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Found 2 results

  1. I haver a Hoover VTS 715D21X/1-80 washing machine. Wife rang me yesterday in work to tell me the washing machine has gone and there were soapy suds everywhere. I come home drained and took the top and back off. Put the machine back on and sure enough after 5 min soapy suds coming from under the machine to the back (I suspect this is more to do with the angle of the floor). I then switched it off, drained again and put it on its side and looked under neath. where you ahve a concreate weight at the top there is also one at the front just under the door. This was soaked and had water running down it. Am I correct in assuming this is most likely a door seal gone? My reasoning is that it is soapy water and the only thing above this (other than the door) is pipes for fresh water. Secondly occasionally we get a leak from the drain on the front and when I open it there is something in there, I remove and all is OK again. But it is getting worse, it takes less and less for it to act blocked and then leak, if I am taking the front off anyway to replace a door seal is there anything I can do to help the front drain? Thanks, Nathan
  2. Hello I have a strange problem that I don't understand and neither did my local washer repair guy. When a wash is on the washer fumigates the whole house with soapy salty toxic taste/ smell! I think we had sewer problem at the last house but I'm not sure if the dishwasher and the washer were the culprits. When I moved home recently I brought with me a house full of saturated belongings which have a hefty salt residue all over them it's been a nightmare as it causes a mist to hang in the air when it's disturbed! It's crazy and I don't know where all this salt has come from. As there was also a smell of sulphur sometimes and I connected this to the drains. Now in the new house my washer is giving off a terribly strong salty soapy stink and we are breathing it in! If you open the windows more comes in from the drains as it flushes down it's so potent! I really need my washer right now as most of my things need washing. I've never heard if this happening to anyone before it's nuts! And I'm turning into a nutjob myself trying to sort it out! I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff to minimise it. Also, behind the dishwasher at the old house it stank of the same potent soapy salty thing. However, when the neighbours had a bath or did a wash my house was infected with like a spray and a stink of bath salts etc. Is the something in the washer? It seems contaminated and gasses off when washing. It's not just a bit soapy either it fills the upstairs and leaves your mouth burning and soapy. I'm flummoxed. I've done hot washes with no soap and I use non bio. I have used cheap washing powder once or twice. It's a fairly new black beko under a year old Can anyone understand what has happened please I'd be very grateful.
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