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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, My Beko Washer Dryer WDIR7543101 has started making a scratching noise when I turn the drum round by hand. The sound is coming from the top right hand side of the drum, nearest the control panel. I have checked the filter and inside drum as a matter of course. I've also taken off the seal from the front panel and peeked in the gap and can't see anything obvious- I can't see the outside of the drum though, only round the edges. I've seen some previous threads around checking the motor and belt- but I was wondering if anyone more versed in this than me might be able to suggest the best course of action based on my observations. I'm expecting it's most likely bearings (my other half overloaded it with sheets last week and it started migrating across the kitchen floor 😬) but would be delighted for the environment and my purse if it was something we could repair. Here is a quick video clip. It sounds more like a brushing/ scratching noise to my ears but the reverberance of the drum and crappy phone microphone accentuates (or perhaps makes clearer?) the clatteriness. Very grateful for any wisdom 🙏 Many thanks! 20230708_104517.mp4
  2. Hello Everyone, We replaced the suspension rods on the machine and the rumbling went down but the clicking and squeaking is still very loud (see video) on the spin cycle only. Do you guy have any idea what it can be? Model MCSTCW16W4 1.6 Cu. Ft. Thank you in advance! washer.mp4
  3. I have a 4 year old zanussi lindo 300 and it has started making an unusual noise. The noise is a ratting sound which happens at the very beginning of the cycle, before the drum even starts moving or water comes in. Once the water starts filling and drum starts moving the noise stops and everything continues normal. I am worried that if I don't address the cause of the rattling sound, more damage will occur. I've searched endlessly on Google but can't find anything specifically relating to noises before the drum starts moving. I have attached a short video where you can hear the noise quite clearly. Any ideas would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance. 20201205_130526_1_2.mp4
  4. I have a brand new WDD 030 washing machine. The only issue is that when the water drains, there is an unpleasant "knocking" or "gurgling" sound that seems to come from behind the dispenser drawer. The Miele agent stripped down the machine and has taken a video of the issue to discuss with Miele. Could this be a problem with the pump? If so, would a new pump be any better?
  5. Washing machine has started to make rattling noise on free spin. Can anyone suggest what the problem may be? How much a repair would cost?
  6. Hi. So iv got an Electrolux 148420w washing machine. Its been a solid worker but suddenly I had issues. Filled it with a small load of clothes but I notised an clank from time to time. It lessened on higer speed and centrifuge, but was worse at low speed. When the drum is empty I can spin it no problem and no sound. Checked the bearing behind, no leaks. One thing I tried was to move the drum sideways to see if the bearing was gone. But it was solid. BUT after i tried pushing it up,down, left, right suddenly it gave a little and the klank sound came... So if i slowly spin the drum and press down on the edge suddenly a klank(hollow as bent metal), and then I can spin the drum halfway, press down and same sound. So something is "wobly" 180 degrees apart over the drum. Any idea what this can be at all? And if its not worth fixing, can I run with it as long As I can endure the noise?
  7. Hi, My Aquacycle just gave up in the middle of a wash. It was making pretty horrible noises, then stopped and tripped the electrics. When I turn it on, it trips again. When I emptied its was obviously overloaded. Time for a new one? Mick
  8. Hi, We had a new Electra W1249CF2W washing machine in October, and over the past month or so, it has gradually developed a very loud vibration noise. The noise only occurs when the machine is running a fast spin. The feet are level and everything else seems normal. Could anyone tell me what this could be caused by? Thanks.
  9. My drum is moving excessively especially when it slows down after a fast spin. I have looked and I think it is most likely the shock absorbers. I am not sure how much play there should be with the shock absorbers, or whether it should be quite rigid. Would appreciate any comments. Thank you
  10. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed a degree of light on what a noise might be - I'm planning on calling someone out over the next few days but thought I'd check to see if it was something common with LG Washing Machine and if there is anything I can check. Many thanks for having a listen! The noise occurs mostly near the start of the cycle and towards the end, always when the drum is turning/washing. However, there are also times when the drum is turning but there is NO noise - both clockwise and anti-clockwise. There is no extra noise when the machine is on the spin cycle. The machine is a around 6 years old now. I've checked the common things, like the drain. I've had the back cover of the machine off and can't see anything obviously wrong. Have posted this video showing whats going on: https://youtu.be/hyI0iuSKSSw All feedback greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello there, Having called the repairers out twice already to be told the grinding noise coming from my LG (front loading Direct Drive F1247TD5 washing machine) was 'user-error' (erm ?!?!) I decided to take a look myself. A low pitch, very loud, intermittent grinding noise (please hear attached). The noise sounds only during wash and rinse cycles Some days (rare) there is no sound, others and the noise is constant. The machine is 3 years old & I live alone WHAT HAVE I ALREADY TRIED? Checked pump filter (no blockage), Checked rotating part inside the pump is still 'firm', no wobbling and snaps back when pushed. Both pumps clean/clear of debris. Removed the sump hose, checked all pipes for blockages, I wasn't able to find anything behind the drum, well anything that would have made its way down to the sump anyway. Checked the inner drum for evident obstructions in any holes Checked the inner drum for movement and there appears to be no play/movement up/down or side/side I bought the service manual online and put it through test programmes. I wasn't able to get the machine to recreate the noise within any of the tests though unfortunately WHAT I HAVENT YET TRIED I have not attempted to separate inner and outer drum as yet I tried to remove the rear machine bolt in an attempt to check the bearings. Videos show this to be relatively easy once you've got the bolt eased off, then it's easy turning. But the only way I could get the bolt to turn was by hitting the socket arm very very hard with a mallet. Not just once to loosen it up. But over and over again to make it move at all. I stopped after several 'whacks' as I was too worried about damaging it long term. And thus I haven't accessed the bearings yet. What I have done towards possible solution so far I have ordered 2 x new pumps, but am loathed to try them in case that is not the problem. - I can't really afford to waste £50 :-( Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you, and with very best wishes from, Miss TippyWhippet
  12. Our Hoover washer-dryer model 856DG-80 has a serious fault. It has been making a lot of noise, jumping across the room recently. I also noticed that the drum bangs when moved, and I could here some jangling sounds. So, I had a look underneath the machine, and found that the large concrete block has broken in two, plus the attachment to the drum has broken. The photo shows the concrete block, plus all the fixings which were rattling about in the machine (bolts, washers and some plastic). My question is this: is it a write-off, or is this worth paying the £116 to Hoover to come out and fix (and pay for more parts)? Given that the plastic which broke off appears to be off the drum, I am assuming the drum would need replacing, as well as the concrete block. Am I right? Any advice welcome. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, My 2.5 year old daughter shoved a small plastic spoon into the hole in the drawer where detergent flows down. It worked its way down the rubber pipe and is now rattling around in the drum. The machine seems to work OK but makes a heck of a noise on spin. I've checked some vids about how to get into the drum but clearly its a job for a pro. Is there anything I could do to get this object out easily without having to call an engineer? If not, is this relatively safe if I have to live with it? Many thanks for any help given, Marc
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