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Samsung Washer 8E Error Right Before the END

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I haven't used my washer in a while as i go to my g/f's to wash my clothes with her's..washer has less than 3 years usage, last time i wanted to use it got an 8E error code off the bat, unplugged power for a day, plugged it back in and error code went away..washed 1st load, all seemed well until last few minutes where i got the 8E error code again..

Any suggestions?

Thanks :)

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Hello there. Unfortunately technical information for the Samsung brand is not easily available. I only have a few error codes for them, and none of them are for 8E. It does seem very unusual for the error to only occur right at the end. Have you got the instruction manual for it? (User manuals for white goods appliances). Sometimes error codes are mentioned in the instruction manual. They never give technical information, but some error codes are designed for customers to act on, so it is worth double checking. Examples of this are error codes that tell the user that the laundry wasn't able to be balanced so didn't do a spin, or that the pump filter needs cleaning, or that the water supply has been cut off. You should at least discount any of these possibilities before assuming it is anything more serious.

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