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Several months ago, I explained that I had problems with the timer on my Candy CNE 28T on this forum. I understood from the response that replacing the timer was fairly straightforward.

I managed eventually to replace the timer, which is fine. However, I'm stuck with two problems.

1. There are buttons in the front of the machine that open the door and turn on the machine. The door opening device appears to be purely mechanical. I can't work out how to fit the button device to the arm that opens/closes the door. This is a picture of the buttons from the front.


This is a picture of the button mechanism from the top.


For the life of me, I can't work out how to connect the buttons (the big white thingy in the bottom corner of the image) and the door mechanism (the thin white thingy next to the green cables.

Separate from that, not sure if this is a problem or not, the tube in the above image is connected to a round thing and a metal bracket. I can't see where on earth this is meant to be connected.


Advice on how to fix these problems would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello there. I'm struggling to help with the door mechanism from the photos. The last photo shows a pressure switch. The pressure switch is connected to the pressure chamber at the bottom of the tub via a long thin plastic tube. In this article I described how the pressure system works in a washing machine

I also have 2 articles about washing machine door locks which may help

Different types of door locks in washing machines | How does a washing machine door lock work?

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