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  1. Had a lot of Hotpoint's over the years and they have normally shared the same feature that if when it comes to Spin cycle if the clothes are not distributed the machine will not spin the clothes - the drum will deliberate , slow tumbling back and forth until it balances, (or attempts to balance) the load .. if it cant , then thats it with a Hotpoint its a no go, it wont go into a spin .. the cycle just ends and your clothes come out nearly sopping wet - it must be a nightmare for engineers or hotpoint who phone up hotpoint complaining their machines are 'faulty' and not spinning (even if they have written it into the instructions booklet for the machine) - are hotpoint machines the only ones to have this 'built in feature' that if the load is not balanced it simply will not spin? - or do other manufacturers employ this I wonder? I just watched a Hoover washing machine on youtube spinning where it went into spin even though it was terribly unbalanced. - it is a bit annoying sometimes when the hotpoints do this mucking about 'will they, wont they spin?' thing but I suppose not only would the machine be a hell of a lot noisier on spin than it should be it must put more fatigue on things like the suspension and springs and other components of the machine if it were to spin unbalanced, so I suppose the lesser of 2 evils is that it comes out wet after going into a no-spin mode. Hotpoint/indesit though (on their LCD panels) should throw up an error code on the display I reckon if they cannot go into spin mode because of non-balanced situation so at least at the end of the wash it will give the user an indication that the stuff never spun.. but mid you I suppose you soon know hen you take them out and they are still wet and that you may have to re-distribute them or add something else into the drum to balance it. Re- spinning and the direction of spinning. Some machines still spin in a clockwise direction but a lot of the washing machines on spin cycle spin anti-clockwise ... now I am in no way a scientist or physicist or whatever and not an expert on centrifugal force .. but having a think about this would clothes come out dryer after a spin on a machine that has an anti-clockwise spin because if its spinning anticlockwise then the water would push outwards with force wouldnt it? - if going in a clockwise direction as its spinning then to water would be going into the middle of the direction of the drum wouldnt it? - or is it the way that centrifugal force works that the water always spins away from the clothes no matter what direction the drum is spinning in?
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