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Found 12 results

  1. a few years back in Currys I saw a beautiful (can I describe a washing machine as beautiful?) samsung Eco Bubble washing machine model number WW10H9600EW at a whopping €1,979.99 (a steal lol) here were the features among many: 10kg load, Colour Touch-screen tablet like control panel on the front fascia Built in Wi-Fi - told you when your washing had finished by texting your mobile and could start washing whilst out using mobile phone Auto dosing - just fill up the liquid detergent and fabric softener and it calculated how much to use on each was automatically Drum light 1600rpm, A+++ , 15min quick wash I mean this washing machine was the dogs ****** it really was - no other washing machine out there like it. But you try buying it now, cannot get it for love nor money. Discontinued from Samsung , and cannot even seem to get on the used market . its like hens teeth! Why, I wonder did Samsung choose to discontinue it and just not persevere and carry on selling it or bring out an updated model with all the same features?. Maybe it wasnt a best seller and they ditched it? - what do you reckon? https://youtu.be/sb3-EAo7JfU
  2. My washing machine is just over 30 months old and developed fault 3e. Samsung refuse to honour the warranty, saying I had not registered the extended 5 years, which I have done. The machine sticks and the drum shudders; If put on pause it will wash after 2-3 hours of consistently pausing it. Does anyone know what this fault is? Could it be the motor? Thanks
  3. I have a Samsung EcoBubble 9kg. The wash cycle is fine but when it gets to the dryer stage and error message comes.up saying "FC" and starts beeping. Any suggestions?
  4. I am at wits end here folks. I don't know what to do about this washer i had to replace the back support spindle and finally got that done put the drum back together and the heating element was touching the drum reset that to where it ran through its little bracket and still the machine through the t3 code. I then replaced the thurmistor and still it throws the t3 code after waiting about 20 seconds. I don't know what else to do as all the code references from google searches say to replace the thermistor. I did and i know that bad parts come through but i would hope for $40 it wouldn't had been a bad part! PLEASE HELP ME i don't know what else to do! I can give you the model # if it helps also it is an american vs. of the machine!
  5. Hi There, Yesterday evening our Samsung washing machine (WF70F5E0N4W) was finishing it's cycle when there was quite a large bang and the drum stopped spinning. Having had a look through the troubleshooting pages here, I took the back off the machine and found the belt had clearly come off but was intact. Having refitted the belt I tried a quick wash with a small load and found that, once in the spin cycle, the drum was severely shaking. On further investigation, I found that this time the belt was still intact but I did notice that there was considerable black dust/debris in the housing. There was also a large bolt and washer loose in the bottom of the machine which turned out to be one of a pair that fixes the motor to the drum (see pictures). It appears that the motor has started to part company with the drum... As some of the plastic housing is still attached to the bolt I have a sneaking suspicion this might be quite a considerable fault to fix. We've only recently inherited the machine from the previous owners of the house for free so I'm now debating whether to call someone to attempt a repair or just bite the bullet and buy a new one. I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts on what the best course of action is? Many Thanks, Matt
  6. Hi My washing machine is Samsung model b1282 The engine starts to work before I set the device program. In fact, there is a problem with error E3, but it does not show error on the device. I want to know what is the problem with the engine's board on the washing machine, which part of it is on the board has problem. Thanks
  7. After some repairwork on my Samsung WF 70F5E0Z4W I have a problem that from what I could tell isn't covered by the washing machine help guide or by searching through the forum. I am having trouble reattaching the gasket to the washing machine because: 1 The outer part of the gasket is glued to the front panel. 2 The area between where the gasket should go and the cement-block weights is about 2 cm. This combines to make is very hard to attach the gasket and to check the seal. Using a pair of clamps to work my way from the bottom to the top by clamping, moving and camping Again seemed to work but water started to leak pretty fast during a short test run of the washing machine. Do you fine folk have any advice, tip or suggestions for tools that might help me get the gasket in its proper place? P.S: I can't take any photos of the washing machine right now but I'll try to get some posted this evening. Edit: Forgot to add the full code of the machine, WF 70F5E0Z4W.
  8. The attached photo shows an object in the drum of our samsung wf80f5e5u4w ecobubble. My thoughts are its a foreign object that it stuck. I have tried to pull it out with long nose pliers but did not succeed. Before l start taking the drum out and apart would you agree its a foreign object or could it be part of the drum that has come loose a slipped in?
  9. I have a ecobubble washing machine. It gives me following sign which I can not understand and it does not turn off automatically as it was used to be. Instead it keep blinking the symbol. I went through the Italian manual (through pictures) I did not find any similar symbol. Please let me what this means and what should I do to stop this symbol.
  10. Samsung SW65V5 suddenly stopped working. No change in supply water pressure. Checked filters and cleaned them. No clogs. When I start a program, the washing machine does nothing, doesn't make any filling noises or any noise at all.It doesn't show any error code initially, then after about 10 minutes displays code 4E.
  11. Hi All, I just got a new washing machine and I am finding it hard to know if its HE or not. The details are below: Brand: Samsung Model No.: WA90G9DEP/XSG Type: Top Loader Manual URL: http://www.samsung.com/africa_en/support/model/WA90G9DEP/XSG Your urgent response will be highly appreciated. Regards, Ayoola.
  12. Hi,[/size] I have just replaced the drain pump on my washing machine and I'm suddenly unsure if what I've done is completely safe. I have a Samsung washing machine, model WF7602NAW/XEE, ser no.: X8985ARQ500554D. I've used a new pump - model M224 XP, it's 40 watts and the old pump, model M-47 is 30 watts. Have I used the wrong part? Does the difference in wattage cause a problem? The website I bought the part on said it fit for model WF7602, and I have a WF7602NAW/XEE what do the letters at the end of the model number mean in this case? The old cover for the original pump also doesn't fit the new one, so I put in the new pump without anything covering it. Does this create a fire risk in the event any dust settles on top of it? I've already done one wash cycle without any problems, but I wanted to be sure that this was safe. I really appreciate any advice I can get! Thanks, Alice
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