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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I’m looking for some advice regarding a 10 year old Miele w524 which has a flashing drain light, I have been through all the posts on here and tried all the things mentioned, the machine has been taken apart by hubby and all pipes and hoses and the white box at the back cleared of a lot of gunk everything is now clear , taken off pump, all clear, still have flashing drain light at the rinse cycle , it worked on the wool cycle but this morning on a easy iron cycle same problem , it’s possible it works only with a light load , we also live in a very hard water area, I have it draining into sink now and the pump does work , so my question is really what next could it be and is it worth getting someone to repair as I can buy a new Miele basic model for £600 , and would Miele still be the recommendation of a new machine thankyou update Just doing a bit more research , could it be the brushes ? Although everything I’ve read suggests that the rinse light would flash if it’s the brushes , it would seem to me that the problem is with certain programmes I just tried a wool cycle again and it seems to be completing , I also forget to mention that it’s not been spinning fast if there is a normal load on a 40 cycle but if I take half out and spin it will spin normally washing machine will run on a wool cycle, doesn't always spin fully requiring me to put on spin cycle after, If I'm going to replace I've narrowed down to a Siemens with 5 year guarantee in johnlewis For £449 or cheapest model Miele for £599 with 2 year guarantee , sam
  2. Hi, my washing machine is not triggering the spin cycle automatically. When I use Normal or Perm Press to start the machine... the timer moves as normal but when it reaches the spin cycle, it just keeps on agitating until the timer reaches off and stops. When I go back to the machine, the clothes are just sitting in dirty water. At this point, the only way to start the spin/drain cycle is by manually rotating the switch to that position and starting the machine. It then spins/drains like normal. So basically... the spin cycle won't trigger automatically but can be manually triggered. Is this a problem with the timer? The lid switch seems fine because when I manually trigger the spin cycle and then lift the lid, the spinning stops. Name: Kenmore 700 Model: 110.28782700 Type: 111-01 Serial: CU4940094 Thanks, -Pete
  3. This isn't so much a question as a repair report, hope that's appropriate. I've spent the last couple of days exploring this machine which was making a very rough buzzing noise. Having decided that the problem was the drain pump (smelly water, washing wetter than expected, development of noise) I consulted youtube and various discussions for advice. There are quite a few vids and threads giving detailed instructions but all seemed to be discussing a slightly different model to mine and the disassembly for mine turns out to be much easier than most advice would suggest. If like me you did a search for "LG drain pump" and have seen the LG disassembly vids that talk about removing the door seal and the front panel, pause briefly and check if you have a separate small (kick) panel at the bottom. If so there is no need to mess about with removing the lid, door seal and front panel. Just lever off the kick panel with a screwdriver and the white plastic box on the left (2 screws and slide to the right) to access the pump assembly. You will find the 3 pipes held on with spring clamps, the smaller ones are easy enough to remove but the bigger one is a pig. Wide pliers or adjustable pliers are best. Take a picture of the wiring before removing the wires (yeah, wise after the event). Replacing the pumps is fairly straightforward and is well covered on Youtube but replacing that big pipe proved a proper struggle for me and is the main reason I decided to share. Take the spring clamp out, squeeze the tabs together and loop a cable tie over them to keep the spring under tension (opening the clamp), pull tight. Slip the clamp back over the pipe, re-attach the pipe and when you're happy with the position, cut the cable tie with a sharp blade, careful to avoid the pipe. The spring will close, holding the pipe fast. This is a much smaller job than it first appeared but I only know that now as I've spent two days finding out. The replacement motors (x2) are EAU61383505 which is a different part number to the old one 4681EA2001E(N) and other models shown on YT vids. Respect to this site for ongoing help.
  4. Hello! I'm in desperate need of some assistance. Many thanks in advance if you take the time to read/respond. I have an LG WM2010CW Washing Machine. It won't drain. With a small load and full of water, I unplugged it for a bit and then plugged it back in. I then ran the Rinse/Spin cycle. There was already water in the basin before I started this operation. The first thing it did was spin intermittently. Then, it fully drained. Then it spun for a while. It then filled back up and with 12min remaining on the display, it stopped. The small light next to high was blinking and the beeper/rinse&spin buttons were illuminated. After about 10min or so, the 12min remaining on the display changed to error OE and it started beeping. It's now been about 20min and it still says OE on the display and it's still full of water. I thought maybe a plugged drain filter or bad drain pump but it did drain during the rinse/spin cycle. Is there a way to do a master reset? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Jason Kaloyanides Jason@Kaloyanides.com
  5. Fwx221as1 Frigidage washer: So my mothers washer is making a clicking sound when draining. It's not draining completely, but will drain with additional drain cycles. She also reported a burning smell, but I haven't replicated this. I took it apart, and there was no blockage, and the pump made the noise when it wasn't attached to any hoses and the housing off. I used a multimeter to confirm correct voltage(I'm bad with electric stuff so potentially did that wrong); I checked the pump electrical connection and the wire connected to the washer. I am assuming the pump is failing and will fail completely eventually. Should I order a replacement now, or no? Any other potential causes?
  6. I have a LG front load washer (#WM2016CW). I notice that after each wash cycle, a small puddle of water remains inside the tub. The clothes that sit on top are in perfect condition--they are almost dry, but the clothes that sit at the bottom are wet due to the water that has remained in the tub. My machine spins perfectly, makes no weird noises, and drains with full power. I replaced the drain pump thinking that it had gone bad, thus contributing to the water remaining after each cycle. But this didn't do any good--the water still remains. It is important to note that when I do a "rinse/spin" cycle with no clothes in the tub or a "tub clean" cycle, no water remains inside the tub after the cycles are complete. On occasions, when my load of clothes is small enough, no water remains in the tub either. Since the clothes that sit on top are almost completely dry, I wonder if the machine completely drains when it should, but then something allows water to get back into the tub thus wetting the bottom clothes. Is that possible? Also, since water drains full force, I cannot imagine there are any hoses/pipes clogged. I've checked and found nothing. Also, no error number has ever appeared on the screen panel. What can be the wrong with the machine? I appreciate any help I can get! Feeling frustrated...
  7. Hi, I've got a Hoover DYN 9164DPG and today mid cycle it came up with an E03 message. Google says this is a drain problem? I opened the drain filter line and a fair bit of water came out but both the drain line and filter seem to be clear and the pump is turning ok. Even now with the machine fully drained it still won't go on to a spin cycle and the pump keeps running. I took the hose off the pressure switch and that seems clear too. Could the switch itself be broken? Many thanks, Rich.
  8. Hoover Vision HD - VHD 9143 ZD Washing Machine What Happened I put in a big heavy carpet rug that probably shouldnt have gone in, but it fit in so I did. After pulling it out, it was a complete mess and I binned it. I also noticed that it was covered in a lacquer kind of gluey substance that was also present on the inside of the main glass door. I did 2-3 empty full temperature washes hoping it would pass, in the end I scrubbed it off with a sponge because it stayed. Then on the next wash of normal cloths, it seemed fine, but the cloths were covered in this lacquer type gluey stuff. So I put the same load back in a further 2-3 times but still it had this gluey stuff on it. Then a final time, I noticed that it filled up with water, then stopped with an error message and would not continue the wash. From memory, I think it was E03. After turning off and back on again, and telling it to begin a new cycle, I would successfully drain out the water, and start again. I would leave it, and come back only to find that the same has happened again. So this time I stayed with it, and shortly after beginning a cycle, I looked like it was struggling to turn the drum! Then to my surprise BANG! (And the dirt is gone! or not in this case!) There was a loud electrically sounding pop/bang from within, and the LCD started flickering the display. I immediately turned off at the switch, and gave it a few moments. After 20-30 mins, I tried to turn on again, but it just loops the flickering LCD... Ive taken the back off, and the top lid, and as an absolute novice, nothing looks out of the ordinary. In face it all looks brand new inside... Id really like to fix this myself with your support because as we all know money is tight and were all feeling it, so please someone help me out. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have an intermittent drainage problem with my Candy GO482 2/80 machine which has recently been getting worse to the point where its no longer usable. The machine stops when it gets to the drain part of the cycle and displays the error code for not draining in the allowable time (3 flashes). The problem seems to be worse on colder and shorter washes although it may be my imagination... I've read all the help pages as well as a lot of googling and I've tried the following but still with no luck - any help would be appreciated! 1 - checked all hoses for blockages, all clear - drain it flows into is clear too. 2 - blown down pressure switch tube, seems ok 3 - replaced pressure switch for new component 4 - fully removed pump and all drainage pipes for close inspection - all clear (confident!) 5 - measured resistance across pump connectors - 170ohms - after googling seems to be what it should be, impeller seems to be ok Could the pump still be faulty? should I replace it and see or am I wasting more time and money! I need to get this fixed quickly else I'll be forced into getting a new one by the missus!!! Any help would be massively appreciated since I've run out of ideas! Thanks, Sam
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