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Found 13 results

  1. I have a 4 year old zanussi lindo 300 and it has started making an unusual noise. The noise is a ratting sound which happens at the very beginning of the cycle, before the drum even starts moving or water comes in. Once the water starts filling and drum starts moving the noise stops and everything continues normal. I am worried that if I don't address the cause of the rattling sound, more damage will occur. I've searched endlessly on Google but can't find anything specifically relating to noises before the drum starts moving. I have attached a short video where you can hear the noise quite cle
  2. Hi we've just bought a brand new zanussi washer dryer Z716WT83BI from ao had previous zanussi washer dryer for over ten years nice and quiet reasonably reliable apart from pumps wearing out. This one however is driving us round the bend whenever we use the dryer the pump runs constantly. Is this normal? Heres a vid we uploaded to youtube. https://youtu.be/kgD7Hmcuquc Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  3. Hello community. I have a Zanussi ZWT71201 WA. It was making an unusual noise, so I removed the back shield and looked inside the machine. I found the drive belt was disconnected from the motor and was completely wrapped around the neck of the drum pulley. I replaced the belt, but it continues to slip off. There is no play on my drum pulley and the center bolt in it is tight. From the front, the drum has little independent movement when I lift it up. I would like to make a scientific diagnosis before I start buying and changing parts. Your advice and guidance is welcomed.
  4. I have a zanussi that isn’t draining fully. I tried to clean the filter but I cannot get it out. A cap comes off but do I need some sort of jig to get the filter out? Or what am I missing?
  5. Hi all, This is my first post. I have been experiencing some issues with my Zanussi washing machine. The drawer usually fails to clear but in the past cleaning the soap drawer jets with a toothbrush has usually worked. However, recently there is so much black mould within the plastic cast framework above the drawer that it is now impossible to clean the jets sufficiently and thus the soap drawer no longer clears down the fabric softener. Without going down the route of hauling the washing machine into the garden and using a pressure washer hose on the inside of it, I wo
  6. Hi, I have a Zanussi ZKG7125. I have 2 issues, one which is bearable but the second happened this morning which needs immediate attention. Firstly on a drying cycle the machine works for about 30-45 minutes before skipping the remaining any remaining time on the cycle and then shows 0 on the countdown. No obvious error codes are shown on the display, I have read elsewhere something about holding down the start button and turning the program dial counting the red and green flashes for further information? I think logically this could be either an overheating problem or a thermostat i
  7. I have a Zanussi WDT 1085 which is a combination washer-dryer. Yesterday I turned the knob to put on a 'dry' cycle but the knob came unaligned with the dial that shows the different cycles and turned on a wash instead. Now the washer-dryer is full of water. I want to put on a spin/drain cycle but I'm afraid to turn on the dryer by accident. So, two questions. First, will it break the machine if I turn the dryer cycle on while it's still full of water? Second, does anyone know how to realign the knob? I think it is only pulled to the left about an inch but I can't be sure. I have a
  8. Hi I hope someone can help me, I have a Zanussi ZWF1210 that's just turned ten & it's developed a metallic scraping/squeaking noise when the drum is turning in either direction, the drum can also be moved away from the door seal very easily & I think it might be worn bearings. The machine has had very heavy use over the last ten years & may have been overloaded at times. It's never had underwired bras in it & trouser pockets have always been checked for coins. Apart from this noise the machine has worked without fault for the last ten years & would be sad to part with it,
  9. Hi. Wondering if anyone knows what a washing machine error code means. Zanussi FX1265W. Error code is 3 flashes / beeps. The manual only lists 1, 2 and 4 flashes / beeps. I've Googled and searched here without any luck. I've done some basic tests / maintenance. i.e. The machine will run it's draining program without error. It will run it's spin program without error. I've drained the machine completely and cleaned the pump. I've checked that the water inlet is unblocked. I've checked that the waste is draining okay. If I try any wash program, then the machine will fill (as normal)
  10. We had a brand new zanussi delivered two days ago. I hooked it up without removing the transport bolts. It went into the spin cycle and began lurching. We turned it off, and now instead of starting the spin cycle, it just has a soft hum. The machine also stops randomly. We contacted the online store we bought it from and they are going to charge us for the visit and repair, so I'm going to try to fix this myself. Does anyone have any tips on what the problem might be or where I should focus my attention?
  11. Hi all, I have just bought a Zanussi WDJ1667W second hand (washer dryer). When I first tried it yesterday, the washing programs seemed to stop just before the last spinning part. The start button would blink and the machine would not resume. However, when I tried draining, spinning and drying separately, all were a success. I left the problem for the night but today, the machine will not do anything. It will make a repetitive noise at the beginning of the cycle, then stop as before. When I ask for the last error code, it gives me the error 33 which seems to be an error due to the pressure
  12. Hello all im having a problem with my zanussi 1217w i know its pretty old now but its a great machine. When it was spinning it was getting pretty noisy i think it was maybe the bearings going. Now when we start it it fills with water then skips to drain then nothing. If it is the bearings that have gone how do i find out and is this a correct thinking. Thank you for any help offered im about to open it up and have a look inside good luck to me lol. P.S Merry christmas all.
  13. Hi we need a new washer asap we've got it down to two, a Samsung Ecobubble WF1804WPU or a Zanussi Jetsystem ZWJ14591W we can't find any true independent reviews, and which? are old reviews that seem to dislike Zanussi, the ones they reviewed score low but aren't jet system the Samsung looks like a bush cd player, but it's supposed to be a good wash (so the user reviews on boots say) Samsung 5 year P & L guarantee Zanussi 1 year P & L guarantee What is it with washing machines and the internet, big shops seem to have hijacked the search engines, it's easier to find reviews on g
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