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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All! I can't find any relevant help, for this question, in any of the available recources on the site. They have been very useful up to this point though. I now have replacement components on order for my failed control board due to their help. I am thouroughly checking all parts on my Hoover Visiontech 6KG while waiting for them to turn up. All check out apart from the pressure switch - 41035075 70/50 -340, analogue, single click, doesn't seem to make sense when I get a meter on it. From left to right the terminals are 16, 11, 14, 12, but only three 16, 11, 14 are connected to PCB. I get open circuit between any combination of the 16, 11, 14 (first three) terminals when the diaphragm is not under pressure. When the diaphragm is under pressure only terminals 11 and 14 go closed. I don't see why three wires are used this being the case, provided this sensor is working correctly. Please can someone help? I am going loopy from searching for diagrams or pinout descriptions for this common component. I will send holistic good thoughts to anyone who can resolve this . I am so skint at the moment that I can't buy a pressure switch to compare/replace in case it isn't faulty. I would kick myself If the replacement behaved the same. Keep up the good work! Mick
  2. Hi everyone, My Samsung SW50USP top load washing machine is not filling up. The water supply has enough pressure and I cleaned the filters already. I tried checking the voltage at the water valve solenoid but there is no voltage. Next, I thought the problem might be coming from the pressure switch but when I fill up the machine manually with water, the cycle continue to operate normally so it makes me think that the pressure switch is functional. Unfortunately, I don't have a continuity meter to test the solenoid as advised in the troubleshooting guide, do you think it's worth investigating deeper an issue with both the solenoids even though there isn't any voltage coming to them once the washing cycle is activated? Thanks for the support, Xavier
  3. Hi, I have a INDESIT 71250UK around 4 years old that has stopped working. The was cycle stopped at 1 minute to go, it must have been that way for 4 hours. The door was unlocked, there was no water inside but the washing was soaking wet. I turned the washer of using the off button, turned it back on, set it to spin and pressed start. The Timer showed 16 minutes and started to count down. There were no noises the washing machine didn't do anything. When the timer reached 1 minute it just stuck there. During the 16 minutes the door lock light did not come on. The light of the rinse cycle stayed on and did not change, normally it would change during the cycle by lighting up what ever part of the cycle its on rinse > drain > end > lock light off. If I set it to drain the timer shows 2 minutes the drain light comes on but the lock light does not. Again there is no noise or movement but after 1 minute the washer gives 3 beeps and displays the word end and the end light comes on. When I set it to rinse or any wash cycle the timer shows how long it will take the rinse of wash light comes on but the lock light does not. Again no noise no movements, nothing happens. After about 3 minutes the washer beeps and the error H2O flashes. I have check the inlet pipe and the water pressure which is working fine. I have had a look at the inlet valve and cleaned filter bit. I also checked the terminals using a multimeter and both show continuity. I check the brushes and they seem good, both have about half of their original length and there was no carbon build up that could see on the motor. I cleaned the drain hose, there was nothing in there apart from 26p and a bit of grey sludge. I checked the heating element with the multimeter and it shows continuity. I have had a look at the pressure switch. I can blow down the hose and here the air coming out into the tub. I checked the 3 terminals on the switch and the 2 outer ones do not show any continuity with or without air pressure. The first and middle terminals show continuity when the air pressure is present. I am I right in thinking that the pressure switch has a fault? or could it be the door lock? Any help and advice on what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Craig
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