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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Recently my washing machine just decided to stop working. The cycle would seem to start, but then after a few moments it would stop. I checked the filter and it seemed to look and smell burnt. (see picture attached) The machine did not fill with water and the clothing could be removed after it was turned off for several moments. There has been no sign of errors or burning smell observed before this. Would you recommend that the faulty filter just needs to be replaced or is there a more significant problem and a major repair or new machine is required? The Machine is Whirlpool AWM 6145. Thank you for your assistance. Bea
  2. Hello I have a strange problem that I don't understand and neither did my local washer repair guy. When a wash is on the washer fumigates the whole house with soapy salty toxic taste/ smell! I think we had sewer problem at the last house but I'm not sure if the dishwasher and the washer were the culprits. When I moved home recently I brought with me a house full of saturated belongings which have a hefty salt residue all over them it's been a nightmare as it causes a mist to hang in the air when it's disturbed! It's crazy and I don't know where all this salt has come from. As there was also a smell of sulphur sometimes and I connected this to the drains. Now in the new house my washer is giving off a terribly strong salty soapy stink and we are breathing it in! If you open the windows more comes in from the drains as it flushes down it's so potent! I really need my washer right now as most of my things need washing. I've never heard if this happening to anyone before it's nuts! And I'm turning into a nutjob myself trying to sort it out! I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff to minimise it. Also, behind the dishwasher at the old house it stank of the same potent soapy salty thing. However, when the neighbours had a bath or did a wash my house was infected with like a spray and a stink of bath salts etc. Is the something in the washer? It seems contaminated and gasses off when washing. It's not just a bit soapy either it fills the upstairs and leaves your mouth burning and soapy. I'm flummoxed. I've done hot washes with no soap and I use non bio. I have used cheap washing powder once or twice. It's a fairly new black beko under a year old Can anyone understand what has happened please I'd be very grateful.
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