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Found 5 results

  1. Good day, I am having a strange issue with my Electrolux washing machine. It appears the brake arm motor is remaining energized when its not supposed to. Even after the cycle is finished, and the power to the machine is removed, it takes around 5 – 10 minutes before I hear the brake arm motor release the brake arm. I have checked the connections to the brake arm motor – all OK, and at the beginning of the wash cycle it behaves properly (engaging and releasing), but if the brake arm motor has been activated for a long time (i.e. During a spin and drain cycle) when the brake arm should be engaged (for deep rinsing using the agitator) it does not, so the agitator only spins in one direction (causing the clothes to wrap around the agitator). In case its not clear, I've attached a shot of the bottom of the machine (not my picture by the way) you can see the brake arm "drain" motor in the top right of the drum connected to the brake arm via a cable. Kind regards, W.
  2. Hi. So iv got an Electrolux 148420w washing machine. Its been a solid worker but suddenly I had issues. Filled it with a small load of clothes but I notised an clank from time to time. It lessened on higer speed and centrifuge, but was worse at low speed. When the drum is empty I can spin it no problem and no sound. Checked the bearing behind, no leaks. One thing I tried was to move the drum sideways to see if the bearing was gone. But it was solid. BUT after i tried pushing it up,down, left, right suddenly it gave a little and the klank sound came... So if i slowly spin the drum and press down on the edge suddenly a klank(hollow as bent metal), and then I can spin the drum halfway, press down and same sound. So something is "wobly" 180 degrees apart over the drum. Any idea what this can be at all? And if its not worth fixing, can I run with it as long As I can endure the noise?
  3. Hiya, Thanks for this forum, I'm new here so sorry if this ends up in the wrong place, though I'm definitely not asking for a repair. I bought a new machine on the 5th of January, and the drum seems warped right from the start, I first decided maybe it was a new design of rotation but I'm not so sure, so need to ask so I will know one way or the other. I made a short video to show what I mean. Electrolux Ews 31074 nu Thanks so much, Nikki
  4. Our good old Electrolux ecovalve 1087 switched off during its usual cycle today. Now I've got it back to starting a new cycle and it won't start. Just sits there. Delicates/cold/500/quickwash - timer lights up, 27 minutes as usual, starts counting down (it is at 25 now) but no sounds, no water coming in. Appears dead. So I suppose it is not operating the input valve solenoid, for a start. So with no water coming in it'll never go to the next stage will it? I'm thinking. So that could be the only problem - failed solenoid. Would that be right? Is it something I could fix?
  5. I'm in Australia with an Electrolux front loader - it's a 7kg 'Eco Valve', model EWF1087. I don't know if they're sold in England, hopefully they are or the same thing with a different name, perhaps. The trouble is the soap is not being efficiently taken out of the soap drawer. It takes some and merely wets the rest. After the wash there's a claggy lump of hardened soap powder in the drawer. I noticed today, for the first time, that fabric conditioner is not being taken in, either. Any help would be much appreciated. Electrolux are majorly unhelpful. The 'regret' they 'can't help'. Just how stupid do they think we are, I wonder.
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