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  1. Yes I can see underneath the plastic. No i doesn't make any other noises and yes it gives an error code 4E which get resolved when I start filling up the machine manually. Ok thanks a lot for the feedback, I will try testing the wire when I have more time.
  2. Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for your support. I checked again but it doesn't take any water at any stages, even during the different rinses. I also checked the voltage during the rinses but it's staying at 0V the whole time. I got the washing machine second hand and I noticed a plastic covering part of the cabling as in the picture attached. Do you think this is original?
  3. Hi everyone, My Samsung SW50USP top load washing machine is not filling up. The water supply has enough pressure and I cleaned the filters already. I tried checking the voltage at the water valve solenoid but there is no voltage. Next, I thought the problem might be coming from the pressure switch but when I fill up the machine manually with water, the cycle continue to operate normally so it makes me think that the pressure switch is functional. Unfortunately, I don't have a continuity meter to test the solenoid as advised in the troubleshooting guide, do you think it's worth investigating deeper an issue with both the solenoids even though there isn't any voltage coming to them once the washing cycle is activated? Thanks for the support, Xavier
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