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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Andy hopefully you can view and here this video: samsung washing machine inverter motor.mp4 Does this sound extra noisy to you for an inverter motor on my Samsung as far as they go? (ignore the drain pump sound in the background that is graunching / running empty) had a lovely quiet Hotpoint machine with an invertor motor before when belt was detached you wouldnt even know that the motor was turning it was that quiet. its obviously not a fault on this Samsung washing machine so it would not be worth getting an engineer out and the machine is working perfectly anyway - its Just i can hear it , that scraping/shrill noise, when the washing machine is spinning and starting up to spin and slowing down from spinning (cannot say I hear it when washing) - I could leave it but its one of those niggly things thats grating on me (literally) of course I am bothered about it and doesnt bother the mrs (saying its much better than the noise the old washing machines done with the carbon brushes) but if I put the machine back with it like that I will always be wondering if there was anything I could have done to make it that much quieter or even silent . I am thinking of taking existing motor off and taking it apart (it does not seem a sealed one and has posidrive normal screws holding it together) I am just thinking of just having it apart and maybe just inspecting the bearings inside and make sure they have enough grease on them and adding some more grease if needed or see where else inside the noise could be coming from. - how would one go about taking off the pulley at the end there the drive belt goes on could you tell me ? - if not I will just try taking it apart with it on , at least I should still be able to get to the back bearing in the rear of the motor housing. What do you think to the noise does it sound bad to you and have you come across noisy like this in the past when you have been working on them or reckon to the inverter motors in general on washing machines ? apart from the top notch makes like miele what defines or who does the notably quietest well built quality inverter motors on the washing machines on the market these days? thanks.
  2. What would you say is the safest, a washing machine with a rubber belt between wash motor and spider pulley, or a Direct Drive motor at the back of the wash drum? I would say if the drum stopped turning (say it collapsed due to broken bearings, or just got seized) that on a belt driven drum that eventually the motor spindle would just burn through the black rubber belt , or the belt would just slip off? - but on a direct drive motor the resistance would just overheat and possibly act like an element and possibly cause a fire? - especially if it didn't have any kind of protection on the motor board to cut power to the direct drive motor? - this is one of the reasons that has put me off getting direct drive washing machines in the past. - apart from that is there anything that one system has over the other that makes it better ?
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