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Found 7 results

  1. Hi folks, I have an Electrolux EWF10843 in front of me with an intermittent, non-opening door lock. Have checked the following; Pressure switch and tube Door lock Inlet solenoids All pass with flying colours so suspecting the relay on the main board. However, I cannot find a service manual for this model ( have seen 1 UK video for changing the lock so I have assumed this model is available in the UK) so cannot identify which relay I need to attack. Anyone know which or a test to find it. I've elected not to remove the board until I have the info.
  2. I have replaced what looked like a burnt out DOOR LOCK INTERLOCK SWITCH 1604781 and also the loom of wires to be sure as they were burnt out too. Still get the door lock light flashing like nothing has changed. Do I need to reset the whole thing and if so, how do I do this? Current issue is that it appears to not be recognising that the door is locked/door lock light flashes and beeps and won't start the cycle Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks
  3. At the end of any cycle, even several minutes after the End display comes on, the door will not open (door open light does not come on). To open it I have to switch off then on again. I have just realised that probably I had the Easy Care button selected, which stops it opening until cancelled! I didn't know what this button/light meant until I looked it up.
  4. My problem is that I cannot open my washing machine door and I believe it is the lock which is at fault not the door's physical mechanism. I need help to override the lock or to know how to break off the interlock without damaging anything else. Key points Machine tripped electrics or electrics tripped causing an error message of all lights flashing. Machine was empty of water. The door lock light remained on, I tried every combination of cycle and the light always remained on. Leaving the machine off for hours does not reset it. I have cleared the drain. I have removed the control board and no visible capacitors blown. I have tried using a string to open the door. I have removed the lid and disconnected the power from the interlock. If I pull the handle the metal hook moves easily, I can feel this when touching the interlock. I have tried bashing the interlock in case this releases it. I have checked the manual for any override codes. Any help gratefully received in forcing the door open or how best to remove the interlock from the inside.
  5. My BOSCH WAS32460GB Washing machine buttons wont work when the door lock engages. Symptoms - You can pick a cycle when the door is open but the buttons stop respond. The machine starts as soon as the door is closed and all functions on the control panel stop working, no response at all and the display goes out..... you have to manually override the locking mechanism to open the machine, no error code have been displayed. Any advice as to what this may be?
  6. hello please welcome me with open arms to this community. I have a problem with replacing the new type of door interlock onto the old type door interlock block harness as they is obvious mismatch.however been told to adjust the interlock block connector.even with diagram provided it still does not add up. there are five wires in the harness vs 3 wires in the diagram that was provided.
  7. Hi, I have a BWD129 and the door lock light is flashing, the machine won't start. There are no other lights flashing. I've checked the drainage, emptied out the filter (nothing in it) but can't get the machine to start. As soon as I switch the machine on, the light flashes. Closing the door the latch is secure and feels right. But pressing start, the lock light just flashes at me. I can select options like dry, quick wash, etc etc, but it just won't start the program. The lock light just blinks back at me (frustratingly). I had a similar issue before and blowing down the drainage pipe with the filter out seemed to resolve the problem, but this time that's not fixing it. Any suggestions?
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