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  1. Thanks for your very useful reply, Andy. The engineers are changing the bearings today. I am also composing an email to AEG regarding extending the guarantee. I'll report back on here when I get a response from them!
  2. We have an AEG L7WEG851R washer/dryer that was delivered 6th August 2017. In the last week, the machine has become extremely noisy when spinning, and the drum feels very rough when turning by hand. We called AEG and a repairer came out this afternoon. One feel of the drum and he said it's the bearing that will need replacing - a two hour job that they will do under warranty. We're now waiting for them to order the part and book in a day to come and replace it. My concern is, why on earth has the bearing gone on this machine after little over a year? We forked out extra for an AEG, hoping that it would serve us for a bit longer than our previous budget Hotpoint that lasted about six years. If the lifetime of the bearing is only 15 months, it will become a very expensive and useless appliance when it fails again after the warranty has expired. I guess my questions are: Is this normal? Do we have to accept the repair or do we have other options? If we complain to AEG might they agree to extend the warranty free of charge? I would appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. Thanks!
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