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Creaking noise from Samsung Washing Machine when drum turning

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hello Andy have you come across this before.

I bought a Samsung ecobubble 8Kg washing machine out of a paper cheap enough and its got a Carbon Brush type wash motor on it. I got it for spares , or as a project for me to work on ... or maybe later to sell on if someone looking for one. 

it wasn't working , would come on and not go any further. I fixed that part it was just a couple of loose wires. 

so, have got the washing machine working , but when its on a wash cycle with clothes inside and the drum is filled with water - to nearly the correct amount , it makes a funny creaking noise (have video'd it) .

my older Hotpoint used to make exactly the same creaking noise every now and again and that had a brushless inverter motor , so I dont think its the brushes.

have spun the drum by hand and there is nothing caught in the inner and outer drum (like a wire bra strap) or anything . 

So in the video , I can separate the 2 noises there. 1 noise (the graunchy noise) is the carbon brushes of the motor (because thats the normal noise brush type washer motors make when they are turning the drum in a wash cycle) but its the (and I don't know if you can hear it, you might have to turn up the volume to hear it better) the 'creak' as its turning the drum .

The washing machine appears to be working absolutely fine now I repaired those wires that had come off, washes perfect, heats up perfect, spins perfectly - its just this creak that seems to be outstanding. I have tested the shocks also, pressing down on the drum and pulling it up and they are silent, the creak is not coming from there. 

is it worth still replacing the carbon brushes even though they seem fine and its washing and spinning and no error codes are coming up with the samsung smart diagnostics app?




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Hi Andy. If the motor doesn't make the noise when running with the belt disconnected, and the drum doesn't make the noise when you spin it by hand with the belt connected, I would look carefully at the belt and the drum pulley. It sounds like noise is made by something metal and not too solid. I've heard noises similar to that caused by the belt and the pulley. I've even had cases where a very light broad spray of WD-40 and the belt stopped the noise temporarily.

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