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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, hoping someone here can help with an issue I have. I brought a new Hisense washer dryer, it's 10kg/6kg. I'm having issues where the wash cycle will, more times than not, bang when it reaches the spin parts of the programme, the rinse / spin part. I've been having this issue since receiving the appliance and so far Currys (who installed it) checked and it is all level, good clearance etc. Have also spoken to Hisense who have ruled out bearings, and I initially thought it was the power cable/waste pipe vibrating against the back of the machine. However, after pulling the machine out, for the 50th time, I was getting the same sound and there was nothing vibrating against it. I've been experiencing this with various types of clothing, bedding and towels. The load has also been under the capacity for the programme. I've also tried redistributing the items when the noise appears, which in my opinion is ridiculous that I may have to mother the thing, but all of this still results in the noise. It doesn't always happen making me think it's the drum, for some reason, off balance at times. I've contacted Hisense again to see if they can send someone to investigate as it's mostly unusable due to the noise it makes. I've included a link to a OneDrive folder containing three videos of the machine pulled out making the noise. Any ideas or suggestions? It's a shame as the machine seems good everywhere else, just the spins causing issues. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao1egAu6EwijulL5AtC7hKT9YnAC?e=WUzJ3q Thanks for any help in advanced!
  2. I bought an Indesit washing machine brand new from AO last month. It was installed by them aswell. It spins violently and bangs around on the floor. I have since adjusted the feet and it sits level with no rocking but still shakes itself crazy. On an empty load, it spins quietly with no bother, it just cant tolerate clothes! The last machine was never an issue so it can't be the floor. AO are impossible to contact and their website says contact manufacturer if there is an issue. There are no transit bolts visible on the back and the drum does move side to side quite freely. What else can I do? I am tired of having to sit on the machine at 19 and 4 minutes to stop it killing itself !
  3. Hello, My washing machine makes a thudding noise when it's finished spinning. Please see attached video. This has happened twice, that I know of. The cycle appeared to have finished, the display says 'END'. The machine made this sound at irregular intervals of a few seconds. The drum does not move during the thudding. Looking at the light indicators, it does seem that the programme is complete by the time this noise starts. The washing appears to be washed, rinsed and spun dry. When I turn the machine off, on the programme dial, the noise stops and the door click releases. What's happening? Grateful for any suggestions. Beko Washing Machine- Small.mov
  4. My drum is moving excessively especially when it slows down after a fast spin. I have looked and I think it is most likely the shock absorbers. I am not sure how much play there should be with the shock absorbers, or whether it should be quite rigid. Would appreciate any comments. Thank you
  5. Hello, I have a two or three year old Indesit IWB 5123 which suddenly developed this fault. During one of the washings once it entered the spinning cycle the drum started to make a loud banging noise and it stayed like that since then. There is a lot of sideways movement to the point that the drum can hit something behind it. In this thread one user suggested that a bolt somewhere near the rear weight block may have loosened. Is this what you think it is? Here are couple of videos: * starting the spinning cycle * front to back movement Thanks!
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