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  1. I understand what you are saying - however, the pump isn't jammed and isn't discharging under gravity - isn't that the idea of a pump ? - i.e. you are not reliant on gravity. When the pump kicked in the water gushed out. When the pump switched off there is no discharge. If it were purely discharging under gravity, I would have expected a much slower discharge. Incidentally, I sat the bucket on a chair as well, to see if the head of water made any difference, and it didn't - it came out at the same rate. I watched 2 cycles of washing being done, and emptied about 8 buckets of water periodically as each time the programme emptied the drum of water. I still cant understand why it creates a problem when connected back to the sink trap. I'll run the machine tonight to see if it is still hanging when connected to the waste outlet. I also suspect I'll bite the bullet and buy a pump as it is relatively cheap - there is a video on espares, it appears to be straightforward to swap (famous last words!!).... If we were talking a part £100+ I would probably scrap it.... Thanks again.
  2. I didnt use the bucket just to get the water out. I ran a full programme with the bucket in place (as stated on original message). With bucket in place cycle completes, when connected to waste outlet it doesnt.... The outlet is fine, its been taken apart - no blockages, again, as originally stated. Ive been through the guide, cant find anything that matches my issue. I think I will swap the pump as I can see no other obvious and cheap solutions to the issue, unless anyone has any other ideas.
  3. I have a bosch exxcel washer dryer, around 4 years old. It has been getting stuck at the end of the cycle on 1 minute on most cycles, but always works on super quick programme with no problems. Over the weekend, even the super quick is failing to drain the water away, with water sat in the drum. The filter is clear. Out of curiosity, I disconnected the waste pipe from its normal drain point (it is normally connected to the u-bend of the waste pipe from the kitchen sink). The trap and pipework are clear, and and although there is a bit of gunk on the inside of the hose - it appears to be clear. The sink drains very rapidly - i.e. if I fill it and take the plug out it is free draining, so I dont think this is the problem. I then placed the hose in a bucket on the floor and ran the normal cycle - and hey presto - it completed the cycles without stopping/hanging. Could it be the pump ?- I am wondering if placing the hose in the bucket allows the pump to discharge more freely - I did notice that when the drum discharged quite a lot of the grey gunk lining the waste hose was flushed out. Also if the bucket is on the floor then presumably the pump requires less effort to discharge to water? Would it be better to have a dedicated waste outlet rather than inlet boss on side of sink waste? Should be an issue since it has worked fine for 4 years Or is it something else? I ran the machine on 90 deg C cycle as well, and there is no issue with heater. I