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  1. Hi me again! Hope you're well. Washer never works well, during the last minutes it spins off then i get the 8E error, sometimes i putt and push on the spinner and it completes, right now it's Not! I'm ready to throw the towel on fixing it :( spent like 3000$ for this junk that worked like not even 2 years..
  2. Hi Andy, Just did another wash and it completed through all the way..really weird! Truly appreciate your help my friend, God Bless, Merry Xmas
  3. Hi! I haven't used my washer in a while as i go to my g/f's to wash my clothes with her's..washer has less than 3 years usage, last time i wanted to use it got an 8E error code off the bat, unplugged power for a day, plugged it back in and error code went away..washed 1st load, all seemed well until last few minutes where i got the 8E error code again.. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Unfortunately, i now get an 8E error right at the end of the wash cycle like less than 10min left.. any suggestions?
  5. Hi, My Kenmore washer has not been used for several months, i just turned it on now and get an 8E error after i press Start and water starts pumping like 20 seconds barely, i took the cover off, no broken wires that i can see (washer has served 2 years max). Some say MEMS sensor on forums, not sure how i can troubleshoot..your help is much appreciated.
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