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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. We moved into our house about 18 months ago we got a Bosch Classix for £50 this worked ok apart having to having to have a knack for shutting the door in order for it to start due to the catch mechanism being loose. It would occasionally not drain and freeze mid cycle with the washing in it. Eventually we'd be able to get it started again but it kept happening and got worse. Eventually due to the door problem also being problematic we got rid of it and got one for free that was nearly new from Gumtree. This one was a problem from the beginning and wouldn't drain and the cycle would also freeze. As it was a similar problem I thought it might be something to do with the drainage. I checked all of the visible pipes and then got a two metre drain snake and shoved that down there. I also got the neighbour to check the drains as we can't access ours as the previous owner built decking over the access point and I haven't been able to sort that out yet! This seemed to be fine. Thinking it might be due to the washing machine as it was free we then got a two year old Beko one from our in-laws. This worked fine to begin with but soon began having the same problem and would stop mid cycle full of water, it would then sometimes work again. It also had a slightly hot electric smell on the spin cycle and last night the power tripped while it was spinning and there was that smell again, needless to say we are not currently using it, but it is turning on. As far as I can tell we've either had a really bad run of luck or there is some problem with the drainage. Would a drainage problem not in the washing machine potentially cause the symptoms described. I'm going to take up some of the decking tomorrow to look at the drain. Sorry for the essay but thought it was good to get some detail in there! Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Ben
  2. I have a bosch exxcel washer dryer, around 4 years old. It has been getting stuck at the end of the cycle on 1 minute on most cycles, but always works on super quick programme with no problems. Over the weekend, even the super quick is failing to drain the water away, with water sat in the drum. The filter is clear. Out of curiosity, I disconnected the waste pipe from its normal drain point (it is normally connected to the u-bend of the waste pipe from the kitchen sink). The trap and pipework are clear, and and although there is a bit of gunk on the inside of the hose - it appears to be clear. The sink drains very rapidly - i.e. if I fill it and take the plug out it is free draining, so I dont think this is the problem. I then placed the hose in a bucket on the floor and ran the normal cycle - and hey presto - it completed the cycles without stopping/hanging. Could it be the pump ?- I am wondering if placing the hose in the bucket allows the pump to discharge more freely - I did notice that when the drum discharged quite a lot of the grey gunk lining the waste hose was flushed out. Also if the bucket is on the floor then presumably the pump requires less effort to discharge to water? Would it be better to have a dedicated waste outlet rather than inlet boss on side of sink waste? Should be an issue since it has worked fine for 4 years Or is it something else? I ran the machine on 90 deg C cycle as well, and there is no issue with heater. I
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