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Beko WDJ723023W washer dryer - Dryer not heating

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I have a combined Beko WDJ723023W washer dryer. When I use the dryer setting, the drum spins but there is no heat so my clothes stay damp. This used to happen with a previous washer dryer I had and to fix that, I would take off the top and there was a red button I could press that would click. I've opened the top and the back of the Beko, but cannot find any such button. Please could anyone help?




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Hello there, it's not common to be able to reset these thermal cutout devices. They aren't even a good idea really because someone could keep resetting one that is constantly tripping, and therefore ignoring a fault that is causing the washer dryer to overheat.

The majority of washer dryers use one shot TOC's (thermal overload cutouts). You can test the continuity with the continuity meter. However, these TOC's often look extremely similar to a thermostat. Thermostats usually have heat sensitive crystals inside them and their resistance will change as the temperature increases.

It's always possible that a device has failed for no reason, but the school of thought should be that if one of these thermal overload cutout (fuses) has tripped, then there's a very high chance that something overheated to dangerous levels.

Read my article here, which describes all the possible causes of a washer dryer not heating on the drying cycle

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Hi there @washingmachine0800 - in this picture this thermostat / sensor is only for the wash cycle only so has no bearing on the tumble drying heat part of things. - the 2 sensors at the top are cut outs for the tumble drying.


I know on Tumble driers I have fixed before that those thermal cut out's with a red resettable plastic 'pin' on the TOC's have been on dryers with a coil type resistive element like these :


If the thermal cutouts failed or were not fitted and the fan stopped or not enough cold air blowing over the heating elements or get covered in a load of fluff/lint  like this they would burn out and possibly cause a fire! 

Your washer dryer in your machine looks to have the same element at the top there in the heating box as the same kind of element you would find on a electric cooker that is inside the oven or top grill part and  (without cutting out) would just glow red (like a element in a grill) - so maybe that has just the 2 normal thermal cutouts (non resettable) at the top in the box . 

I'd whip the terminals off them TOC's and check the continuity across them first as its likely i think to be one or both of them at fault possibly, then if they have continuity, the actual heating element for continuity or open circuit. - Things i can think of tripping the TOC(s) is maybe fan not blowing over the element or the element itself working .. but overheating past the allowed thermal parameter allowed by the PTC



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