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Found 6 results

  1. I wonder if anyone does (and if not why don't they in this day and age?) a washing machine that in the wash cycle will 'filter' the water during the wash cycle? - I mean when you come to think of it for 20minutes or so your washing is washing in dirty water all that time. I would imagine that all you need is a recirculating pump (which a lot of machines have these days anyway) and then take the dirty water away from the bottom of the drum and then through some kind of filter or filtration system to trap dirt and grit out of the water, and then through the recirculation pump and then pump the clean water (or be it clean water with detergent back in through the top of the drum , so the clothes are not washing in their own dirt . again , on the rinse cycle, instead of rinsing in dirty or soapy water, take it though a filter so the water that is extracted from the bottom of the machine is filtered then pumped back at the top of the machine filtered and clean , so it rinses in clean fresh water. Just a thought.
  2. Is there a pump filter on my Samsung washing machine? When clothes are done washing they have specks of dirt and debris on them. So I was wondering if the Samsung washers have some sort of filter. Thanks for any help.
  3. I have a zanussi that isn’t draining fully. I tried to clean the filter but I cannot get it out. A cap comes off but do I need some sort of jig to get the filter out? Or what am I missing?
  4. Hello, Recently my washing machine just decided to stop working. The cycle would seem to start, but then after a few moments it would stop. I checked the filter and it seemed to look and smell burnt. (see picture attached) The machine did not fill with water and the clothing could be removed after it was turned off for several moments. There has been no sign of errors or burning smell observed before this. Would you recommend that the faulty filter just needs to be replaced or is there a more significant problem and a major repair or new machine is required? The Machine is Whirlpool AWM 6145. Thank you for your assistance. Bea
  5. I can't see this answered in FAQs. I am trying to get the filter open on my Bosch Exxcel 8 / WAQ28461GB. I have checked various online resources but none of them seem to match our machine. With the front panel off I can use the mini hose to drain but I can't get the filter open. In videos that I have found, the filter cap twists anti-clockwise for a couple of turns before pulling out easily. On ours, there is a moulded plastic tab at the top of the panel that stops the cap doing a full turn - so it goes almost all the way around, releasing water but it does not let me pull the filter out. It turns quite stiffly and there is no point where it feels like it should pull out. I know these things can get jammed but I have not been able to release anything. Grateful for any advice - not least, should it pull out when it is at its furthest point in the anti-clockwise turn? So in the image, the black tab in the blue circle turns in the direction shown until it hits the white tab circled in red. thanks, Andy
  6. My front loader wasn't draining properly so I tried to remove the filter and clean it but the cap was jammed. So after turning it on its side and unclipping the pipe I removed what looks like a filter sock. It's about an inch wide, 6 inches long and made of something like polar fleece with a small opening only at one end. Can't find reference to anything like this anywhere so just trying to confirm if its something that has slipped in and got jammed or whether this is a microfilter from further up the pipe that has come loose and jammed the pump. The other end of the pipe is connected with a clip held in place by a large hex head screw that I don't have a bit for. Just wanted to check before I go out and buy one. Photo of the object is below:
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