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  1. I've put up with creased clothes and bedding since I got my Hotpoint Aquarius washer/dryer a few years ago! Nightmare! This didnt happen with my previous AEG washer/dryer or any machine of the past! Just started having guests and couldn't even iron out creases. So thought I would research again issue and look into getting new machine. To my horror it seemed all new machine brands were experiencing this nightmare! I learnt after reading many posts that they are all reducing water in wash....anyway I tryed the following and it worked!!!!! 1. I added about 1.5 liters of water to the drum before before wash started. 3. Did just under 2/3 load ...loose. Didnt fill. 4. I made sure I took out clothes as soon as spin finished and shook out a bit and put back half for drying. 5. I set dryer on 150 degrees. I had always only used the 'cupboard', 'Iron' or 'hang dry' options. So use lowest heat setting? I really hope this helps as it ruined so many of my cloths in the past snd I dont have the energy to do all that ironing!! Good Luck!
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