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Found 7 results

  1. As the title says, I have an ISE W288 eco Washing Machine. It is five years old and as ISE has folded and no longer has it free parts and labour guarantee. The other day I put a wash on, it got to the rinse cycle and then stopped. No power, No lights, nothing. I have checked the fuse and the plug socket and have opened up the machine and put a circuit tester across the mains input and power is getting as far as the control module. The on/off button does not respond, so the machine is dead. Am I right in thinking that the problem could actually be the control module rather than the door mech or heater element. The machine is in good condition, is kept clean and has not been over used as I live by myself. Please advise as I do not want to spend £200 on a new control Board in vein but at the moment I cannot imagine it is anything else. Update; Just put my circuit tester across the heater element and it has continuity and shows 24.4 Ohm resistance which is fine. In addition if I put my circuit tester on the live input for the Motor Control Unit and Neutral there is no power but if i put one of the probes to earth there is 240v regardless of if the power button is on or off......
  2. Can someone help - Our washing machine has no power, It was doing a cycle and turned off, no lights are on at all even after turning on and off multiple times. It is not the wall socket as I have tested it and it is not the fuse in the plug as I have swapped it over with another that was deffinatly working. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Kind regards
  3. Hi! I've read through the guide pinned at the top and posts from some other people who seem to be having similar problems, but so far no luck. We had a very unnerving experience plugging in a very old stove yesterday, which promptly proceeded to explode (in, admittedly, spectacular fashion). The salient bit is that we turned off all the switches in the fuse box, and our Indesit IWDC was mid-wash at the time. Everything else has gone back to soldiering on, but the washer dryer is not just totally dead. No lights, no nothing. The outlet it's plugged into works fine (we plugged in a lamp to check), and the fuse in the washer dryer plug is fine (we replaced it to be sure). We even tried draining it in desperation, but this doesn't seem to have helped. Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  4. Worked yesterday now today there is no power, it's as if no power is going in but I know that the plug fuse and switch fuse are both ok. opened up and had a look, the door lock mechanism seems fine no signs of damage the same goes for other electrical parts along the top of the machine, I have not worked out how to take out the front panel pcb but it seems in good order (no burning smells.) Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? All help appreciated . Best Hugh ps I have pictures if needed.
  5. Machine was not on, we were watching to and there was an audible bang from kitchen and RCD was tripped. Thought it was the oven as that is basically what we were using at the time. Found out later the watching machine no longer turns on when button pressed. No lights, nothing. No problems and had been working well up till then. Followed advice checked fuses and okay, tried another device in the power socked which worked. Any suggestions? Would actually be interested to find out what caused it as machine was not on! Everything else is working fine and we have had no repeat event?
  6. Hi, I put washer on but 2 minutes later it was completely dead, no lights, nothing! I have changed the fuse 3 times from working appliances, power doesn't seem to be getting to the washer. I am stumped!
  7. Hi I have a Bosch washing machine (WAS68460GB) that won't power on and am wondering if there's a simple way to make it work. A technician from the gas company had to move the machine to get to the meter yesterday and since then it won't turn on. The dial doesn't do anything and the power button doesn't work. I've tested the plug socket and it works, and tried the machine in a different plug and finally replaced the fuse on the machine's plug. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sean
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