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Found 11 results

  1. Have searched FAQs and topics, but found no reference to this problem. Old seal distinctly worn. Slight grey rubber deposits on drum rim If seal removed, drum rotates smoothly. No bearing noise. No distortion of drum opening. Drum lies centrally in tank opening. New seal fitted, then drum dificult to rotate because of friction with seal. Drum seems to be forward of the correct position. Drum edge aligns precisely with edge of tank opening. Any guidance welcome.
  2. Hi all I have a Miele W5780 which is only about 6 years old. Yesterday the machine started to make a quite loud clanking sound when spinning. Can someone please tell me, is this a bearing or shock absorber issue? I've attached a video to show the issue. Will add a picture in a subsequent post. washingmachine.mov
  3. Washing machine has started to make rattling noise on free spin. Can anyone suggest what the problem may be? How much a repair would cost?
  4. Hi. I have an Indesit IWME126 washing machine which has developed a problem which is probably due to a broken spider (or possibly bearings). I need to decide whether repair or a replacement machine is the best course of action. Could anyone please tell me if the drum tub is sealed (requiring replacement of the entire tub) or whether this can be opened up to replace the spider. It is a big job to remove the drum tub and not something I want to start only to discover I can't open the tub to complete the repair. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Advice appreciated on whether it is worth repairing my 5 year old LG WD14316RD whose bearings have gone. The machine has been making a lot of noise and the drum is very wobbly so I think the problem is the bearings/ spider. I'm worried also that the outer drum may have been damaged as some plastic-y fibrous material which smelled electrical came out of the filter. We are heavy users of the machine (c. 12 times a week) and I'm worried it may have reached its 'natural' lifespan. Repairs would be 25-30% of the replacement cost (of a better, more efficient machine) - do you think this is worthwhile or a case of 'good money after bad'? Many thanks!
  6. Hello there, I have a Servis 6033 washing machine which needs replacement bearings. I've had a look, and it seems that the drum needs to be lifted out from the top of the machine, is that correct? I have a bearings set, but presumably will need a new drum seal and door seal to complete the job. Any advice will be gratefully received! Many thanks Michael Fitzpatrick
  7. Hi I hope someone can help me, I have a Zanussi ZWF1210 that's just turned ten & it's developed a metallic scraping/squeaking noise when the drum is turning in either direction, the drum can also be moved away from the door seal very easily & I think it might be worn bearings. The machine has had very heavy use over the last ten years & may have been overloaded at times. It's never had underwired bras in it & trouser pockets have always been checked for coins. Apart from this noise the machine has worked without fault for the last ten years & would be sad to part with it, if it's the bearings is it an easy fix & would I be better off buying a new machine? I'd be grateful of any help & advice.
  8. I've Candy Grand O 1400spin washing machine model number godf 800-80 ,i need new drum bearings but no matter were i've tried when i put the model number in i get every thing but bearings .I want to know first can i even get bearings for this model and if not is there a model in the Candy range that has compatiable bearings to my model. Please help on this as wife is driving me mad looking it sorted. One thought i had was is it down under a different model number than i am using,thanks for looking
  9. Hi all, I've looked through your site for various topics about replacing the bearings in my WML520P(UK)R. The bearings are currently only very slightly noisey and I'm mechanically fairly capable. The great spares site associated with this forum lists drums complete but not bearings, elsewhere it refers to changing bearings and spider for wm* machines excluding the WMA models. I would like to change bearings only, will be a case of removing spider and inspecting/measuring the surface the bearing runs on. Are there bearing kits (with or without spider) for this model? All advice greatfully received. Kbs
  10. I have had my hotpoint wt761 for about 8 years now and replaced the drum bearings for the first time about 3 years ago. From then I have had to replace them each year. I found on the last replacement that water was leaking passed the seal and corroding the bearings - causing them to fail. I have also replaced the spider. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the water leaking passed the seal, or is this just something I'm going to have to deal with? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, please can somebody help? Our HWB280-80 washer had worn bearing (the usual thuming noise, loose drum etc) I order a bearing set, and new door seal and set to work. It was a real pain getting the whole tub out because the front ogf the machine is fixed so the tub has to be lifted through the top, but, that aside, once the tub was out I thought i could simply split it and remove the drum to get to the bearings. How wrong I was! The tub was stuck fast and took several hefty thumps of a hammer to remove the spindle from the bearings, one of which (the inner one) was completely broken. Needless to say, thumping the spindle "mushroomed" the head so a new spider was bought, as well as a bearing kit. Now, I couldn't compare the bearing kit and seal because the original was in such a bad way. So I dutifully fitted the rear bearing and then pondered over the inner bearing, which didn't look as if it would fit flush. None the less, I fitted it, slid the seal down the spider shaft and went to fit the tub back into the drum. The spindle on the spider is a bit of an unusual shape so I wasn't too surprised when it took a bit of effort. But it stuck fast! Even though the bearings are in flat, there's no way on earth, even with the trusty mallet, I can get the spindle all the way through the tub, and now it is all stuck together. In truth, I don't know if I've got the right bearing kit, I'm sure the spider is correct, but given the huge amount of effort to remove the drum from the tub I wondered if anyone out there could help please? Thanks in advance
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