjust a program/cycle to do a quicker wash (for lightly soiled cottons/synthetics). (So far, so good). It also says it's for a "reduced load". But by how much? (Trial-and-error doesn't appeal, especially with the long-distance travel needed from here to replace any clothes!). Not all the programs that the Eco Time function may be used with share the same maximum load. I can't find the answer anywhere
  19. here are some of the 'mods' I have done to our washing machine, (after wifes approval of course) Machine: Hotpoint WMUD843 Bought September 2012: http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x361/Andyr_45/DSC_0039.jpg Cut/Filed extra bit of plastic on door fascia where hinge is to allow porthole door to open back further http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x361/Andyr_45/DSC_0035.jpg Adjusted water level of washing machine. By cutting the top off the Water Level switch (very carefully with a hacksaw) and adjusting plastic screw (a couple of turns slowly clockwise) this will put more water int
  20. Got a WMUD843 Washer and the program that gets the most use daily is the 60'c Fast wash - however im peeved that I cannot select 90'c on this programme only 60'c/40'c/30'c for times when say I have some towels and want to give them a really good wash at high temperature at 90'c - other than that I can select 'cottons' @90'c but the programme lasts for hours, not knocking that much off if i press the 'time saver' button - i know you would need extra time to heat water in drum up to 90'c but Id settle with say 1hour 10 mins wash at 90'c - i think that would work and i just wish they gave you the
  21. Hi Everybody, I've had a look around the site for an answer to my problem but no such luck! I have an Indesit Indesit WIXXL(7kg) and for the last few months it has been running on wash cycles for hours. We can switch the machine on, any cycle any setting and more often than not the machne will still be running many hours later. The 4 lights that are pre-wash, wash, rinse and spin. It appears that the pre-wash light is extinguished and the 3 other lights remain illuminated. The water will enter start to enter the machne for a short time, stop and begin the wash cycle. There doesnt appear to
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