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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all. I just did a wash on a 40 and towards the end my drum started screeching and spinning very slowly. When the wash finished all I could smell was burnt rubber?! Any suggestions VID_20220930_143752473.mp4
  2. Hi guys, i’ve tried using the search function but nothing coming back under fh4g6tdn2. I’ve got an LG fh4g6tdn2 front load with touch screen that wont power on the display. Now i’ve tried unplugging and holding play/pause and this resets but still doesn’t allow the front panel to light up. It does however bring the red supply light on on the back of the board which is telling me that supplyto there is in fact okay. After not getting a run command the board then switches off after about a minute. The unit itself is in the out house so my first question is “do these have a trip for external low temp”? Secondly, does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Thanks in advance, any help really is appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have a LG washer dryer, model number F1480YD, approx. 6 years old, which has become completely lifeless. It had been working fine until a few days ago when I tried to open the door when the machine was still in a cooling down phase at the end of a drying cycle. The door would not open because the interlock prevented its opening while the machine was still on. I must have done this dozens of times in the past with no harm done but on this occasion there was a "popping" sound from inside the machine, the entire front panel display (every led) briefly lit up and then went off. Since then the machine appears to be completely dead. I have done all the basic checks - socket, plug, fuse - all ok. I have taken the lid off and followed the mains wiring to a large fuse on the right hand side of the machine - checked with a continuity tester - also OK. I have removed the main PCB (from under the drum) and it appears to be OK, no obvious visible signs of burnt components. There is another fuse on this PCB - also checks out OK. Does anyone recognise these symptoms? Is the interlock faulty? Is it the main PCB? Has a faulty interlock maybe damaged the main PCB? Is it something else entirely? Any help gratefully received. Mark.
  4. Senior moment. Had the no drain Issue on my LG F12u1tcn4. Stripped it down to clean but appear to have lost the L/H side of the pump ( Viewed from the front) which is two wire from the machine so I belive only one pump which I have on the R/H side. What goes on the L/H side. Also the smaller diameter black hose is missing from the pump. Where does it go to? Speaking to LG support all they can now offer is an engineer visit. Decided to cut my losses and buy a new machine but would like to complete the repair and sell as referbished. Thanks
  5. Hi I have an LG washing machine which is about 13 years old now and not required any repairs until today. So I am very pleased with it on the whole. It is a model WM-14331FD but I think my question would apply to most LG models. Today the pump stopped working. I got the pump mechanism out and found there were 2 identical pumps, one for emptying the the machine and the other for spraying water back up to the top of the drum during some cycles. I applied power direct to the pumps on the bench and sure enough the emptying one was not working. Rather than just buying a new one, I dismantled the pump to see how it had failed. The pumping chamber containing the impeller was clean. However, the motor chamber was full of thick smelly gunge. I cleaned it out and it worked again. I was surprised by the design of the motor since there had been little effort in the design to keep water out of the motor chamber, in fact I think it is designed to let water seep in. I opened the other pump and it also had a lot of filthy black gunge in the motor chamber, though not so much as to stop the pump rotating. You might be thinking how could an electric motor work when full of water, well it it is a brushless design with a permanent magnet rotor and external coil stator. The magnets in the rotor are indeed encapsulated in a waterproof plastic cylender. So it is plain that what had happened is that dirty water had seeped into the motor chamber and over 13 years dirt and bacteria had concentrated around the rotor and jammed it. My questions are:- Am I correct in thinking the motor chamber in these pumps is supposed to fill with water (perhaps to aid cooling and lubrication)? Is this a common design feature with other washing machine pumps? If not, do the (non-existent) "seals" fail like this very frequently Can anyone tell me a tried and tested routine for stopping dirt and bacteria from building up in the extraction/recirculation system. Interesting points: Although the LG is made in Korea, the pumps were made in Italy type Plaset 63096 Both the small service drain pipe and the recirculation pipe were also crammed with dirt and completely blocked. Thanks for all your anticipated replies Mike
  6. Hi All, I have an lg washer dryer f1480rd and the washing drum will be filled up with water if I dont cut the water supply. The machine begins to fill up itself with water as usually, but wont stop entering that. The water level tube from the drum is not dirty and can be blown through. I hope its not the "ECU", the main electronic panel of the machine which has gone wring. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance Kind regards
  7. This isn't so much a question as a repair report, hope that's appropriate. I've spent the last couple of days exploring this machine which was making a very rough buzzing noise. Having decided that the problem was the drain pump (smelly water, washing wetter than expected, development of noise) I consulted youtube and various discussions for advice. There are quite a few vids and threads giving detailed instructions but all seemed to be discussing a slightly different model to mine and the disassembly for mine turns out to be much easier than most advice would suggest. If like me you did a search for "LG drain pump" and have seen the LG disassembly vids that talk about removing the door seal and the front panel, pause briefly and check if you have a separate small (kick) panel at the bottom. If so there is no need to mess about with removing the lid, door seal and front panel. Just lever off the kick panel with a screwdriver and the white plastic box on the left (2 screws and slide to the right) to access the pump assembly. You will find the 3 pipes held on with spring clamps, the smaller ones are easy enough to remove but the bigger one is a pig. Wide pliers or adjustable pliers are best. Take a picture of the wiring before removing the wires (yeah, wise after the event). Replacing the pumps is fairly straightforward and is well covered on Youtube but replacing that big pipe proved a proper struggle for me and is the main reason I decided to share. Take the spring clamp out, squeeze the tabs together and loop a cable tie over them to keep the spring under tension (opening the clamp), pull tight. Slip the clamp back over the pipe, re-attach the pipe and when you're happy with the position, cut the cable tie with a sharp blade, careful to avoid the pipe. The spring will close, holding the pipe fast. This is a much smaller job than it first appeared but I only know that now as I've spent two days finding out. The replacement motors (x2) are EAU61383505 which is a different part number to the old one 4681EA2001E(N) and other models shown on YT vids. Respect to this site for ongoing help.
  8. Hello! I'm in desperate need of some assistance. Many thanks in advance if you take the time to read/respond. I have an LG WM2010CW Washing Machine. It won't drain. With a small load and full of water, I unplugged it for a bit and then plugged it back in. I then ran the Rinse/Spin cycle. There was already water in the basin before I started this operation. The first thing it did was spin intermittently. Then, it fully drained. Then it spun for a while. It then filled back up and with 12min remaining on the display, it stopped. The small light next to high was blinking and the beeper/rinse&spin buttons were illuminated. After about 10min or so, the 12min remaining on the display changed to error OE and it started beeping. It's now been about 20min and it still says OE on the display and it's still full of water. I thought maybe a plugged drain filter or bad drain pump but it did drain during the rinse/spin cycle. Is there a way to do a master reset? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Jason Kaloyanides Jason@Kaloyanides.com
  9. Advice appreciated on whether it is worth repairing my 5 year old LG WD14316RD whose bearings have gone. The machine has been making a lot of noise and the drum is very wobbly so I think the problem is the bearings/ spider. I'm worried also that the outer drum may have been damaged as some plastic-y fibrous material which smelled electrical came out of the filter. We are heavy users of the machine (c. 12 times a week) and I'm worried it may have reached its 'natural' lifespan. Repairs would be 25-30% of the replacement cost (of a better, more efficient machine) - do you think this is worthwhile or a case of 'good money after bad'? Many thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed a degree of light on what a noise might be - I'm planning on calling someone out over the next few days but thought I'd check to see if it was something common with LG Washing Machine and if there is anything I can check. Many thanks for having a listen! The noise occurs mostly near the start of the cycle and towards the end, always when the drum is turning/washing. However, there are also times when the drum is turning but there is NO noise - both clockwise and anti-clockwise. There is no extra noise when the machine is on the spin cycle. The machine is a around 6 years old now. I've checked the common things, like the drain. I've had the back cover of the machine off and can't see anything obviously wrong. Have posted this video showing whats going on: https://youtu.be/hyI0iuSKSSw All feedback greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi,my washing machine making strange buzzing noise I have no idea what it can be so maybe you can help me,here's video link- https://youtu.be/RaYXyqa8AJI .thanks
  12. Hi there I have purchased an LG F14220TDS washing machine which is now about 6 months old. I use mainly the 30 minute quick was for everything and it used to work perfectly. But now, it keeps stopping on 6 minutes whilst still full of bubbles. I have to turn the machine off and then on again to cancel the programme and then put it on a 22 minutes rinse and spin cycle to remove the bubbles and continue with the wash, which obviously defeats the object of a 22 minute wash. I called an engineer to look at the machine and he said it was because I wasn't putting enough washing in the machine, therefore it wasn't realising it had a 'load'. I told him that I did not agree with this because it does it when I'm cramming the machine full with heavy bath towels or simply washing a few items. Has anyone else had this problem? Many thanks, Alex
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