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Washer Moves Too Much On Spin

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We have recently purhcased a Bosch Exxcel WVT1260 washer dryer and it works fine other than a tendency to "wander" on the spin cycle. We have had it replaced but the repalcement has the same problem.

Is this a common problem with such machines - and other makes? And what can I do about it. It is free standing directly on new floorboards (not laminte and no floor covering as yet). Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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The cheaper the washing machine, the less stable it's likely to be on spin. Bosch are relatively cheap, but still a respected make so they shouldn't be too unstable but they won't have the best suspension available. If you've had two and they are both the same then it's unlikely to be a fault on the washing machine.

The usual culprits for lots of moving about on spin are failure to remove the transit packing or standing it on laminate or other smooth flooring. Bare floorboards could still be fairly smooth and allow movement although with a properly balanced load there shouldn't be much movement most of the time.

You could try standing it on a thin mat or carpet tiles. Make sure you are filling the washing machine well and not under loading it. Also, try not to mix heavy, absorbent items with laundry that is light and doesn't soak up much water, this can cause uneven spinning too.

[ Related link -Loading a washing machine: How to avoid out of balanced loads ]

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tip dont do a full load of towels in it as they wander more then even my 9 yr old hotpoint does

Towels can be difficult, as can sheets. You need to avoid underloading the washing machine too, which can end up being even worse than overloading. Another bad thing is mixing just just one, or a few towels in with much less absorb and and lighter laundry.

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