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Last weekend our washing machine (a Neff W5420X0GB) stopped mid-cycle, with 3 short error beeps. The 'rinse/hold' and 'wash' lights were flashing so I looked it up in the manual to see what it meant - 'Clean detergent solution pump; outlet pipe/drainage hose blocked'. Before attempting to follow the instruction how to sort this, I tried to put the machine through a different programme to see if it was a one-off; no such luck. So I set about trying to sort the problem as instructed in the manual. I drained the water from the drainage hose (wow, there was a lot of water in there!) and moved to the pump cover. All I could manage was a 1/8 turn anti-clockwise and it wouldn't budge any more. I tried to get some leverage using a screwdriver but this ended up breaking part of the plastic grip off. My dad came round last night to see if he could help, and with a set of pliers snapped another bit of the grip off.

I'm guessing that it is so clogged up that it's stopping the cover from being turned. Can anyone offer any advice before I have to call a professional? There is still enough plastic on the grip left to turn it, but obviously not as strong as it once was. Thanks

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I've had this happen when a bra wire has jammed inside the pump preventing the pump filter from being unscrewed. I laid the machine on its back and removed the sump hose which is the big hose leading from the tub to the pump. This allowed me to get the obstruction out of the way.

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Thanks for your reply. The machine is built into our cupboards so it's awkward to pull it out. I actually managed to disconnect the hose that leads to the pump although the clamp was in such an awkward position my hands are now covered in cuts and scratches from trying to get a pair of pliers in there. From there I had a great view of the blockage, a mound of lint and 8 hair grips! My wife doesn't use them so that was a nice leaving present from the previous owners. All cleaned out, re-assembled and a wash is now running! I wouldn't have known what to do without this forum, thanks!

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I had the same issue and took the built in washing machine out of its cabinet tilted it only to find a metal protective plate underneath. So this wasn’t going to get me to the pump quickly. I then removed the front plastic cover and used adjustable pliers to remove the pipe and found amazing amount of debris. Cleaned it all out replaced everything (sliced my hand in the process!) and it all worked like a dream afterwards... thank you amazing forum!

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