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Found 7 results

  1. Whirlpool has issued a recall notice on some of its models of washing machines due to a potential safety concern. It affects certain models of Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines made between October 2014 and 2018 and it is feared more than 11,000 machines in UK & Ireland may be impacted. A flaw with the door-locking system may lead them to overheat and potentially catch fire. Whirpool launched an urgent recall of certain models of tumble dryers over fire safety fears in July of this year. If you think your washing machine might be affected, you can check by calling 0
  2. I wonder why in this day and age manufacturers are still using noisy pumps on their washing machines (especially noisy/growl'y at the end when there is no more water to pump out) - I have a 10 year old Dishwasher that pumps out the water into the drain lovely and quiet and smoothly. I understand that dishwashers have a different type of pump (a recirculating pump) but why could they not fit the same kind of pump to washing machines too? or even at least on high end / mid range washing machines at least (have the likes of Miele etc got quieter pumps?) - would there really be a huge differen
  3. Hello Andy - have you any Idea why on the Hotpoint/Indesit Drums (8kg/9kg) the paddles dont span the whole length from the front of the drum to the rear of the drum? - its almost like they have took a 5kg/6kg drum and extended the depth of it but still using the same length paddles. Does it have any bearing on washing the clothes? - would they wash the clothes any better if the paddles were the whole length of the drum? Do you have an idea why Hotpoint/Indesit have just stuck with the same sort of drum design for years (basic with just holes) when other manufacturers have changed the d
  4. Hello Andy for years we have had a ritual of washing (cotton)things like underwear, towels and teatowels and socks even if they are not heavily soiled at 60c just because I read that germs and bacteria can survive temperatures under 60c. But after washing, I personally prefer towels and underwear dried in the tumble drier rather than on the line because they come out nice and soft. But (and I cannot remember how hot a tumber drier get on heat2 ) but is it likely that a Tumble drier gets well over 60c inside its drum when drying clothes? - if this is the case do you think I could lower the temp
  5. so a lot of new machines in the last 5 years or so , use a tiny amount of water , not even coming up to the height of the top of the paddles/lifters and I get it for economy reasons and that you can heat up a little amount of water quicker than if it half filled the glass door like the ancient washing machines did, and understand that todays washing powders / liquid are more efficient and need hardly any water to do their job these days. However what I cannot get used to is the fact that if the drum is revolving with this little amount of water now, and the clothes dont get nice and satura
  6. Hello Andy, Just wondered why a couple of features featured on some washing machines in the last 5 years but never seemed to catch on or be fitted into the mainstream washing machines? , where they just gimmicks or used as a selling point maybe or do you think they were useful things and should have been adopted? I think the 3 that stick out at the moment is the Anti-Bacterial/Anti Mould rubber door gasket, and I believe these were fitted to Haier washing machines at one time, wouldnt that have been a great thing to adopt on all washing machines these days? - and then the second thing tha
  7. Just trying to decipher Hotpoint Washing washing machine numbers Our washing Machine is a WMUD843P. So, OK I predict the WM=Washing machine, the U=Ultima(which is what it is) but what is the 'D' for? - its not a Washer/Dryer model ... and I predict the 8=8KG, the 4=1400rpm spin speed, the 3= (im not sure , could it mean revision of the model?) and the P=Polar white (the colour of the machine) what do you reckon?
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