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Found 4 results

  1. Hello and I hope you can help. This machine has worked well for a couple of years. WDR7543121 After a combined wash and dry cycle the clothes came out clean but soaking wet, really wet, you could wring water out of them. As the machine had been left for a few hours after the cycle finished before the door was opened I can't say anything about the temperature. We have run test cycles on the 30 min drying cycle. The clothes were just damp to touch when put in. If the cycle was interrupted at 15 minutes the clothes were drying, they were warm and no wetter than when put in. At the end of the cycle they were warm and soaking wet, water dripping when lifted and could be wrung out. I have checked the lint trap and it was cleared of minor debris. The machine seems to wash normally and spin normally.
  2. Hi there, My Beko Washer Dryer WDIR7543101 has started making a scratching noise when I turn the drum round by hand. The sound is coming from the top right hand side of the drum, nearest the control panel. I have checked the filter and inside drum as a matter of course. I've also taken off the seal from the front panel and peeked in the gap and can't see anything obvious- I can't see the outside of the drum though, only round the edges. I've seen some previous threads around checking the motor and belt- but I was wondering if anyone more versed in this than me might be able to suggest the best course of action based on my observations. I'm expecting it's most likely bearings (my other half overloaded it with sheets last week and it started migrating across the kitchen floor 😬) but would be delighted for the environment and my purse if it was something we could repair. Here is a quick video clip. It sounds more like a brushing/ scratching noise to my ears but the reverberance of the drum and crappy phone microphone accentuates (or perhaps makes clearer?) the clatteriness. Very grateful for any wisdom 🙏 Many thanks! 20230708_104517.mp4
  3. Hi all, hoping someone here can help with an issue I have. I brought a new Hisense washer dryer, it's 10kg/6kg. I'm having issues where the wash cycle will, more times than not, bang when it reaches the spin parts of the programme, the rinse / spin part. I've been having this issue since receiving the appliance and so far Currys (who installed it) checked and it is all level, good clearance etc. Have also spoken to Hisense who have ruled out bearings, and I initially thought it was the power cable/waste pipe vibrating against the back of the machine. However, after pulling the machine out, for the 50th time, I was getting the same sound and there was nothing vibrating against it. I've been experiencing this with various types of clothing, bedding and towels. The load has also been under the capacity for the programme. I've also tried redistributing the items when the noise appears, which in my opinion is ridiculous that I may have to mother the thing, but all of this still results in the noise. It doesn't always happen making me think it's the drum, for some reason, off balance at times. I've contacted Hisense again to see if they can send someone to investigate as it's mostly unusable due to the noise it makes. I've included a link to a OneDrive folder containing three videos of the machine pulled out making the noise. Any ideas or suggestions? It's a shame as the machine seems good everywhere else, just the spins causing issues. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao1egAu6EwijulL5AtC7hKT9YnAC?e=WUzJ3q Thanks for any help in advanced!
  4. Hi, I have had the engineers out several times on my 3 year old John Lewis (AEG). It is now fixed after replacing the drum and the motor and fixing a loose wire on the heater. However the front seal clip fell off today on the first load after the fix. It is not tight as the spring has been stretched. I have squeezed the spring so it is a bit tighter and probably won’t fall off again, but it’s not really serving any function. Is this a problem or should I just leave it? Also the arrows at the top of the seal don’t line up. The seal is about 1 cm to the right. Are either of these things something I should worry about. Many thanks, James
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