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Diagnose pressure switch 41035075 Hoover VTS 612 D21

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Hi All!

I can't find any relevant help, for this question, in any of the available recources on the site. They have been very useful up to this point though.

I now have replacement components on order for my failed control board due to their help.

I am thouroughly checking all parts on  my Hoover Visiontech 6KG while waiting for them to turn up. All check out apart from the pressure switch - 41035075 70/50 -340, analogue, single click, doesn't seem to make sense when I get a meter on it.

From left to right the terminals are 16, 11, 14, 12, but only three 16, 11, 14 are connected to PCB.

I get open circuit between any combination of the 16, 11, 14 (first three) terminals when the diaphragm is not under pressure.

When the diaphragm is under pressure only terminals 11 and 14 go closed. I don't see why three wires are used this being the case, provided this sensor is working correctly.

Please can someone help? I am going loopy from searching for diagrams or pinout descriptions for this common component.

I will send holistic good thoughts to anyone who can resolve this :). I am so skint at the moment that I can't buy a pressure switch to compare/replace in case it isn't faulty. I would kick myself If the replacement behaved the same.

Keep up the good work!




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Does it click once or twice when blown into? If it's once (once up and then once when pressure released) then there should normally be a live feed, then power passes between two contacts depending on if the switch is activated or not. So I'd expect continuity between 2 pins which switches to a different connector when the pressure switch is activated. 

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