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Washing machine water intake very slow to begin with

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My AEG L76850 washing machine from 2007-2009 gives me an "E10" error.

According to the manufacture the error is about the water intake.

When starting a wash, it hums loudly and takes in a tiny bit of water (confirmed on the water meter to the house).

When 10-15 minutes has passed it gives the E10 error. When I press the start button it tries to take water in again.

After 1-2 hours of clicking on the start button, it reaches a point where the water intake works - water is flowing through like a waterfall.

During the wash it drains water and takes in a fresh supply of water - maybe several times. The water intake works here too.

After a wash has been run, and the washing machine has been turned off, I can wait around 10 minutes, start a new wash, and there are no issues with the water intake.

Water pressure from the wall is confirmed OK (removed the hose from the water tap and opened up the water tap fully).

The aquastop has also been removed - no difference.

Is this caused by the water inlet valve?

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  • Root Admin

My AEG error codes only start at E11, but if E10 is referring to timing out on the fill, then the humming could be caused by a lack of water supply to the water valve.

It's always possible that the humming that you can hear is coming from somewhere else, and is normally masked by the sound of the water rushing in, which is no longer happening. If a water valve is energised, but the water is turned off, or there is a kink in the pipe, or any other issue preventing enough water pressure getting to the valve, then you tend to hear a humming noise. The humming implies that the washing machine is energising the valve, and that the valve is opening but can't join any water.

If the washing machine gets to a point where water flows okay, then obviously there has to be a good water supply, so this would contradict that theory. But washing machines have more than one water valve. So it's possible that the problem is with the water valve that is used to fill the drum during the main wash cycle. And it's possible that the water valve that is used for rinses is working perfectly okay.

Having said all that your description of the fault seems unusual. When you say that you remove the Aquastop, do you mean that you have replaced the Aqua stop hose with a normal hose? If the Aqua stop hose has been triggered, then this. Any water going into the machine through it.

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hi @Superuser2000 - have you inspected the inlet filter or both inlet filters (if it is a hot and cold fill washing machine) ?  - if just a cold fill then there is just one filter to check for dirt/limescale: 

does your washing machine have hot and cold fill by the way? or is it just cold fill? 
I am just thinking about if it is slow to take in water at the start of the wash the hot water inlet valve could be faulty / filter needed cleaning but the cold water inlet valve may be clean and that is why it takes in water OK at rinse time. 


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