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Solution to Creased Clothes in Washer Dryer

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I've put up with creased clothes and bedding since I got my Hotpoint Aquarius washer/dryer a few years ago! Nightmare! This didnt happen with my previous AEG washer/dryer or any machine of the past! 

Just started having guests and couldn't even iron out creases. So thought I would research again issue and look into getting new machine.

To my horror it seemed all new machine brands were experiencing this nightmare! 

I learnt after reading many posts that they are all reducing water in wash....anyway I tryed the following and it worked!!!!! 

1.  I added about 1.5 liters of water to the drum before before wash started.

3.  Did just under 2/3 load ...loose.  Didnt fill.

4.  I made sure I took out clothes as soon as spin finished and shook out a bit and put back half for drying.

5.  I set dryer on 150 degrees.  I had always only used the 'cupboard', 'Iron' or 'hang dry' options. So use lowest heat setting? 

I really hope this helps as it ruined so many of my cloths in the past snd I dont have the energy to do all that ironing!! 


Good Luck! 






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Thanks Fio. It's a very interesting experiment. Might be worth checking with some washing machines whether they have option buttons available that add more water during rinses. Sometimes there are option buttons, often labelled as economy buttons, or faster wash buttons, that reduce the amount of water to save time and resources. So it's always worth checking the instruction manual to make sure you are using a wash cycle that washes properly (not quick washes) and you are not using any option buttons that may reduce the amount of water taken in. Alternatively your method may be worth trying although it is clearly a lot of messing about, but well worth it for you and anyone else plagued with this issue.

Just for reference here is my article listing other common causes for when the laundry comes out badly creased for anyone else researching this problem. I have also added a link to this topic for others to read. Taking the laundry out of the drum quickly after it has finished spinning is also a recommended option. Some washing machines have an anti-crease function that gently turns the drum every so often after the final spin, but most don't.

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I have a hotpoint washer with a special 'Bed & Bath' washing cycle and yes indeed it does add more water to the drum when washing and rinsing. I actually have a hot water tap next to my washing machine and even though my washing machine is cold fill only on quick was it doesnt even fill up to the lip to the washing machine door gasket, so uses very little water. so I have fitted a rubber hose (a spare washing machine inlet hose ) to the hot water tap and as the machine starts its filling up with cold water I put the hot water pipe into the soap drawer and turn on the hot tap until the water is between a quarter and halfway up the drum, not only does it fill up the machine drum quicker because both hot and cold water are going in it also takes less time to heat up the water in the drum because hot water is going in along with the cold water.

I know a lot of faffing about and have to manually turn off the hot tap when the drum is at the right water level but its worth it. - so instead of the long Bed & Bath programme I can set the machine to do my bedsheets on fastwash at 60c and 1200rpm spin in only an hour and they come out grand nice and clean and not creased .  - then although you cannot beat the freshness and smell of bedsheets that have been line dried , I do place them in the tumble drier because they come out softer than on the line and no creases so therefore dont need ironing and can go straight on the bed.  - I sometimes toss 2 of those plastic tumble drier balls into the drum of the drier as well as the sheets and pillow cases - only trouble is sometimes the tumble drier balls get caught up in the pillow cases or duvet covers. - in any case I have found they come out fine.

- I have found as well that even if your washing machine went up to 1600rpm that people use that for all , if not most, of their laundry - sure the faster the speed of the spin the more water extracted and the quicker the clothes will dry but then they will be creased to hell when they have finished spinning.  thats why i choose 1200 or 1,000rpm and sometimes if its just light cotton 800rpm  - in fact if you put your machine on 'delicates' or non-crease  -it normally will spin at 800rpm max for this reason . 


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