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Found 12 results

  1. I have two AEG Lavamt 981 washing machines which are still running. One is in neeed of a drum bearing change but I am struggling to obtain a replacement seal. I have tried Ransome Spares & a couple of other companies without luck. They claim not to have the necessary machine data, plate below. The twin lip seal is for a 35mm dia shaft & fits into a 78mm bore in the spider. There is an outer lip of 87mm diameter which contacts the steel outer drum. The original is Corteco 45-78/86-10.5/15 BAESLSFX7 It seems a shame not to repair this machine for the sake of an oil seal. These machines are so well made, they still work & look great after 30+ years. Please can anyone suggest a supplier or an alternative seal that would fit? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi washerhelp, I hope you can help! Our AEG Washer/Dryer is make a very loud banging noise (Sounds to me like you can hear something bouncing around in the mechanics of it) I've looked through the pinned guides in this forum and they state that it could be bearings however it says that you'd be able to replicate the sound by spinning the drum manually with your hand, i've tried and the sound only appears at the fastest spin in the cycle. I've uploaded a quick video of it to Youtube, i'd really appreciate if one of you lovely people could tell me your thoughts on what has gone wrong? https://youtu.be/7QpZLY12cVg If i've misunderstood the purpose of this forum I apologise! Cheers!!
  3. We have an AEG L7WEG851R washer/dryer that was delivered 6th August 2017. In the last week, the machine has become extremely noisy when spinning, and the drum feels very rough when turning by hand. We called AEG and a repairer came out this afternoon. One feel of the drum and he said it's the bearing that will need replacing - a two hour job that they will do under warranty. We're now waiting for them to order the part and book in a day to come and replace it. My concern is, why on earth has the bearing gone on this machine after little over a year? We forked out extra for an AEG, hoping that it would serve us for a bit longer than our previous budget Hotpoint that lasted about six years. If the lifetime of the bearing is only 15 months, it will become a very expensive and useless appliance when it fails again after the warranty has expired. I guess my questions are: Is this normal? Do we have to accept the repair or do we have other options? If we complain to AEG might they agree to extend the warranty free of charge? I would appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have had the engineers out several times on my 3 year old John Lewis (AEG). It is now fixed after replacing the drum and the motor and fixing a loose wire on the heater. However the front seal clip fell off today on the first load after the fix. It is not tight as the spring has been stretched. I have squeezed the spring so it is a bit tighter and probably won’t fall off again, but it’s not really serving any function. Is this a problem or should I just leave it? Also the arrows at the top of the seal don’t line up. The seal is about 1 cm to the right. Are either of these things something I should worry about. Many thanks, James
  5. Has anyone had the same problem with the AEG Lavomat model 70530 OKO update model, where it always leaks towards the end of each wash? Trying to isolate exactly where the leak is coming from? any suggestions much appreciated
  6. I'm happy to have just found this forum as my AEG-74600 started to emit this rattling sort of sound when pumping the water out. After a while it stopped and a "C2" message showed up in the LED display. Apparently this indicates a fault with the pump: So I did an emergency draining by with the emergency emptying hose followed by unscrewing the drain pump cover. I discovered that the green "propeller" or "fan" if you like was completely loose, and my first thought is that this is the cause of my problems. I assume its job is to "push" the water through that area and out, and being loose it probably won't pump the water out properly. Anyway, I guessed it was broken off, but upon closer inspection it appears just to have loosened but I can't seem to just screw it in place (the pump just spindle just moves if I try). Is there a special way to do this?
  7. The drain pump stopped working, so I ordered a new one and replaced it. That was the easy part. Now the machine won't start. The Start/Pause-button keeps blinking. I thought the machine maybe could be stuck in the previous programme (before I changed the pump), so I googled for a way to reset it. On this page How to cancel the error code on an AEG washing machine I found a way to do it (even though I have no error code), but it had no effect. Somewhere else I found a tip about pressing all four buttons to the left and turn the programme knob to 95 degrees - I tried it and the display turned into some diagnose mode where all LED lamps blinked one at time through a cycle... I'm kinda stuck right now - I was so delighted that the pump replacement went so easily, now I've spent far more time googling for the silly electronics problem. Any help out here?
  8. My trusty Siemens washing machine has given up the ghost after 9 1/2 years service. I am looking at getting a new machine. I want a long warranty, of at least 5 years but I am 9 years behind the times as far as washing machine technology is concerned so it's all a bit confusing. I have seen Aeg machines that offer a 5 year warranty but my new build house is equipped with Aeg fridge, freezer and dishwasher and to be honest I am no impressed with the quality. All the drawers in the freezer have broken as has the door tray in the fridge and the dishwasher lower basket is for ever coming off its rails and the door seal comes off. I was wondering if anyone knows how well their washing machines last? I am tempted by Siemens again as I have been very happy with mine until it just completely gave up the ghost on my return from holiday. My old machine served a large family with 3 children but now I only have one left at home and she will be leaving for uni next year so size is not as important as it used to be. The Aeg has steam - is this really useful or just a gimmick? We are not a family who wears clothes for one day and then washes them ( apart from underwear obviously) but if I didn't have a wool wash or hand wash programme then certain items of clothing would live in the bottom of the washing basket! Any help or tips anyone?
  9. Hi, I washed a new pair of swim shorts that had a lace in the waistband and now the lace has got caught in the hole of the drum. I have an aeg lavamat l74800. Is there a way of getting it out without damage to the lace and the machine? Thanks for any help given. Rosie
  10. Hi guys Simple question from a complete novice at these things. My washing machine inlet hose is leaking at the tap. It's not a standard hose, it's It's got a waterstop on the end to make it compatible with the AEG anti flood feature. The washer dryer is an AEG L14850 I had a plumber in and he changed the tap which was very old anyway. The washer inside the valve is fitted with some sort of filter and he didn't think it was standard. Anyway, a few hours later and Now it's leaking again, though not anywhere near as much. So I guess I'm looking for a new inlet hose. When looking on the AEG site there are two extremely similar looking devices, the only difference appears to be the colour plus the price. The one that I have already is listed at £43 and the similar looking one is £23. Same as what I have now - http://shop.aeg.co.uk/product/3792785028/Washing+Machine+Inlet+Hose+Assembly Similar one - http://shop.aeg.co.uk/product/50284341000/SAFETY+SYSTEM+1.5m+Inlet+Hose Your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Paul
  11. Hi everyone, I have an AEG LAVAMAT 88730-W update washing machine, PNC: 914 002 098 01. It stopped working last week and I called our local appliance repair man to have a look at the unit. He advised me that he has been unsuccessful in sourcing the spare part required for the blown anti-interference suppressor/filter. I contacted the AEG UK parts department and with the PNC and serial numbers they confirmed that the part has been discontinued. The discontinued part number is 8996453283930 which I can’t find in stock anywhere online. Can anyone please advise if I can purchase an alternative suppressor/filter to fit in its place? I was advised on the phone that this was a 2001 model, I can’t believe we have had it that long but I guess it’s quite old, but this is its first fault. Surely it is worth repairing? Many thanks, Stuart.
  12. I ve got an error c9 on my aeg machine. The repairer came, here is what you can try to reset the electronic of the washing machine: press at the same time the two first buttons ( pre washing and soaking) And turn the button one time to the left (delicate spin drying). Wait few seconds, everything should be reset now. Good luck!
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