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Found 2 results

  1. Please help we are having such trouble with our washing machine it’s unreal!! We originally had a 9kg hoover and it was leaving excessive suds in the seal of the machine and in the clothing. We tried everything, cleaning the machine, washing the clothes with the smallest amount of detergent, running with no detergent, running on different cycles, running the machine on a hot 90 degree with vinegar then washing clothing, we had 2 repair men out. One saying our machine was perfectly clean (it was only just over a year old) and he couldnt recommend changing anything we are doing as we have done everything. We gave up and got a new machine after waiting weeks for a repair man and washing piling up and now have a 7kg series 2 Bosch. We washed all of our sud soaked clothes in vinegar until there was no bubbles, then tried giving them a 40 degree wash with one bold pod (still bubbled), so vinegared again then tried with one powder non bio tesco capsule (bubbled) so vinegared again and tried with half of one (box recommends using 2!) and it still foamed up!!! We are rinsing for hours after and it’s still foaming. This is a new machine!!! We have thoroughly cleaned our kitchen drain, there is no block, and yet it’s still foaming out there too!! We have little money left now, a baby on the way and onto our last set of clean clothes, what do we do please help!!!
  2. I have a Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine, to which I've had an engineer out on two occasions due to oversudsing. When I looked this up on Google I came across this site but the discussion was 2014, even so it was confirming what the engineer had told me. Unfortunately I still have this problem and I have to use so little detergent that stains etc., are not removed. About 15ml - 20ml max. This machine recommends liquid detergent although I see where you say use a non bio powder instead. When I did try powder I was getting white patches. I changed to Persil instead of the recommended Ariel, which seems slightly better. Obviously I am not using 60 and 90o washes too often as it takes this to dissolve any detergent. I do not overfill the machine either as there are just two of us now. Today I washed four towels at 90o , 1, to just rinse the towels through and 2, to clean the machine at the same time on a cycle which was over 3 hours long! I used NO detergent and it still foamed to the brim although I did not have an overflow like last time. I had to then run yet another program to get enough water going through until it became clear. I am in a soft water area and dose with that in mind. The engineer advised to run at 90o at least once a week although the instructions say monthly or a few times a year as he did say these detergents adhere to the machine on the lower temperatures and so build up. Why are they made this way? This is using more electricity and water , not good. Is there an answer to this and has anyone else had this problem please?
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