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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone. My Beko machine started acting up last Friday while I was descaling it. It kept turning off and making strange buzzing noises. But it completed the cycle and I thought nothing of it. I completed another cycle the next day and again - no problem. But today, the machine just kept cutting out and turning back on again. It also made a weird buzzing and clicking noise - I’ve uploaded a video below. I managed to salvage my stuff by putting on a spin cycle. Then when I tried to check if the machine was working again, the buzzing started and the machine just kept turning on and off repeatedly. When I tried a spin cycle to empty the machine it wouldn’t work at all - it just kept trying to complete the wash cycle. It took it almost 2 hours to get through 20 mins of washing IMG_1591.MOV . Any idea what this could be? Thanks!
  2. Our BOSCH Logixx 8 washing machine (WAS32461GB/01) has recently developed a fault where it just shuts off after a few mins into a cycle. We've tried it with an empty drum and it still does the same thing. I've opened it up and had a look at the PCB as suggestions online have said to look if there are faulty capacitors on the PCB but they all seem fine and of good quality (Nippon). I'm going to go test the NTC, and see if I can find the TOC. I haven't tried turning it back on straight away, because if it was the TOC it wouldn't allow me to do that, right? Because of the lack of an error code and the sudden switch off, I'm stuck as to what it might be. There doesn't seem to be this scenario covered in the troubleshooting page. Any help/guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks
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