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Found 6 results

  1. I have an older Zanussi ZWF 5140P washing machine that makes a pretty curious sound while draining, the sound stops when the draining is finished. I have a video attached, sound starts 15 seconds in. Should I look into getting the pump replaced, or is it fine? Otherwise the machine runs fine, and washing programs do finish. ZANUSSI.mp4
  2. I've just finished a new washing machine help article on Whitegoodshelp. I recently had to repair my son's washing machine. It was making a strange tapping, rattling sound when the drum revolved. It was much louder on the spin cycle. At first I was puzzled and was unsure what the noise could be. When I pulled out the washing machine and took off the back panel I could see that the drum pulley was loose. It was still securely fastened with the pulley bolt, but the centre of the pulley had badly worn. Full story with videos and sound can be found here rattling tapping and grinding noise on spin
  3. Hi we've just bought a brand new zanussi washer dryer Z716WT83BI from ao had previous zanussi washer dryer for over ten years nice and quiet reasonably reliable apart from pumps wearing out. This one however is driving us round the bend whenever we use the dryer the pump runs constantly. Is this normal? Heres a vid we uploaded to youtube. https://youtu.be/kgD7Hmcuquc Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  4. Hello, I have a two or three year old Indesit IWB 5123 which suddenly developed this fault. During one of the washings once it entered the spinning cycle the drum started to make a loud banging noise and it stayed like that since then. There is a lot of sideways movement to the point that the drum can hit something behind it. In this thread one user suggested that a bolt somewhere near the rear weight block may have loosened. Is this what you think it is? Here are couple of videos: * starting the spinning cycle * front to back movement Thanks!
  5. Hi I hope someone can help me, I have a Zanussi ZWF1210 that's just turned ten & it's developed a metallic scraping/squeaking noise when the drum is turning in either direction, the drum can also be moved away from the door seal very easily & I think it might be worn bearings. The machine has had very heavy use over the last ten years & may have been overloaded at times. It's never had underwired bras in it & trouser pockets have always been checked for coins. Apart from this noise the machine has worked without fault for the last ten years & would be sad to part with it, if it's the bearings is it an easy fix & would I be better off buying a new machine? I'd be grateful of any help & advice.
  6. Hi there, My washing machine has a rattling/piercing noise when on very fast spins only. Normal spins with clothes are fine and there is no rattling when just turning the drum with nothing in (so I don't think its bearings?). It sounds like there is a metal object below the drum? It is a large metallic sound. Is here a way to easily check that. And also how would it have got there? Through the plastic seal near the door (it doesn't lookk big enough for a coin). I have tried moving the drum vertically and it moves less than a centimetre up and down (though obviously a fair amount backwards and forwards) Any help greatly appreciated. I've previously had to refit the seal due to overfilling, and it's probably pushing 15years now so wouldn't be adverse to getting a new one, but if it is an object that I or an engineer can get out I'm happy to persevere. EddieRooo
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