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Issue with Electrolux top loading washing machine EWT904

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Good day,

I am having a strange issue with my Electrolux washing machine. It appears the brake arm motor is remaining energized when its not supposed to. Even after the cycle is finished, and the power to the machine is removed, it takes around 5 – 10 minutes before I hear the brake arm motor release the brake arm.

I have checked the connections to the brake arm motor – all OK, and at the beginning of the wash cycle it behaves properly (engaging and releasing), but if the brake arm motor has been activated for a long time (i.e. During a spin and drain cycle) when the brake arm should be engaged (for deep rinsing using the agitator) it does not, so the agitator only spins in one direction (causing the clothes to wrap around the agitator).

In case its not clear, I've attached a shot of the bottom of the machine (not my picture by the way) you can see the brake arm "drain" motor in the top right of the drum connected to the brake arm via a cable.

Kind regards,



Bottom of machine.jpg

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