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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there I’m new to this forum and hope someone can help me, I have a Bosch classixx 7 vario perfect WAE24369GB/40 washing machine which has stopped completing its wash cycle no matter what cycle I select. It’s displaying a symbol on the screen which relates to too much foam so I think it just tries to continue until the foam clears even though there is no foam in the washer. I have rinsed it multiple times and used white vinegar in the wash plus softener even though there isn’t any sign of any foam, could it be that the foam sensor has malfunctioned? I can’t find any articles or parts for this so would be grateful if someone could shed a bit of light on my problem. many thanks.
  2. Hi, I am having trouble with large amounts of foam leaking from the detergent dispenser drawer on my Beko WMA 767 washing machine and was hoping someone here might be able to help. I have been to excessive foam in washing machine page here: too much foam (those are my comments under the article) so that should give you an idea of what's been happening and what I've tried. I have recently moved house but used to have a similar issue in my old house only not as often as it is occurring now, it's now happening pretty much with every wash. I normally would use the Tesco own-brand liquitabs but since the foaming I read it was perhaps an idea to use powder instead so I have now switched to Bold's 2-in-1 powder but this hasn't helped at all. I know that generally the cause of too much foam is using too much powder but I get the problem even when I use half of the recommended doe for a 5-6kg load (which is 95ml on the box, so I've tried using roughly 50ml). The washing machine appears to be working fine, it is spinning correctly in both directions and not using too much water (or not enough) and the foaming only happens in the last 20 minutes of the program when it starts to go through the spin cycle and starts getting towards it's top spin speed. Normally I wash all my clothes and towels in the same load on a cotton wash at 30 degrees at 1400 spin speed, this means the wash takes 2 hours 8 minutes. I have tried just washing the towels on their own on a cotton wash but using the quick wash function so that it only takes 1 hour 22 minutes. The foaming still happens regardless and I'm sick of having to mop up the water and foam leaking out of the machine onto my floor. I have dragged the machine out from it's little space under the work top (it is located separately from the sink and has it's own waste water pipe).The cold water pipe is connected correctly and turned on fully and the drain water hose is inserted correctly into the waste water pipe. I have levelled all the feet on the machine so it won't move about as much. I've even bought some washing machine cleaner powder and done a wash with that to get rid of any dirt or limescale in the system, I've also done a few washes without any clothes in the machine to get rid of any detergent left in the machine. I'm running out of ideas now and so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. Is it because the powder and liquitabs I was using is a 2-in-1 variety that has softener in it, could this be causing a build-up of soap suds? The only other thing I can do is see if I can get a plumber or washing machine repairman to come and take a look but I think they'll just say I'm using too much powder and fob me off, plus it may prove expensive for nothing. Any help would be great! Thanks.
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