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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, my washing machine started making a loud noise while spinning this morning, in fact it wouldn't spin until it only had a half load. I've taken it out and disconnected the belt. It makes a scraping noise when you just turn the drum slowly. Is this bearings or possibly something else. I can't see anything obviously broken. Thanks. 20231018_112248.mp4
  2. My washer drier flashes light when I turn the knob to choose a program but it doesn't go anywhere beyond that. Usually this is the light screen that shows up (see attachment) before changing to the program setup but now it is just stuck here. I tried unplugging it for a couple of hours and it still does the same. This is the model: SIEMENS WM16S792NL WAS/DROOG
  3. Hi Team, Hopefully posted in the right forum and first post for now! I have a Siemens washing machine WM14S794GB / 08 and it continues to run with 1 minute to go on the display. I have cleaned all pipes, pump filters, etc and cannot find any blockages. If I run the machine on a quick 15minute (30 degrees) programme, irrespective of spin speed then the cycle completed without any issues at all. The problem only occurs if I choose a programme other than the quick 15 minute programme... I have checked the forum and have read posts on heater elements, pressure switches but cannot understand how these could be faulty if the 15 minute cycle completes? Not sure if I an applying the right logic to this but would appreciate any support or guidance as machine came out of extended warranty 5 months ago! Thanks in advance.
  4. The dryer leaves clothes steaming. Looking at the forum I saw it may be the inlet valve. I checked and the solenoid to the condenser has no reading whilst the other 2 where around 30 ohms. I checked online for a spare triple inlet valve but the parts conpanies say it is obsolete. Can you replace lust the solenoid or buy an alternative make? The machine is Siemens WI54430GB/02 Thanks for any help.
  5. My trusty Siemens washing machine has given up the ghost after 9 1/2 years service. I am looking at getting a new machine. I want a long warranty, of at least 5 years but I am 9 years behind the times as far as washing machine technology is concerned so it's all a bit confusing. I have seen Aeg machines that offer a 5 year warranty but my new build house is equipped with Aeg fridge, freezer and dishwasher and to be honest I am no impressed with the quality. All the drawers in the freezer have broken as has the door tray in the fridge and the dishwasher lower basket is for ever coming off its rails and the door seal comes off. I was wondering if anyone knows how well their washing machines last? I am tempted by Siemens again as I have been very happy with mine until it just completely gave up the ghost on my return from holiday. My old machine served a large family with 3 children but now I only have one left at home and she will be leaving for uni next year so size is not as important as it used to be. The Aeg has steam - is this really useful or just a gimmick? We are not a family who wears clothes for one day and then washes them ( apart from underwear obviously) but if I didn't have a wool wash or hand wash programme then certain items of clothing would live in the bottom of the washing basket! Any help or tips anyone?
  6. hi guys, this is my first post on this forum although i am drifting over from the electrical forum. i have a siemens WM12E44SGB, this morning it had an error code of F16 (flashing) although it has now changed to F63 (flashing) if someone can point me in the right direction i would be much appreciated cheers michael
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