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  1. I'm about to buy a new washing machine . initially I was thinking to buy a samsung washer dryer or just a samsung washing machine around £400 to £600 range but after some research I realized there has been lots of problem with their Drum Spider arm corrosion right after their warranty expires . Then I decided to go for german models which they are also expensive such as Bosch but i'm not sure how reliable and good they are nowadays compare to korean one such as samsung . I know Bosch is one of the top brands but are they still produce the good quality washing machine ? Also is there any other
  2. I am looking to replace the hinge on my Bosch Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect. The hinge seems readily available but I am unable to work our how to take the door apart. In the past doors used to have a series of screws for fixings and the door could be separated by removing these. However I notice that the door surround on this machine doesn't have any screws. Instead there are round plastic discs with a hole in the centre. Are these factory moulded / fitted permantly or can these be removed somehow? Or have am I over thinking it and I simply need to prise the door apart?
  3. Hello, It is my first post here, and I hope I will find some help about this matter. I have this washing machine Bosch WVG30461GB, which started acting up a while back. So I'd click on the start button, after having selected the program, the door would click once and then click again, the machine would beep twice, the lock icon won't come on and the machine won't start. It used to be intermittent, and in the instances where it didn't start, retrying a few times usually got it working again. About a week ago the issue became permanent, no matter how much I retry the issue pe
  4. Hi there I’m new to this forum and hope someone can help me, I have a Bosch classixx 7 vario perfect WAE24369GB/40 washing machine which has stopped completing its wash cycle no matter what cycle I select. It’s displaying a symbol on the screen which relates to too much foam so I think it just tries to continue until the foam clears even though there is no foam in the washer. I have rinsed it multiple times and used white vinegar in the wash plus softener even though there isn’t any sign of any foam, could it be that the foam sensor has malfunctioned? I can’t find any articles or parts f
  5. I have a bosch Vario Perfect waq284d0gb, it has been working perfectly for about four years but has now started tripping the mains RCD. It doesn't trip as soon as it is plugged in but when the programmer is moved it trips immediately. At first I thought it was the mains filter so i replaced that. It worked perfectly for two days but now it is back to tripping the mains RCD again. The wiring looks in really good condition, no signs of water ingress, leaks or corrosion. I have tried plugging it into a different socket (& RCD) but i still have the same issue. I am thinking that it could be th
  6. Hello I have looked at the common problems/troubleshooting section on this site, but the below problem appears to be a different one to those covered there. We have a Bosch washing machine which has worked well for several years. We normally use the same program, 40 degree wash which takes 1 hour 10 minutes. However, for a number of days, on this program it now: i) just washes for 1 hour 10 mins (no rinse/spin etc). The timer counts down to 0.01 ii) then continues to wash with the timer on 0.01 for about 30 minutes iii) the timer then goes to (approx) 45 minutes, and then continues to wa
  7. On all the programs except the 15 min quick wash or rinse/spin the Bosch Exxcel 8 washing machine gets stuck at the end of the wash cycle, the drum just slowly rotates in one direction and then the next continuously. Softener remains in the tray unused and the only way to complete the wash is to switch to one of the other mentioned cycles. Does someone know what might be wrong? edit: I've checked the pump filter and apart from a few collar stiffeners which i've cleared, there was no blockage.
  8. I have a Bosch Exxcel 7 washer that has started causing a water hammer on the final spin cycle. This started after I changed the brushes so may be because something got disturbed when the washer was lying on its front. Having a good investigate with the cover off, the solenoid on the water inlet valve is being operated in about 1sec pulses which is causing the water hammer, it's also leaving water in the conditioner part of the detergent drawer. So something is momentarily switching the inlet valve solenoids. Does anyone have an idea of where I should look next? Getting the Bosch e
  9. Hello all, My four year old bosch washing machine started acting weird just two days back. During the spin session it started spinning faster than usual while making weird noises. I could see smoke coming out as i opened the washing machine door. This all started two days after my mom washed a heavy blanket ignoring my advice. I called the support guys and they said the drum needs to be changed which is expensive. I just wanted make sure if its really the drum or some other minor problem since they didn't even come and check. Manually rotating the drum, i could hear a squeaky sound caused by s
  10. Our BOSCH Logixx 8 washing machine (WAS32461GB/01) has recently developed a fault where it just shuts off after a few mins into a cycle. We've tried it with an empty drum and it still does the same thing. I've opened it up and had a look at the PCB as suggestions online have said to look if there are faulty capacitors on the PCB but they all seem fine and of good quality (Nippon). I'm going to go test the NTC, and see if I can find the TOC. I haven't tried turning it back on straight away, because if it was the TOC it wouldn't allow me to do that, right? Because of the lack
  11. Can anyone out there assist me with some information on what the following warning lights indicate could be wrong with my washing machine? I have 3 'beeping' flashing warning light (no digital display) that have come on and my machine will now not do anything. The first light that is flashing signifies the 800 spin cycle and the other 2 signifies the 'spin' and 'end' cycles. All 3 are flashing and beeping. I've cleaned the bottom filter and checked to make sure none of the hoses are bent or kinked. I've also taken off the bottom panel to make sure there is no water in the bottom tray (it
  12. Hi, I have a Bosch Exxcel washer/dryer. It seems to wash alright but when I use the dryer code F17 comes up. When I turn it off and open the door the clothes are very hot and a pool of very hot water is in the rubber at the front. Does it sound like the inlet valve (which is what code F17 seems to be) I don't want to buy one if I can't be sure.
  13. Hi, I have a Bosch heat pump ECOLOGIXX 7 dryer. I have to run the cycle at least twice for the clothes to be dried and sometimes a 3rd time if they are still slightly damp. The water tank is emptied after each use, the blue filter on it to is rinsed. The filters are hoovered after each load too. Any advice appreciated. Model is a WTW86560GB
  14. I am just replacing the heating element in our Bosch Classics washing machine WVF2042GB02. However I had to snip off the red thermostat wire before removing the heating element (attached picture shows wire in situ before snipping). I'm now not sure how to re-attach except by soldering it. The flat post the wire is wrapped round seems redundant as it's not connected to anything. All other thermostats for Bosch appear to have two wires and a plastic connector. Anyone encountered this and solved the problem?
  15. My BOSCH WAS32460GB Washing machine buttons wont work when the door lock engages. Symptoms - You can pick a cycle when the door is open but the buttons stop respond. The machine starts as soon as the door is closed and all functions on the control panel stop working, no response at all and the display goes out..... you have to manually override the locking mechanism to open the machine, no error code have been displayed. Any advice as to what this may be?
  16. I have a Bosch Exxcel WVD24520GB which leaves the clothes Hot and Steamy wet at the end of the drying cycle. They are actually wetter than after the spin cycle. From what I've read the problem could either be the cold water inlet valve or a blocked condenser. I've checked the three solenoids with a dvm and get 5.3k for the condenser solenoid and 3.7k for the other two is this correct? If these are ok that leaves a possibly blocked condenser. How do you remove and clean the condenser. When going through the drying phase some water is being pumped out and down the drain hose. When the drying
  17. Hi. My friend's BOSCH MaXX washer will not drain. I've discovered that the pump impeller has become detached. Can this impeller be re-attached? And if so, how? Thanks.
  18. I have a Bosch Exxcel 1400 (WFO285SGB/01) that is currently not functioning. There is power getting to the machine and different times come up when I cycle through the different programs. I can choose to start a program but water does not fill the washing machine and there is no activity for the entire cycle, although the timer counts down. the machine makes an occasional clicking sound like it is going to start but then decides better of it. At the end of the cycle the spin light flashes which, according to the instruction manual, indicates a problem in the pump circuit. I have tried a number
  19. Hi, I need a new machine as my 23 year old Zanussi washer-drier has just given up the ghost.. I'm trying to find a current model that may have a decent service life; looking through many articles it appears all the cheaper makes now use sealed tubs and only some ranges of such makes as Bosch may still have serviceable bearings. I have looked everywhere I can think of for info and tried to research spare parts, but I cannot find anyone listing either bearings or tub units for the WVG30461GB - most sites don't list any models starting WVG3. Does anyone know if t
  20. My Bosch Classixx washing machine (WAE24164GB) developed a leak. On inspection I found that the sump hose had a small hole in it so I replaced it. After a trial wash it was fine but then started leaking again after that. Similar hole had been worn in the new sump hose in the same place. So I can only assume that it's rubbing on something but the hose seems in decent clearance - the nearest thing is a tie wrap on the drum?!?!? Anyone else experienced this type of problem. I don't want to replace the sump hose again until I get to the bottom of things properly. Any help
  21. Have searched FAQs and topics, but found no reference to this problem. Old seal distinctly worn. Slight grey rubber deposits on drum rim If seal removed, drum rotates smoothly. No bearing noise. No distortion of drum opening. Drum lies centrally in tank opening. New seal fitted, then drum dificult to rotate because of friction with seal. Drum seems to be forward of the correct position. Drum edge aligns precisely with edge of tank opening. Any guidance welcome.
  22. Yesterday my Bosch WAE24167GB washing machine turned off during the 2hr long 30 degree wash cycle. It is 5 months old and hasn't had any problems before. After about 30 minutes the washing machine just died, no error lights or anything. So I manually drained the wretched machine, switched the door override catch and emptied the drum. In order to get it to turn back on it needs to be turned off at the mains and then turned back on. I have checked the filter and the hose isn't kinked. To test things, I ran the same cycle again but empty. It completed the 2hr long process just fine... Feelin
  23. I can't see this answered in FAQs. I am trying to get the filter open on my Bosch Exxcel 8 / WAQ28461GB. I have checked various online resources but none of them seem to match our machine. With the front panel off I can use the mini hose to drain but I can't get the filter open. In videos that I have found, the filter cap twists anti-clockwise for a couple of turns before pulling out easily. On ours, there is a moulded plastic tab at the top of the panel that stops the cap doing a full turn - so it goes almost all the way around, releasing water but it does not let me pull the filter out
  24. HI I have a bosch avantixx approx 5 years old and it keeps stopping during the cycle flashing up the F17 Error It first stops about 10 minutes into the cycle with the F17, it seems to keep draining long after the water has gone The F17 Error flashes up at least 2 more times throughout the cycle so I have to press the start button to continue, this happens about 3 times and then it finishes, I have checked that following: Hose is not kinked Filter has been washed Filter on the inlet is clear Blew down the pipe from the pressure switch, that's clear
  25. After 9 years my Indesit washing machine is close to death (though the dryer bit died about 6 years ago) and I need to replace it. This had a 5kg drum which I found a bit small. I have decided to go with a freestanding model as the integrated ones are so expensive and to just get a washing machine as I haven't missed the dryer (nor the excessive electric bills) at all. I've read so many reviews my head is spinning at 1600rpm! I think I've got it down to a few models now, but am unsure which to go for. Miele WDA101 7kg drum - cheapest price I can find is £539, is it worth this type of money
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