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Found 4 results

  1. I bought an Indesit washing machine brand new from AO last month. It was installed by them aswell. It spins violently and bangs around on the floor. I have since adjusted the feet and it sits level with no rocking but still shakes itself crazy. On an empty load, it spins quietly with no bother, it just cant tolerate clothes! The last machine was never an issue so it can't be the floor. AO are impossible to contact and their website says contact manufacturer if there is an issue. There are no transit bolts visible on the back and the drum does move side to side quite freely. What else can I do? I am tired of having to sit on the machine at 19 and 4 minutes to stop it killing itself !
  2. Hi washerhelp, I hope you can help! Our AEG Washer/Dryer is make a very loud banging noise (Sounds to me like you can hear something bouncing around in the mechanics of it) I've looked through the pinned guides in this forum and they state that it could be bearings however it says that you'd be able to replicate the sound by spinning the drum manually with your hand, i've tried and the sound only appears at the fastest spin in the cycle. I've uploaded a quick video of it to Youtube, i'd really appreciate if one of you lovely people could tell me your thoughts on what has gone wrong? https://youtu.be/7QpZLY12cVg If i've misunderstood the purpose of this forum I apologise! Cheers!!
  3. I've just finished a new washing machine help article on Whitegoodshelp. I recently had to repair my son's washing machine. It was making a strange tapping, rattling sound when the drum revolved. It was much louder on the spin cycle. At first I was puzzled and was unsure what the noise could be. When I pulled out the washing machine and took off the back panel I could see that the drum pulley was loose. It was still securely fastened with the pulley bolt, but the centre of the pulley had badly worn. Full story with videos and sound can be found here rattling tapping and grinding noise on spin
  4. Here is a link to another washer that makes the same sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auE2a8ixk-A I have a noisy Whirlpool wtw8800yc0 mainly noisy on Spin, very noisy (like an airplane taking off) Checked underneeth no grease spots or water leak. Did change the Tub hub assembly (Do I have to put any grease under any of these parts?) If I turn the tub by hand I can hear somekind of light grinding ? Also noticed that when i rotate the basket there is like a brake that slows it down. Ran the diagnostic self test and all good. Works perfectly beside the loud noise on spin, this wahser is just about 2 years old. Any idea How to differenciate a problem with the transmission, the coupler, and tub bering ? Thanks Last night took it apart and pulled the basket out to see if anything was stuck or blocking but all clear. Denis Denis
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