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Electrolux washer klanking noise, wondering cause before tossing/repairing.

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Hi. So iv got an Electrolux 148420w washing machine. Its been a solid worker but suddenly I had issues.

Filled it with a small load of clothes but I notised an clank from time to time. It lessened on higer speed and centrifuge, but was worse at low speed. 
When the drum is empty I can spin it no problem and no sound. Checked the bearing behind, no leaks.

One thing I tried was to move the drum sideways to see if the bearing was gone. But it was solid. BUT after i tried pushing it up,down, left, right suddenly it gave a little and the klank sound came... So if i slowly spin the drum and press down on the edge suddenly a klank(hollow as bent metal), and then I can spin the drum halfway, press down and same sound. So something is "wobly" 180 degrees apart over the drum.
Any idea what this can be at all? And if its not worth fixing, can I run with it as long As I can endure the noise?

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hello there - it might not be this at all, but i had similar once with my hotpoint washing machine. With me it was a pound coin trapped in one of the plastic paddles/lifters, hell knows how it got in there . On spin it was fine (I just presume the centrifugal action of spin must have had a bearing) but on wash it clunked. I took off the paddle and there was the coin!  - it was fine after that. 
Thought it might help. 

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Thanks for the response Andyr12345. Im quite sure its not something like that, because that would rattle. This however is the clear sound of some metal bending and popping back and forth. So its not something loose.
Also when the popping comes the drum gives a little, so something is giving. But the sound is so spesific its hard to say what.

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oh right I see. Yes it must be something else. Could it still be drum bearings giving out, but just depending at waht position the drum is I wonder then? apart from that I am not sure sorry. 

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Is the motor catching on the back panel or back casing when the drum drops to a certain point? Finding out what is causing a noise like this need the lid and back panel off and observing exactly where the noise comes from with the load in that causes it. You need to be extremely careful and safety conscious if doing that though. Also, some small loads containing heavy items when wet mixed with lighter laundry can cause the drum to lurch from side to side and hit the sides. Adding more laundry is the cure for that.

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Hey Andy.
Iv removed the back lid and checked around.
The motor is firly seated, and no leaks.
As far as I can tell the noise is clearly from the drum itself. The sound seems to be the drum metal itself resonating with a hollow klank and moving slightly at those 2 points. 
I can offcource be the spiders, but electrolux spiders should be solid, and its an 8Kg machine. It could be the bearing, but then you would normaly have more noise and not just at 2 points.

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