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  1. Hi I have a Beko WM74165W washing machine. It's about 18 months old so 6 months outside the warranty period. Its has been a great machine these past 18 months, definitely one I would have recommended however at the moment it just turns off after I start a wash cycle. Once started the machine will fill with water to the normal level and will then just completely power off, no lights or power at all. It wont turn back on for a minute or two either, I assume its a safety feature but I'm not sure what the problem is. I managed to get it into test mode. It originally showed E17 with was excessive foaming, this came from the repeated washes we put on before we realised there was a problem where detergent was added each time and must have built up. I ran a few rinse cycles which worked on cold water but again the machine cut out after 4 minutes on this but was enough to rinse the machine out. Now when I go into test mode I get each time after pressing the start button: 1. E-- which I assume means no error code 2. 672 shows on the screen - I don't know the significance of this 3. the display flashes to show its working correctly 4. 004 shows on the screen and the drum rotates to the right correctly 5. 005 shows on the screen and the drum rotates to the left correctly 6. 006 shows and the drum spins to maximum rpm correctly 7. 007 shows and one of the water valves opens in the drawer correctly 8. 008 shows shows and the other water valves opens in the drawer correctly 9. 009 shows and the drum fills with water. Here I thought the drum would reach a maximum value however it kept filling on the first go until I hit start to stop it. the water level got half way up the window, this may be normal but I wasn't sure? The second time in test mode I only let it fill up to over the bottom of the glass in the door and then pressed the start button to move on. 10. For a split second 010 shows on the screen before it moves onto showing 011 as if it bypasses 010. After 2 seconds of showing 011 the machine cuts power as it has been doing in a normal wash cycle. I'm not 100% sure what should be tested at 010 and if this is the issue? or at 011 and this is the issue? From looking at other posts on other models I think this is the point at which the water should start to heat but I'm not getting that far to see does the door get warm. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks
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